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dont quite get it.jpg
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I tear up when someone points a flaw in my arguments.
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Grow some balls and realize nobody is always right.
I am the same exact way. From an early age, I was made to look like a fool in many a argument and sometimes I would also tear up if not completely cry.

Over the past few years, I've simply adopted an indifferent approach to anything and everything. They can't prove you wrong if you have no opinions on anything and don't care one way over the other. I like to think myself superior over others for adopting this stance, but in the back of my head, I know I am a spineless idiot who cannot hold his own in any type of argument and the thought of even getting into a debate with someone makes my heart race.
but its rude of you to call me out, especially in public. I don't have time to defend myself and I can't think on the spot.

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im sick of this shit.

i've been trying to get a friend all my life, ever since I was able to talk. I just want a friend, is that so much to fucking ask for?

can someone just be my friend.
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Were you home schooled or something?
i will be your fwend
yeah, public school never worked for me as a child for some reason, i would spend most of my time just scared af and no one knew why i was so scared, neither do i desu

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I just wanna go down to Wall Street and shoot every motherfucker in there, maybe take a few pigs with me too. Fucking parasitic fucks.
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Why is it that there are a few extremely rich people in the world, but then there is hordes of poor people who have to etch out a shitty existence?
>Fucking parasitic fucks.
Yeah, not like us NEETs who shitpost hard for our daily bread.

Because life isn't fair and some people have access to resources and opportunities that others do not.
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>>Yeah, not like us NEETs who shitpost hard for our daily bread.
I bust my ass for 8 hours a day while my boss rides around in his fucking BMW all day
>>Because life isn't fair and some people have access to resources and opportunities that others do not.
Then why don't we fucking take their resources. You're basically admitting life isn't fair, but it can be. You know 8 men are as wealthy as half the fucking world? Why don't we burn down their billion-dollar condos and mansions? Why don't we torch their fancy sports cars?

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>have an ipod2 in 2009-2010
>with parents
>didnt get money cause muh ''what for?''
>download only free to play games on it
>see videos of terraria lets plays cause i dont have money for it
>get really interested in the game
>download app to download game files and play it
>really early version where endgame was the edge of the night and holy armor
>get that shit in days
>Terraria mobile gets an update
>try to update my files
>all progress
>search for more games on the appstore
>one day come across this free game but with a premium account system
>play it for 3 weeks
>hooked on it even though i cant do much for being a f2p player
>finally recieve money on christmas
>spend it on a appstore credits card
>buy premium account
>cant buy terraria because of premium price
>play the game even more
>get a bunch of stuff from more premium users which i assumed was rare
(really wasnt that rare desu)
>eventually get amazing stuff even for someone who only paid for premium account and didnt buy equipment kits
>7 months later
>lose my ipod
>forget about the game

>ffw now
>cousin has an old Ipad mini
>download the game for giggles
>still remember my account and password
>still have all my stuff
>notice a really low player count
>went from 370+ a day to 20+ a day
>dont care, more stuff for me
>feel complete joy while playing it for the next 5 days
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this is how your story made me feel tbqh
Nice blog, I don't think your post was good

You are forced to spend a night with a guy on a date, and sleep with them that night and fuck them, but you get to choose the guy. Who do you choose?
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The one who is feminine and doesn't have STDs
That's a strange way to look for gay-boyfriends, OP.
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a young varg comes to mind off the top of my head.

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Closest you've been to have sex?

