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What's your 10/10 anime?

>pic related
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Clannad: After Story
Black Lagoon, Shiki was bretty gud too.
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>because I look like Taiga

>mum found the quantum cum converter
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>Mum found the urine and faeces blending mechanism.
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Sister uncovered sepulchral semen singularity...
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>mom found the subquantum molecular reatomizer

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Here's some good movies to watch:





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wow black men are pathetic
This is all professional porn. no black couple does this in their personal life kike you mentally ill white people do, you insecure little white boy.

White women actually get tattoos signifying their preference for black men. No women of colour would even consider doing that
>being this triggered


Carry on OP

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Howdy, folks. Do I have Chad potential?
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You are already the alpha Chad.
Haha, why wait? I'm nihilistic not superficial and as fat as that fuck. Prove me right.
is that a dud from before who claimed he was virgin chad

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>this 5'6 manlet has a qt gf
really makes me thinks
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That's his sister senpei.
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>this 5'6'' manlet has a 11/10 wife
she's a total slut tho and he's 5' 5.5"

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Anon, why are you shaking? Are you nervous?
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Hey I gotta go. See you on 4channel
I would never get a date in the first place
I shake when I drink coffee. Can we get some water? Also please keep your arms off the table.

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>Bullied a girl for three years
>Now she wants to tell everything to her parents and school
Fuck. Do you guys have any bully stories? Need to get my mind off this
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>i want to forget about my bullying
>by hearing more bully stories
good. I hope she tells everyone and they sue you and ruin your life, asshole.
>Been treated like grime my whole life
>Don't wish to spread it to others

No, I don't wanna spread it to good or cool people. (I don't know any anymore, so what do I know)

Feel your negative energy back

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I need the help of a black man.

I need clear photos of a (black) hand with the thumb up, hopefully from various angles (front, side, 3/4). Also photos of a (black) hand with two fingers up, like doing a peace sign, again from various angles. Actually the photos would have to be of the whole arms, not just the hand.

I looked for stock photos but didn't have much luck, it's usually guys in suits and whatever. Nothing on deviantart free stock photos. I tried doing it myself and changing the color in photoshop but it looks like crap, I'm way too pale.

Not sure this board is the best place to ask. Would /soc/ be better? What other places should I check? Some place on reddit?
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I assume you need this because you're trying to trick women on dating sites that you're a black man.
Why do you do this, man? As a white man you're literally one of God's chosen people.
Why would he want just the hands for that?

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Okay, so we all know our relationships with women are shit, but what about our mothers?

How did your mother treat you?
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Doesn't matter because we're not the same people, I'm being framed by that fat fuck and his friend. Spinning their webs. Fuck them.
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Come on, is r9k afraid to post about their mothers?
>she beat me as a child
>shouted at me, at my dad, at my sister, at everybody
>always made a scene in public
>when i had a girl in my room, she was walking in front of my door asking what is she doing in there

I hate her so much. I can't move out because no money. I need to finish uni before i find a job which is 2 more years.
Failed a year because i was afraid of people talking me up in the hallways so i just stopped going. Otherwise my grades were straight A's.
I should just kill myself and make sure she finds my body so it fucks her up.

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>tfw you realize reincarnation is real and you're stuck here forever

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grow some fucking balls and fight, or you'll end up like me
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>you will suffer the pain everyone has ever experienced while going through their lives

I'm not OK with this.
It sucks, shit things happen to halfway decent people. I hope they kill me soon so they can watch that other guy that kind of sort of looks like me enjoy his shitty life. I dunno, maybe some of the people who're making all these memes of 'my' many visages will feel bad about that. I'm pretty much living the life of a normal kid from a broken home. That guy has two parents at home and he's way more of a trashcan-tier person than I am and he still gets to live.

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>Elliot Rodgers only loved white blondes
>this Hapas is disgusted by blondes and is scared of them
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Is he the anti Elliot Rodger? Or shadow Elliot?
Why is anyoen comparing him to elltio? because he's half-blood? That's fucking stupid. That's like likening Harry Potter to Mozart because they're both White.
>currently has a gf
>has had girlfriends from all races in the past
>has a job
>travels around the world
>goes to places
Is he, dare I say it, /our guy/?

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Spent 15GBP on beer and got drunk last night in my own in my room
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I get drunk on my own almost every day
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>tfw read gbp as good boy points every single time
>Gay Bummer Points.

>Happy 4/20 Anon! Won't you come smoke with me?
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>tfw no gf that smokes weed
>tfw don't even know a girl who smokes weed
I'm not a druggie
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Only if you're buying.

But roasties never buy.

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Weekend is soon upon us! Two days to spend dreading monday for a wagecuck. Don't get too hammered now, wagie. Wouldn't want to make monday more excruciating than it already is by being too hungover, eh? Enjoy your glimpse of freedom, wagie, but never forget Monday. It's always there waiting for you.
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Must be tough being able to only afford the lowest of quality products, NEETcuck
I don't work a standard 9-5, nor do I work monday-friday, nor do I work more than half of the week.

the majority of my time is free for me to do whatever the fuck I want with it, yet I also pay all of my own bills and save up money and contribute to society.

my jimmies are not rustled. you're going to have to try harder.
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I'm hoping my balls aren't do tender do we can do some Ballbusting this weekend. Then Monday comes my nuts will be sore every time I leave the office and it'll make me extra happy all day.

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TFW two smart to pay for an expensive apartment, car, or clothes to impress women
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Tfw too smart to do it to have an expensive apartment, car and clothes.
Tfw two dum not to buy an electric bass and acoustic guitar for my attempt to write melodies
Tfw too smart to get in the college debt hole maymay

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