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There's nothing fucking special about any of us. Nobody gives a fuck about us.

Your parents don't love you, they just want you to be successful so they can show all their "friends" on social media how good of a parent they are.

Your teachers never cared about you, they wanted you to stay in school so the school gets tax money and they made you study for the tests so the school could do well and get tax money. They never cared about your education, they cared about beating the other school in your county to get money.

Other guys don't give a fuck about you. It's just a competition about who can comply to the social norms the most in order to make friends and get a gf.

Women don't give a fuck about you. Sure, they might look at you weird but in the end all they want is the man who complies to the social norms the most, the person you call chad.

Your boss doesn't give a damn about you, you're just a slave to him and he's trying to undermine you as much as he can do the company can save a few bucks. That's literally his job

Your co workers couldn't care less about you, they just want to do better than you to get more money and keep your job. All they really want is to spend time with their families

To the government, all you are is a number that two political monsters fight over. They couldn't care less about you, they say they'll try to help you but in the end they only help themselves with the power you gave them.
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People only care about what you can do for them. Truly this is wisdom.


original comment
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Don't worry Anon, I care about you. It's going to be okay.

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>be Asian
>the only Asian girl from high school got BLEACHED and she ignored my existence
>in college asian girls only fuck alphas/whites
>i need to graduate and if i am lucky then leave this Chad infested hellhole and go back to my country in my mid 20s

This is not fair i want to get laid so badly REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
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>tfw I realize whites are to asians what blacks are to whites
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Only beta whites end up with gook gfs anon.

Your enemy are the upper crust of r9k not the chads

Do you guys think a young ghetto Latina qt that listens to rap could get into watching Anime with someone?
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Depends what her MBTI type is, in my honest opinion
What do you think? Does it sound plausible?
I would think so. Anime is huge among black people, so I guess the same would be true (to a certain extent) for latinas.

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so, is this cutie guilty or not?
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i can't believe you can actually be imprisoned for telling someone to kill themselves
That hollow gaze lacks any shred of humanity. There's nothing cute about that cold emptiness.
She did more than tell someone to kill themselves, they helped someone kill themselves. Someone who had obvious issues. She wanted sympathy at the expense of someone dying.

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>stop exercising and eating right
>gain weight
>mom and dad ask me why I stopped
>tell them there was no reward in it, just a waste of time, nothing I do can prevent my inevitable death

I always go through these six to nine month spells of motivation followed by six to nine month spells of complete loss in purpose. How do I get it to stick?
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You stop coming here
ur bipolar
Well, before you could hold heavy things above your head, now you can hold chip packets beneath your breasts. Your doing remarkable things either way.

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I am never gonna be motivated to get a job. It's way too anxiety inducing to do any of the ones that require even minimal social interaction, and I have a bad back so I can't do any manual labor.
I'm thinking about kicking myself out of the nest and taking a greyhound to another state. I'll pack a backpack filled with dried food, vitamins, $200.00, a change of clothes, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, soap, razors, floss, wet wipes, pen, notebook, and my social security card, drivers license and birth certificate. Then I'll be forced to survive out there or suffer the humiliation of begging mummy to move back in. I live in Phoenix, I imagine there have gotta be call center or data entry gigs in salt lake city or denver (open to other cities).
Any tips you can give me? Like where to sleep, how to avoid getting mugged or raped, etc? I won't waste money on an apartment if there's a way to sleep (I can buy a sleeping bag if need be) and I can "shower" in public restrooms with water, rags, soaps and wipes. If I don't need a bed or shower, I don't need an apartment.
I really need your help, and I imagine there has to be someone on this board who has attempted something like this.
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How bad is your back honestly? I work as a fabricator and it really doesn't put much stress on your body, plus the work is super fulfilling. I would give it a try if I was you. My back is bad too and I can do it. Good money once you're trained.

Also, bring a towel. It is always useful. Lose the wet wipes, to much weight for what is essentially a rag and water. If you are bringing soap, get irish spring, lasts longer. Get a safety razor. Less weight and easier shave if you don't have shaving cream. Also, bring matches, a box of dried tinder, a ton of plastic bags, and a metal pot of some kind. I recommend cast iron. Helps you boil water for drinking. 200 smackers ain't going to last you for shit.
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If you live on the streets, you cannot avoid being mugged or raped. It's a fact of homeless life.

