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Why liberals hate russia so much?
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Cause they were told too. Only misogynists and xenophobes think for themselves.
Probably the authoritarian govt.
Im liberal and I dont hate russia.

Help me get laid, robots
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sorry she's too good for you. also i hear not that good in bed
Chad here, post your discord, i'll guide you through the conversation.
>matched yesterday
>haven't messaged her yet

girls dislike it and consider it a red flag if a guy waits this long to start talking. The only exception is if you look Chad enough for it to be plausible that you haven't got round to her yet because you've been busy with other girls/ a life

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Are there any guys here who are obsessed with a celebrity?
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Or that have a celebfu?
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I'm just curious about it is all.
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and no this isn't me btw

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A dark desire I've had for a while is turning straight men gay.

I want to find a cute, straight boy, give him the night of his life, and a very "good" morning, then send him on his way.

I want to watch, as he meets up with his GF, wondering if he even likes her anymore.

Then I want him to come back to me, night after night.

Also general desires thread? What are yours?
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i want to find a sense of purpose, a network of friends that i share mutual respect with, and a fulfilling career that allows me to live comfortably, leading to a peaceful and happy life
get a load from this sheep with his externally dictated slave morality
>tfw bisexual

>tfw OP could never change me

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>tfw you will never be anally raped by a succubus
What's the point of living?
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That's a se/x/y idea.
My fantasy is to be raped by a group of shemale succubi
No joke. This is one of my fantasies. Why must the world be so restrictive?

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Who here /special friends club/

There's the illuminati, and then there's the people (well Extraterrestrials) above them

The benevolent ones have been helping me out s lot lately. They make objects. Appear when I really need them. They can stop time temporarily so I don't see them physically (only in the astral) but I have been making contact of some sort nearly every day now.

Feels good to have friends in high places. They coach me on life and I'm getting better than to their help. Just had to share since its real ayy lmaod hours.
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Schizophrenia is a dangerous mental illness, you should go see a doctor.

It's 2017. We know schizophrenia is a misnomer useds to discredit the people they are most interested in. Pretty ironic and weak if you ask me
Yeah you're insane.

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I need help fast. My parents are forcing me to go to my cousins wedding this weekend, and they threaten to "finally" throw me out of the house if I don't behave and participate socially.

Do robots here have any idea how to act like a normie without sperging for two whole days?
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Speak only when spoken to, that will minimize the chances you'll embarrass yourself.

Smile for photos

It's a wedding so there will be lots of food, use this as an opportunity to avoid awkward conversation as no one will question you. It's a fairly normal thing to do at a wedding.

Stick to the older people, they'll most likely not have the mental energy to question your awkwardness and will be happy and friendly towards you.

Make sure to clean yourself nicely, brush your hair and teeth and clean your face. Keep your clothes clean in case of photos.

Convince yourself that you're not really going to stand out anyways because you most likely aren't.
If you have a really close friend that you can be completely comfortable with, imagine your conversating with that friend when talking to others. You'll naturally smile more, be relaxed more, and actually enjoy yourself. Harder to work on opposite sex, and if you don't have any friends to think off.....your fucked mate.
The previous posts were good, also drink alcohol in moderate doses to help with wordflow

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What's your excuse for having not yet killed yourselves, frogs?
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I want to die in my sleep, dreaming I have a girlfriend.
scared to lol

if someone used a shot gun, how can you be 100% that placement thru the mouth is correct? or as long as it isnt aimed at tge face only should you be fine?

also if someone did use a shotgun woul you be dead right then or would you have time to think like "wow this was loud"

im really not suicidal though
to maybe have regrets.
yet I'm pretty sure I wont

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What does r9k think of girls with short hair or pixie cuts?
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Also androgynous/tomboy as with OP

But here is a ginger
Disgusting and the epitome of human trash.
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But there's nothing stopping them being femme too :3

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That """depression""" and other """mental illnesses" is not real. You are unwittingly funding a multi billion dollar industry when you buy pills and therapy like a good goy to treat your non-existent conditions (which really are just a sign of laziness and attention seeking)
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WRONG all depression is a symptom of not enough sex. SSRIs are effective because they kill your libido (sometimes permanently lol), bupropion because it drives the sex drive through the roof
alright then what are these voices in my head tellinh me to kill myself for years? just me being lazy?
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extremely organic and fresh

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i don't want to really invest a lot of time in a relationship and i don't want to fuck ugly bitches
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Thats a cute male
sugarbaby melons!
>how do i drive a car if i don't like being inside a car

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There are over 7 billion people on Earth. Somewhere out there is a person who thinks, speaks, and acts almost exactly like you. A person who might as well be your clone. You have a psychological twin, but due to the nature of luck and possibility you are almost guaranteed to never cross paths. You will both certainly die without ever meeting or knowing who the other is.

How does this make you feel robots?
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Good because I would fucking get rid of them if I met them. There can only be one me.
Your flawed logic is bad and you should feel bad.

Good, I have the feeling we'd have nothing to say to each other.

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>tfw the first man in space was 5,2
>the space literally belongs to manlets
Stay jelly forever, 6,0 Chad with yo Stacey cunt, you'll never achieve something great!
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Why would I care about what some manlet does in space when I live on earth?
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>I live on earth
...Perhaps next time, mr Normie.

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Sex looks so banal and vapid. I'm too intelligent for such animalistic behavior.
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>tfw too intelligent for procreation
I'm too intelligent to fap to anything besides 2D futa.
Did you just jerk off or something?

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>Essay due in 6 hours
>Still have 2000 words to go

Why am I like this? Any other times you question why you're a piece of shit?
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>tfw unironically in the same position.
>be in college
>get assignment
>plan it out and finish it way ahead of time
>peers ask me how it's going for me
>tell them i was done days ago
>they get mad
Every time.
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dont do it robot. just think how it will hurt your hands writing nonstop for 6 hours. just take a rest for like 3 hours.

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