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Are morals just a spook?
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Morals are a meme forced by normies.
All normies stick to certain morals, even if they don't agree with them.

In reality "morals" differ by person.
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The concept of morality exists solely to, along with many other constructions, keep the lower classes in check.
Those with real power do whatever they wish. 'Morality' boils down to how much power you have and how well you can project that power.
No. The reason things feel right is because they are based in evolutionary biology

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>tell friend about mental illness
>starts asking condescending questions
why does no one ever just listen?
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>tell friend about mental illness
>friend says "okay, I understand"
>friend makes accommodations when possible
>friend doesn't ask questions, just lets it be
>friend just accepts me as I am, even though I have illness

Well, I mean, a robot can dream, anyways.
>Tell friends about mental illness
>They ask what's wrong, etc, try to understand but don't care too much
>I wind up hospitalized
>"Anon, what happened?? You never said it was this serious we thought you were joking!"
>I literally told these people I was suicidal
>tell friend about mental illness
>friend bothers to listen and care
>friend is there when you want to shed a tear in the world that expects you to be made of metal and stone

A cyborg can dream

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>younger cousin is having his 2nd baby and I'm a HKV
>Mom is saying things like "I wish i had a grand baby" "she's so cute'
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Well to have a 2nd baby at younger than 25 is pretty awful desu. Feels like that's what your life is from then on.
Don't stress about that. What are you doing with your life?
>What are you doing with your life?
I'm on r9k at 6am.
I know how you feel bot
>Veteran from the military
>Crew cheif on an ambulance
>Mom tells me if I can save a man who's left lung was hanging out his chest, I can father a grandchild
>Thanks mom, you're really supportive
>Father thinks I'm gay
I wish I died in Afghanistan, Like a man.

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What do you call this style?
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The pussyslayer.
The tipper
The "windows is a botnet" style

>tfw 2017 still we don't have female companion androids in our homes
>"Welcome home master, how may I serve you today?"
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>the feminists will stop robo waifus because it is sexist somehow

>"Welcome home master, how may I serve you today?"
Can I reprogram my android for femdom? I'd prefer
>"welcome home, bitch. Time to serve me"
>welcome home sweetie~ I made some food for you honey beep boop

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how can i stop smeIling like shit?
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take a fucking shower and clean your digsuting asshole you waste of organs
Take regular showers, wash your clothes, keep a clean living space (take out the trash, etc) and WEAR DEODORANT, not some bullshit brand, something that actually blocks smells. Brush your teeth, never assume that your breath is OK. be aware that pungent foods can leak through your pores, which is why many Indian people smell like curry (and I don't mean that in a racist way).
This. Also to build further: bad breath is caused by collective dead fungi on the tongue. If you have a bad case of white tongue or a white coated base you most likely have a case of arse breath.

Look up hydrogen peroxide as a mouthwash (bought at any local pharmacy). It oxidizes (burns) the dead bacteria and fungi on your tongue, and can also whiten teeth to a degree.

>come ON anon, you're at the pool and it's 98 degrees out, take off your shirt!
>just take off your shirt, no one will look at you I promise!
>you do know you draw more attention to yourself when you swim with your shirt on right?
>you're the ONLY guy here that's swimming with his shirt on, what are you hiding?
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"My gyno you dumb bitch, here I was expecting that you'd understand all about having a chest that doesn't conform to general expectations, small tits"
fuck those inconsiderate people. ofc i want to take my shirt off and swim you fucking dumb cunts but im too fat and ashamed of my body you idiots
fat people love swimming without a shirt. It's only a problem for gynos and skellys. Get the fuck off my board

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ITT: Greentext

>tfw been running for a week and dont feel any less fat
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>didn't do any substances this morning
>still not high on life
if you change your diet, you can lose insane amounts of weight without running once

obviously the best thing to do is both but i'm trying to make a point
>decide to go one day without smoking weed and actually be sociable
>immediatly remember why I started smoking weed everyday and not talking to people

Has anyone here had to get off SSRI before? I need some advice on how to get off genetic Lexapro and what wthdrawrl I should expect...

I have been on Lexapro over 2 years.

The past 7 months or so I've only been taking 5mg. I'm scared, guys.

Also, the generic Lexapro never helped but I kept holding hope it would... I'm an idiot, and now I'm too afraid to get off!
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5mg is basically nothing, you can quit it any time. I've quit from 10mg before, which is the smallest commercially available dose with no real side effects.
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>the medicine has had no effect on me
>now im scared to lose the effects

I am just really worried about withdrawal symptoms. What if I never get off these pills.

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Do you miss windows XP?
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I just miss the time everything seemed so simple and I wasnt a bitter asshole
No I still run it on my laptop

>enroll in IT course, be oldest kid
>fair chunk of the class is around my laptop trying to figure out what it's running
>just windows XP and bblean

im just a nostalgiafag that's all. obviously I dropped out, fucking normies.
>Windows: ME > Windows XP

Fukin deb8 me.

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Survived the job centre edition
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first for pakis out

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got about 24 hours to write a whole dissertation ahahaha why do i do this myself lads
It's practically mine already, the paki bastard pays for extensions no need to row the boat. >>36540427
I made mummy promise it's going to me, if she breaks it then things would get messy.d

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>tfw no friends to paralyze me
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What the fuck is happening at the gay love-in?
dumb chads BTFO
What the fuck is going on in that video

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>not even 9 am
>already at 3000 cals
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What the hell are you eating?
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>made it to 9pm, only ate 1000 calories all day
>drink 3000 calories worth of beers before bed

literally how? I have to gain weight for my normie gyim shit and I'm struggling with 3500 kcal per day.

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Anon is that you ? You look like you need a lift. Hop on
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"Hop on? Sure, no problem."

*hops on top of the car*
no thanks
do you have a passenger insurance? in case of an accident you can be liable for up to 1 mil

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I can only shit Naked..

Am i autistic?
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what about pissing?

do you pull your pants down all the way?
Shitting naked is better, but I sometimes leave my shirt on, but I always take my pants and underwear off
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>tfw 31 and just figured out I can wipe my ass while still sitting down and it will make less of a mess.

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