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Does anyone have experiences with groping women? In a public transport, or in the clubs?How did they react? Share your stories.
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No. I can tell they think I might possibly grope them or creep on them, so I just purposely avoid women as much as possible in public.
They never noticed or thought anything of it other than just being over crowded and having people be squashed together. That softness and warmth feel good as fuck.
Don't squeeze tho, just use back of hand.

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What's with the influx of popularity with this doujin on this board and across 4chan?
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Some guy made shirts with a silhouette of that demons face on it and has been shilling it lately. The doujin wasn't bad, I guess, but there are better out there.
What's the name of the doujin?
Succubus (male)
but in japanese

I've learned so many interesting things on the internet.
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I like the (unrealistic) extremes of each penis. I'm surprised they didn't have a third one with a tiny yellow penis: "Just keep the Asian as your maths tutor, never allow that tiny peepee near your vaginer"
lol not bad. i want some more thematic ones like this

Hispanic dude: "Leave him to mowing your lawn. Your literal lawn, that is. Not the one between your pants."

Native American guy: "Navajo? More like NavaNo thank you, Chief Tiny Balls."
A real man has good equipment? Are you gay? If you want to have a bigger dick then what you are saying is that you want more dick. And how fucking gay ain't that?

Well I'm not surprised.

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>pic related "loved" my comment on his youtube video. It made my day.
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He told me I should be shipped in a box to Israel to be buried in a Jewish graveyard, and that he would piss on my grave. Because I'm a Christian.

Varg's a great guy though, and I love Burzum.
that's neat anon. thanks for sharing.
Well what did you say about his video?

Can an average chap like me get a Danielle gf?
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Get that money
What? Is this some new meme? What am I missing?
She is no meme.

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ITT: post only memes that you have made yourself.

Also rate my OC.
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fresh originalaino
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These are all shit because I'm lazy and did so with paint while high on painkillers and masturbation and because In shit
Awww fuck the rest of the images are on my PC and I too lazy to get out of bed right next w

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What's the meanest thing a girl has said to you?
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so you guys hate it if a girl rejects you while also keeping the "nice" front (let's just be friends, i'm sorry, you deserve someone better, etc)
but you guys also hate it if a girl rejects you honestly and directly?

say back

"Well damn, you didn't have to put it like that. But thanks for curing me of it so quickly!" and then cut all contact. It's the only way to save face OP.
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kill herrrrrrrrrr

not original

Have you ever been bullied? Talk me about it.
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nano sad.jpg
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Well in school sometimes the kids would bully me when I was sitting alone and reading because they didn't allow you to have phones out in school. They would come over and tell me weird things and ask if I was a "loner" and laughed. Sometime before that in elementary school I would try to play video games with my friend who also kind of bullied me also, we would play Maplestory a lot, and he would tell me not to play during times when he was away so that I couldn't be a higher level than him. I messed up my point distribution because I was a dumb 4th or 5th grader and it was hard for me to level or fight enemies but I tried, and he would sorta make fun of me for it. I remember getting to level 50 was a big deal during the time because you could finally get a mount and do more stuff in the game, and it became kind of like a race. I was sick one day and I stayed home, and I spent all day grinding at the pyramid thing, and I finally got to level 50 before him. He got really upset and started talking about how I have no life and all I do is play this game.

Nowadays I'm bullied a little bit online by a friend on discord who keeps trying to hypnotize me or turn me into a girl. He keeps telling me I should take hormones and stuff and gets me to say lewd things that makes me feel guilty. I do like being thought of as cute or feminine or sweet, but all the other stuff is scary to me, but he keeps doing it. He keeps saying that he's my boyfriend and that I'm his girlfriend even though I'm not a girl or ready to have a girlfriend or boyfriend and the thought of it scares me.
aw be careful dude, don't do things that make you feel uncomfortable, ignore them if they won't take no for an answer eventually they'll stop harassing you, good luck kiddo
because I was super autism and had no social ability to make friends or be normal in school I was bullied alot, name calling, beaten, hair pulling (by girls) etc. The bullying happened every day when I was 11-13 till I moved schools. I told the teachers but they were just disgusting chav lovers who kept saying it was bant when it wasn't. I'd come home crying most of the time. I think the worst time was when someone my age came up to me with a knife saying he will cut me up if I go near him every again. He got sent to a 'bad school' after that happened. Although it did teach me to be smart in the way I approach people and how to 'act normal' I guess.

What do you think about his music?
>It's really hard to find his older tracks since he deletes music from sound cloud habitually


>my favorite
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I'm not listening to music by someone who looks like a fucking retard.
A shitty combination of 2 shitty genres
Ski Mask is better. And Wifisfuneral is the best from this new South Florida scene. XXXanax is my favorite from him though.

I just listened to this and I like it OP. Been seeing XXXTentacion around for a while now but never listened. Thanks for the song

>mid-fap to degenerate porn, feels great
>post-fap, feels disgusting
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can you imagine someone wearing that shirt in public
iktf, but not to diaperfaggotry
I know that feel, but the light at the end of the tunnel is that diaper fetishism and related kinks have always been and always will be abhorrent to me

first, let me list my stats
>pale as all shit
>mentally ill
>metal fag
>5'5 and 160lbs

why i'm asking
>dumb as hell. i don't even take IQ test out of fear of results
>currently failing 4 out of 6 classes even though i've spent many years getting harsh punishments due to grades. failed every math class since fourth grade
>not hot. i'm maybe a 5/10 on my best days
>my sister is incredibly abusive and it's like being locked in a room with a teenage girl ted bundy. makes me feel like a dumb fat sperg

the only reason i haven't killed myself is it would hurt my parents and grandparents too much. thinking about hurting them makes me cry, but i've never been happy with myself.

should i do it? my plan was just to OD
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wait before you OD post pics
Kill yourself for revenge

>5/10 at best
>average is bad
Your post is awful please just post pics

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>when you ERP with a lewd boy and he squirts his girlmilk (male) from his thingy in submission of you
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>when you drink down the semen of a real man (male) in recognition of his dominance
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your mental illness is getting worse
>when your penis (male) is twice the size of his girlpenis (male) and you call his worthless until he unloads his sissy cream (male) thinking about frotting with yours

Post your type and your spirit animal!

I identify with big cats, but not really lions. I like tigers and leopards most.
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don't really care about the animal shit.
My spirit animal is the garbageman

My Big Five Personality is high on openness, low on agreeableness, low on conscientiousness, average neuroticism and below average on extraversion
I indentify most with small vegetarian insects that rely on camouflage to survive

Maybe a stick insect

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ITT: who was the one who hurt you most?

Who were they anons? what happened? other robots are here for you, let it out
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You wouldn't believe me if I told you the story.
try me (not OP)
Try me (actually OP)

seriously anon, go ahead if you like

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How do you kiss?

Really. The concept is so foreign to me.
Like, when you touch lips what happens?
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just try to enjoy yourself as much as possible. i'm a virgin but i've kissed a few girls and they all said i was a great kisser despite having little to no experience with it.

i guess the passion that comes with knowing that you might not get to kiss another girl in your life ever makes you more into it.

and dont salivate in her mouth like a retard.
Don't immediately put your tounge inside.
Kisses can be short specks on the lips up to full blown contact for multiple minutes.
It's hard to explain but usually you slightly open your and then close it again.
Match her rhythm doing that.
I guess it'll come by itself after that.
My advice is: do what whaetever she does.
If she doesn't use her tongue, then you shouldn't. Don't try to stick your tongue in her mouth when she clearly doesn't want that.
Just follow her lead.

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