You know where you can avoid that? innadesert life. learn to survive out there and you'll be all alone.
Herniated disc and arthritis of the back. It's pretty bad. Don't go to physical therapy because it's too stressful and the days between sessions are horribly overwhelming with anxiety for the next session. I'm hoping once I'm more settled out wherever I go and have forced myself to go through the mental anguish of a job I can be mentally strong enough to be able to handle physical therapy. But as for now I can't lift anything above 15 pounds without feeling pain.
Thanks for the other suggestions though. I'll look into them. The pack needs to ideally weigh 10 pounds or less.
I would die out there.

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>piece of media has a romance plot
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Uh...so? Muted
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>the hero falls in love with the structure of the story and the villain is defeated with punctuation

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Do you enjoy Dogcore /flim/?

Whats your favorite dog related kino?
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only ones dog related I like is Love's a Bitch(Amores perros)
but is nothing like pic related, also there was an old russian film about a dog who get transformed into a human by a burguess doctor and the human-dog then became a communist, I don't recall the name
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I liked Beethoven
hachi... i cried and i don't even like dogs they smell and shit

I was fucking my female friend doggie style and about starting to cum but she suddenly pulled out from my spurting cock and forced me to cum in the site, the ejaculation pain was unbearable and hasn't faded yet.

What to do? helb!
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Cum in the site? Tf r u saying?
*in the air
wait? I dunno

Is the "Stacy with a heart of gold" fiction trope real? I mean a girl that's attractive, popular, sociable, sexually active, but at the same time isn't a horrible person towards those who are lower in the sexual-social pyramid.

Take pic related as example
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It's definitely real. My older sister is an example. She's 40 now, but back in her heyday she was the hottest, most popular, and kindest girl in school who was nice to everyone.
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It's not only real, it's common. Prepare yourself for one of the worst redpills. Pic related.
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Yeah, it's true. They're usually popular because they're nice and sociable. Sexually active and attractive are bonuses. I remember vividly that the majority of bitches and assholes in my school were uggos, or at least average looking.

>just got off the phone with mummy
>she's bringing me home two ten packs of monster
>one normal monster, one zero ultra

I feel so good. Just sitting in my room listening to Blank Banshee and flying in FSX. Currently flying a Learjet from Miami to new jersey, left Miami when the sun was rising. I love being NEET, why didn't I think of this sooner. I get to spend my days doing light exercises, drinking my favorite drinks and playing my favorite games. Any other form of life isn't worth living imo.
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you're a pilot?
A virtual pilot, yes. I have the steam edition of Microsoft flight simulator.
Wasted dubs dammit

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>read book or story
>can't help but picture the events as anime
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Do you dream in anime too?
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>read story
>can't help but picture myself as the main character
not op but i do normally in the style of the last anime I watched

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settle on a girl like this?
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Because she looks like my sister and makes me want to vomit.
What makes you think I could get a girl like that?
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>why don't you just settle upwards

im sick of these threads

I saw your post Connie! I'm glad you're doing well.

I'll see you this weekend!
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Wtf stop this gay shit
I think you might have some homosexual tendencies yourself.
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Sheesh Steven I've been calling you for days and you never answered.

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>getting fired tomorrow
>/r9k/ still riding a spiral towards complete shit
>games are getting boring
>books still kinda ok
>pull out a cigar and just fucking breathe in all the sweet cancer
>probably will sleep less than 4 hours again because it makes me feel high
What bad shit do you do to yourself robots?
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>excessive use of alcohol
>smoking cigs
>unironically have been drinking energy drinks every single day for the past 6 years
how much do you smoke anon

is it a bad idea to smoke like 3 ciggies a day if your health insurance asked if you smoke and you told them no

i doubt that can cause health issues
It's essentially completely RNG when it comes to smoking. You might get cancer from the first one or you could smoke 40 years and never get anything.
I currently smoke about 6 a day.

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