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Is ass to mouth when you have your tongue in someone's ass or is it when you're fucking someone in the ass and then put your dick in their mouth?
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Second one.
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It's the second one. Where you fuck someone in the ass and then they give you a blowjob.
Interesting, I've always leaned towards the first one based on the dialogue in the movie for some reason

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How did you gain the confidence to exert your abilities without caring about being labeled a show-off?
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lack of social awareness. Idk why but my personnality completely changes when i'm around girls and I suddenly lose any social awareness I have. So that makes me really confident but in a bad way.
>labeled a show-off

No adult has ever worried about this.
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>caring about what normalfags think

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How do I indicate on my tinder profile that I browse 4chan subtly and that I would prefer they did too? And not in the degenerate fedora tipping way, but more so an indication I'm looking for someone who shares similar humor/developmental problems, mental illnesses etc. I feel I would bond easier with a cyborg (hence tinder and 4chan).
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Just say you hate redditors
but i don't care for them, like at all
mention boxxy, all your base are belong to us, caturday, etc.

much easier way to get girls to swipe left

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And I always find, yeah, I always find somethin' wrong
You been puttin' up with' my shit just way too long
I'm so gifted at findin' what I don't like the most
So I think it's time for us to have a toast

Let's have a toast for the douchebags,
Let's have a toast for the assholes,
Let's have a toast for the scumbags,
Every one of them that I know
Let's have a toast to the jerkoffs
That'll never take work off
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Baby I got a plan
Runaway as fast as you can
Are you same person who made the thread yesterday using the lyrics from this song? Regardless, I just sung to this outloud.

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"y-yes, officer he just attacked me! he was babbling on about his hard day at work and when i tried to comfort him he just lost it a-and charged me screaming about not being a ragie wagie- oh whats that? your taking him to jail? *phew* thank you it's not like i ambushed him from that bush or anything it was self defense! thank god for our police force."

tsk tsk tsk. wow, what an ordeal. can you believe the inner hostility these poor souls harbor? especially when you call them out on it. it's like all the pent up anger from the inhuman cycle of getting up early, sitting in traffic, being treated like shit by coworkers and employers all day for years just finally came out of him. had to put him back in his place, god these wagie's are pathetic. Why can't they just be NEET like us?

well, wagies whats your excuse?
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Name a single succesful person who was not employed or in education or training.
our Lord Jesus Christ ok god bless

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Weeb white girls > all
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what does dahvie vanity have anything to do with weeb white girls

It's a clue. I am playing games tonight.
someone else remembers this nonce

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>tfw you find porn star that looks like your former classmate
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Tfw when a porn star is your former classmate.
>pornstar becomes your classmate

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Robot music

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>Robot music
bump for this

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i'm thinking of edging for couple days instead of nofap since the only reason i see for nofap is i cum a lot at the end

is this a good idea? will it work?
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prepare for a world of pain and ball swelling.
cum buildup kind of maxes out at a certain point

if you want big cummies just do brief fap breaks, hydrate yourself thoroughly, and then edge for a few hours consistently and explode.

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Go back in touch with my old best friend. We had a falling out last year but we're back in really good terms again. Got class tomorrow. Started going to the gym twice a day. It's looking up, /r9k/.
Hope you guys are doing well too.
>pic unrelated, but cows are some of my favorite animals
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What kind of routine do you do where twice a day is effective?

if you're married or taken you should be forced to live in a place where your around your own kind .period. if your single you should be forced to live and be around single people then wed all be happy and have someone
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Any other /crack/ heads here?

If you don't smoke crack your not a true robot
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DXM here. Just took some. Also it's my birthday. I'm just gonna go ahead and settle in here
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Just took another 300mg on top of my 600mg. We're gonna get sky high
Did MDMA and Ketamine two nights ago, then shot-up heroin in the morning. Was great.

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>tfw no emotionally abusive gf
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Are dogs a normie meme? I have two and I love them more than anything, they make me happy in a way that people don't.
Also, they love you unconditionally and don't care that you just drank 12 beers and ate a bag of cheetos in your underwear.
Pic related (these are mine )
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>anon do you think my butt is too big?
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No, but your tummy is.
for my micropenis yes
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yes, also your face is one of the baboon, your jair are ugly and unkempt and your skin tone is comparable to poo pajeet shat into holy river ganges
now die

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