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Hi,malebot here

How i convince my girlfriend to let me cuck her? I want to fuck other females but i love her very much. Its not i am not sexually attracted to her,its just i am sexually attracted to other females and i cant help it.
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You are not a 'malebot'
You are not a robot.

Please politely fuck off.

>Also 12 year old detected.
Cheaters are scum and deserve nothing but death
please leave and never return

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>Tfw there is a bunch of depraved weirdos 'saging' threads.
>Tfw when I am literally not able to mention that I am a 'fembot' without being stormed.

Please stop.
Getting annoying now. It's like we need a FemRobot9001 or something.
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Fuck off roastie. Saged (even though (you) will probably bump yourself.)
It's kinda sad really... you guys just go around putting 'saged' as if you think your opinion actually matters.

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>June is almost over

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Time fucking flies anon.
Feels bad
>in about 6 months girls born in the year 2000 will be starring in vids from brazzers, bangbros and all those other mainstream porn sites
i want off this ride
June was a great month for me. I found out I was asexual. My friends were very supportive and said that they till accept me. Now I have to tell my girlfriend.

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>see pic
>get instantly hard
why does this happen
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It looks like it'll make your dick feel amazing. Now imagine it could succulently suck.
i dare you to stick your dick in one
It looks like a scary alien
t. the colony of Puerto Rico

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Hey Robots, this is one of the last time i am going to write here, many things are more important from now on.

I have decided to commit suicide by self starvation, beginning today, i just wanted to share this with y'all since it is one of my last posts, but i just want to thank you for all the fun you have giving me, 4Chan have often made my day, and i will never forget it.

(and for all ya'll playa'haters out there who not believe that i am for real about this, or think i am not going to accomplish this: FUCK YA'LL!)
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why starvation tho?
>self starvation, beginning today
It's gonna take more or less 3 weeks
What are you gonna do in the meantime
A nice juicy burger with crisp lettuce, smothered with delicious cheddar cheese, all in between a nice set of toasted buns freshly made from the oven. mMMmMm

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All things considered, I'd rather have asexual on this board over the constant trap threads. Asexuals literally don't do anything. Also, if girls get shilled into asexuality there's a higher chance of you having a pure virgin qt when they finally outgrow that phase.
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>asexuals don't do anything
You literally have like 5 of your threads active, you LARPing faggot.
Asexuals are a-okay with me.

>more free time
>don't have to worry about sex
>don't have to worry about stds
>don't have to worry about tfw no gf

we literally can't compete. Asexuality is an upgrade. I welcome our asexual overlords.
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asexuals are literally attentionwhore the self-diagnosed mental illness
same with non-binary, genderfluid, and any of that other special snowflake shit
its literally women and beta men who dont get enough attention just being their normal attention starved selves and have to create a fake disorder just to get a tiny bit more.

fucking disgusting.
ropeday when?

>tfw posting on VR /r9k/ right now
>tfw gonna fap to VR porn later

Can't wait for VR gfs.
But seriously this is the future fellow robots.I thought it was going to be some shitty gimmick meme but damn this is good. Try to last 5-10 more years or so and you can leave this shitty world. The metaverse is going to be amazing.
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>VR /r9k/
How does this work OP? Like are you walking around the internet and its filled with doors that lead to different boards/threads?
Nah just a virtual space with pages surrounding me.
But what you described also exists. Look up Janus VR.
Nobody is developing it.
Facebook killed Occulus in a cash grab

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Every time I try and socialise with people I go in thinking "I'm not gonna fuck up this time" but it always comes to do that...

People who I love and adore.
People who I can relate to so well.
People who I can't imagine myself hurting.
I don't discriminate, I always end up ruining everything one way or another.

I tell myself to think, to have control... but when I'm in the moment I just completely forget to stop and think and it's all my fucking fault.

Why would I even want to go back in time to fix my mistakes? I'd eventually mess everything up again anyway.

Some people get sick of me straight away and just go...
Some people give me another chance, hell, some people have gave me too many chances.
But regardless, I just can't keep them...

