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A fembot I've recently been hooking up with is acting very weird. Whenever I mention other girls I find attractive she gets kinda defensive and tells me to not look at them in such a manner. When I ask her why I should not do that she just doesn't answer and switches topic. We also had sex and when I get her going she tells me she'd do anything for me. After we've finished she goes full tsunderemode. I have no idea what this girl wants from me. Any advice?

I also should mention she is a straight 10/10 and I'm barely a 5.
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she tells me she'd do anything for me.
>I have no idea what this girl wants from me.

She wants anal.
She feels jealous you retard
Why the fuck are you talking about other ladies being hotter with your 10/10 gf?

This is fake or autistic.

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Bored af, just sent this to a "10/10 athletic" roastie on craigslist. She demanded an image of yourself in the first reply even though she didn't show any pics of herself in the ad. Thoughts?
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You're not going to get a reply back.
Meanwhile, men will send their photo to her first. Regardless.
Yea, most likely I won't get a reply from her but at the end I said "don't bother messaging back if you aren't up to my standards" so now she has to reply back because of my cockiness.
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the roastie's ad

File: worn out wojack.png (34KB, 633x758px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
worn out wojack.png
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We all deserve to die unceremonious deaths and burn in hell forever.
We are all worthless cowards who should to be raped and killed in public, thrown into a random ditch with everyone else, pumped full of rancid AIDS-riddled cum and shame, then tortured in the depths of hell forever after.

Human beings were a huge mistake. God abandoned us a long time ago. We deserve the absolute worst.
This planet is unsalvageable. Kill yourselves as soon as possible.
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Humans are amazing. Stop looking through the kaleido-shit-scope

I agree with you. Humans in general must be exiled from this planet and sent somewhere to endure a lifetime of suffering.

A different way to think, what if us, as NEEYs, degenerates with severe mental illness see the world for what it is and everybody else are blinded by something?
AIDS-riddled cum would be too good for us. AIDS-riddled cum rape is only for the best people on the world.
Still, we need to go extinct. And fast.

What are your fetishes, anons? Whether they be weird or normal, I wanna hear them. Mine are pretty simple.

>asians taking showers
>pantyjobs <3
>intense oral
>sometimes rough fucking
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going to sleep

and ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
fuck this gay ass picture fuck you

fucking nerdy ass asians so disgusting...
ofc whiteboi nerds will think they hit the jackpot with this creature
>pantyjobs <3
What is this
>doesn't think asians are hot

What manner of creature are you?

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Who were the greatest /r9k/ posters of all time?
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That guy, Anonymous

That hacker known only as 4chan
The handshake guy

I just found out Cathy Heaven, my new favourite pornstar I've been obsessed with for the last week, has an escort service holy fucking shit. I can fuck my favourite pornstar for only 500 dollars an hour. Should I go for it, bros?
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Thats cheap go for it I'm looking her up
>obsessing over pornsluts
>wanting to pay a pornslut roastie to fuck her
Atheism everybody.
>500 an hour
Holy shit that's almost 3 times as much as a neurosurgeon is paid per hour. Save your shekels and get a onahole or something.

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I turn 29 today. I'm a kissless hugless handholdless virgin.
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Heppy drthdapy
Thats a good anime picture anon.

Im lonely too but anime girl always manage to make me feel good
>kissless hugless handholdless
Stop adding these stupid qualifiers, virgins. No one cares.

ITT post whatever's on your mind or you want to get off your chest
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>mfw I recognize both of those people on sight
>and not because I've met them, but because I've been on 4chan for 11 years
I really do need to kill myself soon
If you've been going on 4chan or /pol/ in the past year you'd know who they are.
Ive been on /pol/ ever since the betas were worshiping JihadWatcher. So yeah, I need to kill myself, and soon.

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At this point trying to keep fembots out is futile, if you think that women could ever be miserable or lonely enough to belong here you're too fucking stupid to ever have your mind changed.

HOWEVER, one thing that we can acknowledge is the pure unfiltered malice that the women who come here possess, one thing all robots need to realize is that the women on this board come here purely to torment and harm vulnerable robots, we need to point this out more frequently, because most women who come here are unapologetic and in many cases frank and honest in their reason for being here.

Many fembots have been molested, so in an attempt to get back at the men who have supposedly caused them to suffer they attempt to cause as much mental agony to men as possible, in many cases with the clear intent to kill them.

What I'm saying is that we shouldn't waste our time talking about how "fembots" aren't robots and can't be miserable, but instead focus on the pure sadism and unfiltered malice a woman would have to have to come here.
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yeah yeah alright cunt, you're gay and you feel threatened, whatever
It's because the roasties here are old.
>Many fembots have been molested, so in an attempt to get back at the men who have supposedly caused them to suffer they attempt to cause as much mental agony to men as possible, in many cases with the clear intent to kill them.

what? can't speak for others but i've never even been wrongly touched.

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If you have any respect for yourself DO NOT download Tinder.

If you truly think that this application will be the one to finally dig you out of your deep fucking ditch and kickstart your sex life, you are very wrong.

You will swipe and swipe on everything that isn't old and under 5/10, you will "super like" average girls who are looking for a serious relationship, but you won't match with any of them. You'll swipe for days until the application can't find anyone else in your area, and you are actually so bored of swiping that you'll eventually start swiping right on literally everyone. Still, no matches.

>"huh, I guess no one uses it at this time"
>"Well I guess I have to match with SOMEONE right?"
>"Well I thought it was a nice photo of me, it's definitely the best I have and I think I look quite attractive"

Well, you may actually have taken the nicest photo of you possible but it still won't matter. You will soon come to the realization that not even the ugliest women you swipe right on will find you attractive.

This app will cut to the core of you and destroy your perception of women, and most importantly yourself.
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Tinder is normie shit. Robots would be better off with something like OKCupid. My nerdy former roommate met his wife there.
This board is full of normies and chads which is why tinder threads even exist on arcanine
I'm sorry that happened to you
Originalio oregano

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dubs decides what I fap to
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Your mom probably
That scene in Cape Feare where the girl is sucking on Robert De Niro's thumb.

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How do I stop being so fucking anxious and awkward? I can't even talk in a voice chat without sweating my ass off and sounding like a disabled little girl
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More reps. Keep socializing.

Be yourself.

Also try to be yourself more.
Use your free wiIl :^)

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invite me to a discord nigga
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I could invite you to an all black discord but that wouldnt be very comfy for you
Post info

You dont need info to invite me to a discord

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>tfw KHV autist
>tfw you feel insufferably ugly although Chad says you are naturally qt
>tfw too much of a cheapskate to buy any makeup at all, use same tools for self grooming from high school
>tfw you only want a robot bf
>tfw you are too much of a beta fuck to message any of them let alone tell them your gender
>tfw robots write you off as a Roastie slut despite never having a bf, not caring at all for appearance, and being KHV
>tfw your small group of weebs all openly admit they Value me as a friend and I look like the perfect person
>don't date me because "valuing" of friendship
>Iust want to be loved by someone outside of your family
>tfw you are too much of a beta outcasted loser to chase any guys
>Only consolation is the fact that you aren't alone and your body pillow.
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That girl is hawt
Stop playing with my feelings reee
You are not real, you don't know what a real robot is like, no one wants a robot bf

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I regret the 6 fucking miserable years I spent in university

Waste of my fucking youth
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Its not the unis fault if you couldn't slay pussy
I'm not an incel but thanks for your concern
File: roe.png (911KB, 977x835px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>6 fucking miserable years

You weren't worthy of university in the first place. They were happy to take your money though.

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