>23 y/o virgin
>be summer 5 years ago
>be at onetis' place
>7/10 girl, was a 10/10 qt emo but kept getting more Stacy like
>le friendzoned because I never really made a move, late bloomer and aspergers
>best and only friend I've ever had so I don't really mind
>partying the whole day
>party get's pretty big later that night
>times goes on and we both get a bit drunk
>we go outside because she needed me as company while she smokes a cig
>she recently had breast implants, which ruined her best feature imo, her flat chest
>she starts talking about them
>I say "c-c-can I touch them" as a joke
>she takes my hand and places them on one of her tits
>never felt a tit before
>feel them and squeeze them for a bit and tell her they feel good
>bites her lip and look up at me with fuck me eyes
>talks about her tits for a while
>smalltalk goes on
>she asks me if I wanna smoke some weed, which I haven't done before
>also I know weed is a red flag but I didn't know any better back them
>she goes to get her stash, comes back with a pretty thick joint
>another guy joins and we smoke up
>feels high for the first time and it's honestly felt great
>we go inside again to continue partying
>some huge guy comes up to me with tequila and asks me if I want some
>I say yes even though I don't like strong drinks
>take 2 shots and completely forget everything from that point on
>faint memory of onetis leading me upstairs but we both collapse in laughter
>faint memory of making out with her
>wake up almost naked infront of a toilet full of puke
>get up, drink some water and go to the nearest bed I see
>talk to her the day after and I said I don't remember anything
>she said that right after we got high she asked me if I wanted to go to bed with her, but as soon as we entered her room I ran to the bathroom, puked and blacked out
>I pretend laugh it off, but inside it hurts
>almost had sex with my onetis
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Why didn't you push for it after, anon?
I tried but she didn't seem interested
I even tried to make her come to another party with me becuase being drunk helps but she didn't want to
After I while I just gave up and I haven't talked to her in years
The above is OK. But this hurts. I am sorry :(

Mixing weed and hard alcohol is never a good idea.

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ITT: Post your best/worst/profusely disturbing pick up lines

Pic unrelated
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If I told you you had a great body, would you hold it against me?
Learn how to small talk
i pay you 200 bucks

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>mfw no face

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jesus christ, what the fuck happened to him?
someone answer it
does it even hurt is this point like can you even feel something ?

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Uncross your legs.
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>*whispering* holy shit
Fuck you, I'll cross my legs till the day I die. I don't care how gay it is
>in catalog
>legs weren't crossed
>decide to cross them
>1/4th of a second later this thread
You got lucky, faggot. Not uncrossing them for nobody.

can't stand them and i'm not even being edgy.
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My parents are cool, I just don't have anything in common with them. Kind of feels weird when I visit them and we struggle to hold a conversation.
Starting to hate your parents is a normal biological instinct, to making you want to leave home. You should listen to this.
my mommy loves me but my dad can't stand me. how do i leave my dad without abandoning my mom.

Hows it going across the boards fellow robots? getting your daily ration of (you)s?
I've got over 20 (you)s across different boards today.
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nice orenganilio
I got about 8 (you)'s yesterday. I could do better.
I got a boyfriend.

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would you stop promoting racism and antisemitism if some aryan cute like pic dated you?
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>assuming I'm racist.
>assuming I want gf

Fuck off
she is pretty ugly tho
>not being racist
2/10 bait

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What software/extensions do you use to secure your browsing? FBI-sama is always on the prowl. I use

>No log vpn
>Https everywhere
>Self-destructing cookies
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Nice thread FBI. Not gonna work.
If you post on 4chan or pretty much everywhere, they're onto you.
If you visit a website with any embedded plugins, they're onto you.
If you see any images or video or hear any music, even without downloading them, they're onto you and they know what you saw and heard.

They know you've seen illegal content, even if you didn't click on it.
They know you stalk people.
They know what you jerk off to.
They know what you've searched for.

If you want anonymity, stop doing anything online, except reading text. There is no other way around it. You can't do anything else. No downloading, no torrenting, no posting, not even looking at thumbnails.
If you see a thumbnail, you've basically downloaded that thumbnail to RAM. So even if you never downloaded let's say "instructions on how to make a bomb", they can still say you did, because you opened a thread that had a thumbnail like that.

Only reading text and posting on secure, private IRC will guarantee you online anonymity.
If you post where anyone else can see your post, they can use other data mining techniques to figure out who you are, even if you're behind 7 boxxys.
>they know you stalk people

How could they know that if all of my stalking is in person?

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>brother breaks his leg
>have to stay in his bed during the hole summer
>family engage a nurse to take care of him
>today is her first day
>she's black, with fucking huge ass and tits, have a pretty face and wear a Hijab.
>pretty much like pic related

she's in the house, what do I do now ?
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Post a pic for proof I guess
Give us an image of her then you nerd
Put a cam in your bathroom try catch her taking a piss.

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>started balding at 18
>lost all hair at 22
> 5,4 five and fucking fooooour
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Are you a Pooinloo as well?
>Have a hot bear mode body
>Have basically a loving babying mommy personality
>The guys love my personality but hate my body
>The girls love my body but hate my personality
I started losing my hear around 18 too.
I'm 24 now and I'm missing a palm-sized amount (and point-blank refuse to shave the rest. Autistic, I know)

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