I've been alone all my life and you'd think I'd take a hint at this point... and I have taken several but... every lesson I've learned is forgotten about when I'm so far out of my mind, so upset, so miserable.

I recently lost someone (fucked up yet again) and I'd might as well have it be the last time I ever screw someone over.

I don't know what to do, who to contact, who to make friends with because I know from every past experience that it's just a disaster waiting to happen...

Anyone else feel this way...?
Well of course someone does, this is /r9k/.
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How do you do exactly ? You can t keep a friend ? You can t make one ? What does exactly happend ?
I can't keep friends because I'm so fucked up in the head.
I can't be like the person I was when they met me, my emotions (which can vary all the time) have too much control over my personality.
I try to keep it in as much as I can but it all eventually comes out.
Recently, I fucked up so badly
I can't forgive myself for what I did.
I could've just held my emotions back and waited for things to improve, but I snapped.
I broke my promise and now I can't live with myself anymore.

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Can we get a manlet general thread?

>be 5'9"
>went to concert last night
>all of the guys are taller than me
>tfw attractive face, thin, white, but manlet

How can we even compete? All a taller guy has to do to show he's more attractive than me is stand next to me.
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I'd rather be attractive than tall desu
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>be 6'0
>be white
>ok face
>full head of hair
>good skin
>only 130 lbs
>long twig arms
>wear long sleeves whenever i can
it sucks. id rather be a manlet than a tall skelly.
I enjoy the social invisibility that being a manlet comes with.

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Am I just missing it or is it actually over?
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it's usually up much later, haven't seen Nick in a long time though
I havent been here for a while and I couldn't find it past few days.
If it starts late it would explain alot, Ive been trying to get more sleep so I go to bed early
It has been up every day, albeit later.
Nick has been popping his head in, but hasn't been running the thread.

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Women hate thread got deleted...

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Hopefully this one gets purged as well
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4chan is based on anime.
You've got the wrong door, buddy.
>whining about anime
>on 4chan
I want the normies to fucking go...

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Bothered Pepe.png
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>the youtuber talks in a dumb voice while reading text from a videogame
>the youtuber starts to sing
>the youtuber doesn't know how to play the game
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Stop watching shitty popular YouTubers then, ya dingus.
>the youtuber talks in a dumb voice while reading text from a videogame
I can't stand that either, unless it's actually funny/suiting of the character, but I love when someone tries to seriously voice something and sounds like it's straight outta of a anime, love cheesy shit like that for some reason.

>Watching youtubers play games

Is it 2014 again?
I don't have my computer in my dorm so I need something to scratch that itch

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Have any of you, or anyone you know, actually made some progress? Like go from the mumbling beta who gets flustered when asked a question to someone who at least can hold a conversation?

Did you use meds? get /fit/?

Please give me hope...
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it was working and meeting new people that did it for me
Tried meds
Im still a spastic epileptic fuck
School nurse had to spend an hour wiping away my drool
Yeah a year ago I was a essentially a NEET then I had an opportunity to start being more social and I took it. Didn't work out well at first. Around last thanksgiving I had a mental breakdown and almost killed myself but now I'm doing pretty good. I made some friends, go to normie parties every once in a while, lost my virginity, started getting /fit/, got a decent enough job, started teaching myself guitar. All this good stuff happened in just the last 6 months so if you're reading this just know you could become normie-ish in under a year if you start right now.

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crying pepe.jpg
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The girl I respect and adore more than anyone else in the world posted on my Facebook page today:

>Happy birthday Anon!!!!!!!!! Hope you have a great one!!

I will now.
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Congrats anon, now you don't need to killyourself
>having a public birthday date on facebook
>caring about birthdays
why would you respect someone

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If, hypothetically, a private World of Warcraft server were set up for /r9k/:
>would you play it?
>vanilla, The Burning Crusade, or Wrath of the Lich King?
>PvE or PvP?
>increased XP rate or not?
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Ho! I like to dream!
i wouldn't want to play any MMO with people who are predominately from r9k.
but hey, for what it's worth, you could break records for the WoW server with the most traps and trannies.
I'd play it, yes. I had a toon on Kronos but it was deleted, I guess. Nostalrius is gone.

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