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>Anon, it's really fun hanging out and playing video games and sucking each others dicks and all, but are we ever going to go on a real date?
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>tfw I would take her on a date
thicc traps are so qt
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She looks passable enough, I'd probably take her out if she asked

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Wish I could die in my sleep painlessly.
Wish I could die by CO without becoming a potato.
Wish someone would shoot me with a silencer to the back of the head without me noticing
Anyone else think of ways to die every night?
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life can't be that bad for you, can it?
I usually think of it every other week
>Anyone else think of ways to die every night?

I think of them when I'm bored at work.
I mean if you have no goals or don't give a shit about anything the darkness consumes you

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I haven't masturbated in 2 months.

I am growing stronger.
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give me your wisdom, sagacious one
have you noticed any actual change whatsoever other than that you get hard when the wind blows
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>Tfw hate my sexual desires so I refuse to masturbate

Anger fuels my existence

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>he isn't attracted to fat girls

lmao, you limp dick faggot.
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I agree fatty girls look so nice
i'm usually pretty meh about this shit but she does look really nice and soft
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I am, they don't.
Sucks to be me.

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So, YouTube is offering a free three month trial of YouTube Red now, and I figured why not, but now I'm afraid I'll get used to having no ads, and be forced to pay the subscription for the rest of my life.

There's not even a single YouTube Red Original that looks like it's even remotely worth my time.
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If you listen to a lot of music you can get Google Play Radio for I think $10 a month.

It gives you access to the whole Google Play music library and comes with a complimentary YouTube Red subscription.
And the youtube music app too.
It's a good deal, OP
That's cool. I already paid for a year of Amazon's music streaming service back in February. It's cheaper than any other music streaming service because I'm a Prime member. That makes it a little more complicated for me. I'd save money by getting my music from Amazon, but the no ads thing sweetens the deal a little for YouTube.

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dubs decide if I get coffee or kill myself.
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i have your dubs right here, bro
It's coffee time, my friend
coffee sounds nice

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Been a while since I saw one of these
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Total: 53

Got an 88.

My mental state answers were decided from a "normal" state. When I'm overworked or depressed/anxious, I'd probably score a little lower.

Not bad for a guy who jerks it to barefoot anime girls and women getting pies to the face.
95, social tab fucked me over.
I'm becoming a normie send help.

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Time for the final bingo boss. I am starting to think I don't belong here. Thoughts?

template in next post
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>template in next post
as promised
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The robot requires that text be in this box
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kill me.jpg
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kill me bros

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>Come with us to the Pride parade Anon! It's going to be soooo much fun!
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they dyke on each other??
>tfw gay and closeted trans
if I was invited I would go
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I just want a weeb gf to draw, play vidya, watch anime and cosplay with. Where do I find them?

Pt.2, had to step outside
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Comicon and other events like that usually have girls like that, some ugly, some not
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>tis but an illusion
you know they don't exist right?The max you will find is a girl that watches entry level stuff because they want to feel part of something.

>talking on Tinder with girl
>everything goes ok
>suddenly "so, what is your job anon?"

What should i answer here? Everytime i say i am unemployed at the moment they just stop replying. Should i lie?
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Using Tinder means you're a fucking normie.

Get the fuck out, normie.
no, it means i want to have sex for once in my life and i feel out of options
I dont even know what tinder is desu

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Not just yet wagie, one more day on the grind for you!!

And i promise you, tomorrow will be especially terrible. You better be ready.


Another day, another dollar right? Wagefuck.
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You will not escape wagie.
Why do you feel such anger towards wagecucks?
I have work on saturday lmao

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Hi robots, just curious on your thoughts and feelings towards Alex Jones the "comedian" and or far right propaganda peddle.
Or at least; that's my opinion..
hes a nigger
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>Op doesn't even have his water filters installed
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that's fact.
I don't watch him much but I don't mind anyone who is into conspiracies. I believe a few unorthodox theories myself.

When will you realize the importance of emotional labor, robots?
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"emotional intelligence is not really a thing, anon. it's just a meme
>he fell for the intelligence = logic and rationality meme
>he doesn't realize that emotional response is much more important to discerning the truth of a situation than "facts"

i bet you're a virgin
this is exactly why europe is falling apart

Late Night Election Drinking Edition

Cheers lads!
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More like 10 lad, Sadiq is just the chess pieces moving in for checkmate
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Election Speech

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