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>tfw schizophrenic

feels great having a invisible voice talk to me when no girl would want me
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i feel you. mine never shuts up. i hope you''re okay, anon.
I'm jealous o:

Mine only want to speak when im laying down or when im in public with other people / with noise.

Hows it going?
" i hope you''re okay,"

I want to die so bad but God made affordable ways too painful :]

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Never trust a man who wears shorts
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I live in Australia. Not wearing shorts in summer is hell.
And how many trustworthy Australians do you know?
But they are comfy and easy to wear!

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>"Anon, I bet all three of us can beat you to the punch!"
What do?
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impregnate the one on the leftn
fucking beaners get out of my country REEEE

Mandatory sterilization for those unfit to breed.

Fembots are your boobs as big as a 14 year old's?
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Chestlets are so cute.
Women get breast implants, men can't get dick implants.

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>Auburn hair, green-blue heterochromia

>One eye is green with a splotch of blue, the other blue with a splotch of green.

Anon are you still here? Will you please show me your eyes?
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You're so thirsty that you made a thread like this. Sad!
Heterochromia is love, heterochromia is life
I just want some anons to share their heterochromia with the world, especially this one because I didn't know splotches of the opposite color could happen
Hetchro bump

I haven't posted to 4chan in years. Immiseration is getting to me. I'm a leftist, want to chat?
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continue to not post here, communist faggot
kys original cuck
You should read books about entrepreneurship, productivity and other self-help. They will help you make money.

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would you have sex with a dolphin, /r9k/?
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>ywn be forced to have multiple orgasms inside that sweet dolphinpucci
>ywn lose circulation to your dick as you realize the dolphin won't let go of you

why live
Dolphin would probably bite your head off or drown you
of course who wouldn't now post dolphin porn everyone

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Instead of bitching about how your life sucks, why don't you get into the occult and learn to control your own destiny?

>b-b-but Jesus said

God already abandoned you, quit being a fucking cuck and learn black magic already:

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how do i get into the occult?
Open your third eye. Warning, you'll start to see astral beings you couldn't see before including negative beings from dark realms. Once you open the third eye, it can't be closed again.
Occultfags are delusional retards. I haven't met ONE who actually was able to pull anything off that doesn't happen to normal people every day as well.

Most of them are poor and depressed too. Literal roleplayers.

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>tfw attractive but too lazy to get a gf
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>tfw too ugly and too lazy to get a gf

go get one now if u dont want to regret later. one day youll be ugly
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who /mfc/ here?

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Hallo frens hope all is well today and your having a great night.

This is a thread for cool friendos and or lonely folk with anxietys.
Join our discord if your feeling blue and need someone to talk to. Disc(delete)ord (dot)gg(dot)5kZnw9W

Otherwise feel free to vent about your problems here as I love every single one of you.
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Hi frens you got sips?
I love u too bruh
I love you mango

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>Parents never let me go outside as a kid.
>Only watched anime and played video games.
>Believed no one loves me and the only reason I'm still alive is that I'm too scared to kill myself.
>Turned super cringy in high school, went between being an emo fuck or a weaboo.
>Hated myself so much I got low self esteem up until now.
>Dropped out of university because I couldn't handle the pressure.
>In team projects everyone thinks I'm useless because I say and think I'm useless.
>My achievements are never noticed.
>Hate myself more for being a useless fuck.

Tell me it's not too late to love myself.
I just want to change.
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It's not too late to love yourself.
Practice by sitting down on the floor, closing eyes, breathing slowly and hugging and stroking yourself while saying "I love you" to yourself. It will help you believe it and might give you a good cry.
That seems so weird. Does it work for you?
You can't learn to love yourself, it's something that is provided to you by your environment and parents.

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Any other Alaskan robots out there?

I've always found it strange that the black people here are mostly normal people while the natives and slav immigrants are the real niggers
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>voluntarily move to possibly the hardest state to physically stay alive in
I feel like it attracts a more hardy and human immigrant than [TRIGGER WARNING]Southern California.

Natives, on the other hand, have been receiving handouts and generally not having to work a day in their lives for generations. Even from the most redpilled genes that can create some heavy nigging. Add that to their race's known low tolerance for alcohol, too. Mix in some misplaced Native pride, in the 'accomplishments' of distant ancestors (who would probably disown the soft reservation nigs in a heartbeat if they could see them now) which consisted mainly of not dying every winter.
I've been mugged by Ukrainian teenagers twice. Fuck immigrants.
In Ukraine, or in Alaska? Nigs are gonna nig no matter where they're born, but unless certain Scandinavian nations bend over and spread their cheeks, rarely will they choose to move to inhospitable climates. Modern cities, though, are kind of an exception since in a first-world city you rarely have to feel the winter cold for more than a few minutes every day even if you're out at work or recreation.

Notice that nigs also don't enjoy hockey, skiing, or other winter sports, despite hockey's strong similarities to other sports enjoyed by the untermensch.

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How do we solve the gay problem?
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Change the water of course
>How do we solve the gay problem?

become gay and improve the gay community from within
We need to import more muslims.

Hexaco general

Better than MBTI edition.

Test here: http://hexaco.org/hexaco-online
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bump you faggots get in here for a real test
You say "better than mbti" and maybe you're right, but there's nothing to discuss here unless you're a psychologist or marketing statistician.

Mbti is undeniably limited by the fact that it ignores spectrums and locks everyone into a category, but at least the results attempt to explain how those categories think and behave. All I get with this big 5 stuff is a few positions on a list of spectrums. It offers no assertions about how attributes mix with each other and inform processes and decisions, hence there is nothing for the average person to take away from it or talk about.
This is all about getting to know yourself.

The problem is not rooted in the fact that the common peasant can't relate to it, the problem is rooted in the fact that the peasants are afraid of change.

Once these threads take off it'll turn into a general just like the other shit. I was the one who started this whole MBTI business anyways.


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red discord.png
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ITT: Discord red flags

>voice channels (exception: music bot)
>more than 1 bot
>more than 10 text channels
>more than a few roles
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>has roles
whats this anon?
>voice channels (exception: music bot)
>more than a few roles
Literally every /r9k/ or /soc/ server.

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