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Why do normies get upset and triggered if you don't tell them happy birthday on their birthday ? My failed normie friend got upset because I didn't tell him "happy birthday :)". He didn't get upset because I didn't got him a present but he got upset because I didn't tell him a fucking phrase. Why is that so ? It's the same with my normie family, they get triggered when I don't say happy birthday.
Why the fuck is that so important to them
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Its showing appreciation to them and that you remembered an important date in their year
How is that important past 18 ? It just means that you're getting older and closer to death
It just makes people feel appreciated. its just a small thing you can say to make someone happy

Remember to tell the German to go away edition
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First for not even being British
evens write a blog update
odds mess with the rubiks cube
dubs ask tilde how much he likes his new steam friends
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Third for important thread reminder

What do you think robots, wanna go out on a date with a dude dressed up as Cinderella?
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>What do you think robots, wanna go out on a date with a dude dressed up as Cinderella?
Only if we can play Goldeneye together. We'll play in the Facility, License to Kill, Slappers Only.
It's always a maniac looking guy. I used to really be into traps and shemales but acting on my fantasies killed it for me. I've been contacted by maybe 100 "traps" and only 15 were passable. Out of those 15 only a few were truly hot.

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>tried a tab of LSD the other day
>it was one of the best experiences I've ever had
>everything was so bright and colorful
>I felt almost weightless
>I felt connected to everything, hard to explain
why is this illegal lads it's fucking amazing. looking to try DMT next. anyone else have experience with psychedelics?
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Drugs are bad and have lasting damage to the body. And personally,if you cant be happy on your own you dont deserve to be happy at all. You are weak,pathetic and subhuman.
>LSD has lasting damage on the body
hello D.A.R.E
>If you cant be happy on your own you dont deserve to be happy at all

Welcome to /r9k/ friendo

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glasses off.jpg
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/r9k/ confessions

i guess ill start

i was tortured over the course of a 9 hour period by one of my best school friends when i was 13. i stayed over at his place after we went to see the matrix reloaded at the movies. he tied each limb to a bedpost and did a whole bunch of shit like waterboarding, laying punches into various parts of my body and slowly dripping water onto my crotch while laughing at me.

my life's been fucking fucked ever since
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That's fucked up anon. Did you report him?
he threatened to kill me on a bus a few months after that by sticking a closed switchblade into my stomach if i ever said anything

i was too scared to even leave the house after that and subsequently got addicted to anti-depressants like zoloft by the time i was 17 i was like a fucking zombie every day at school and got kicked out the next year before the final exams cause "your test scores would bring the schools rank too low" so i had to leave and stayed in my home for the next 3 years.

desu WoW and the friends i made there were the only things that kept me from offing myself
>wahh i was touched sexually by my friend and now i am throwing a oiry parade in hooe for attention wahhhh
Fuck of normalfag.

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how to avoid the pain ???
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Blame your mom and dad for it
ii did this sht already... !!!!!!!
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you can stop posting frogs for a start

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I am a fucking NIGGER. I shouldn't even be alive. Out of all the slave niggers that died, my grandparents had to be the ones who lived. fUCK MY LIFE PHAM
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Fuck you. All of us other blacks are constantly lumped in with you nigger-americans.
All are equal in death
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don't worry you can become a hero if you kill enough people, good luck senpai

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>tfw just realized I'm sorta unstable once I masturbate
Like, anger, depressed, suicidal thoughts, brain fog. Is it some sort of chemical imbalance? Anyone else get like this after a fap?
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most probably some sort of conditioning.
were you raised in a catholic household?
same here got raised catholic, but been agnostic far longer already, still guilt when fapping though, feelsbad.jpg
I get the same way, guess it's more common than I thought, which is good to hear

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Feels thread
Feel free to post anything you want. Here it's raining right now so I thought of making this thread.
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I'll be posting more stuff
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This is my favorite pic of this board
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I really miss 2011

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Which asshole do you choose and why?
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assholes are for faggots

cause the connected forehead doesn't remind me of down syndrome
right it seems smaller, tigher

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>success in life is near 100 percent down to how good your parents are
Really makes you think
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no, success is sum of luck from different lotteries

Fact, parents with good genes and brain may raise more healthy, smarter and better looking kid.

but its still about a luck, shit happens everday

There are people who smokes 2 pack cigs/day and live 100 years and there are people who did not have luck and just died.

After all, parents, looks, money, your decisions, that driver who fall asleep on the road, its all sum of fucking lotteries.
you mean how good their genes are.

After that, they can have total shit genes, it's ok as long as they are rich, money will make up for a lot.

If your parents are ugly, dumb, and poor. Your life is gonna suck pretty much. you will most likely be ugly, intelligence is genetic so you will be dumb and you cant be dumb and make a decent living anymore, and if your family is poor good luck making connections to get out of being poor unless you are either super smart or super good looking.
There's a marked regression to the genetic mean.

Kids from dumb parents can easily hit 100 IQ if they're white.

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>Go to costco
>Special forces patrolling inside of Costco fully equipped
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costco has great prices, man.
Made a shitty meme.

Private security has an ironic color choice
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>take 2 samples of the spring rolls
>surrounded by armed costco goons

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palvin gif (1).gif
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would you get a Babs gf if you were offered one for free?
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nobody in waifu-posting mood? ;/
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hello anybody here??? have all the normies on r9k now got gfs or what???? ;(
Sorry man, I'm trying to ignore the fact that I dont have a gf

4chan I'm so bored, can we talk guys, I'm like really bored.
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You wouldn't feel like that if you worked for a living, Slugger.
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How does this image make you feel? Do you agree with it?
I'll never find a job again, I keep losing jobs after the first day, I suck at working, it's useless meme dad

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>well wagie, you've had your day off. You'd better be getting ready for work tomorrow morning you don't want to be late again do you?
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This ragies the wagies.
File: 1492485997374.jpg (221KB, 1280x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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but it's only saturday
>eating delicious snacks, while watching anime and shitposting from my throne of ascension.
>wagies are hungover from drinking on friday as a way to deal with the realization that these are their last 2 days of vacation before cucking.

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