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Please tell me I'm not alone here. I'm trying, I really am, but everything is still difficult and horrible.
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find a nice warm set of railroad tracks to get comfy on. it's our destiny.
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10 years of 1 website

let me go
Why can't we leave? I get nothing out of this.

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normie shit you don't understand
>game of thrones
>rick and morty
>putting towel in wash every day
>taking vacations/ "staycations"
>buying useless shit solely because it is on sale
>"car culture"
>breakfast buffets
>having rodents as pets
>obsession with fitness and health foods (non GMO gluten MSG whatever the fuck else)
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I dont get whats there to "not understand"?
Those things are nice dude.
I am considered normie that likes dinners, friends, nature, sports but I am fucked up cuz I got some weird side.
Have sex regulary and love perversions to the max!!
Like himiliation, violence etc...
Like to do drugs, alcohol, actualy I was addict.
And so on...
Am I normie anon?
Do people actually put their towel in the wash every day? I haven't washes mine in like 6 months.

>Get out of shower
>Dry with towel
>Put towel in airing cupboard
>Next day its dry again

What is the point in washing it so often
>"car culture"
I hate this one because they will never shut up about cars, engines, etc. but then they call AAA when they get a puncture. Fucking put that knowledge to use, faggot.

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More Sad.jpg
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i give up on life
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Post your pussy before offing yourself.
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Not a girl strangely enough
I am sorry BPD anon. I wish I could help, but I am useless. My sole talent is making a situation worse.

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>Be me
>Handsome face but socially retarded
>Lift, so attractive body aswell, still socially retarded
>Go to get haircut at salon
>Girl that cuts my hair tries to engage in small talk
>I try to small talk back
>She goes cold instantly
>Been reading greentexts on /r9k/ before so I know not to be a beta faggot
>I shut the hell up, face forward and stare into mirror with a stern look on my face
>If she says something that I don't need to answer to, I don't.
>If I must answer, I simply grunt.
>After just five minutes of this silent treatment she starts to basically grind her vagina against my shoulder/arm
>Gets really touchy in the face area when cutting my hair
>I hate roasties so I just keep giving her the silent treatment
>Haircut done after a while, pay and fuck off.
>Tries to smile at me when I leave
>Walk past without acknowledging her

Why do women do this? What's wrong with me talking? I am getting more and more convinced everyday that incels are right and that women only care about looks.

I didn't even fucking say anything bad, she told me that her friend just got into some dumbass fucking school program, so I answered with "Cool, I know some guys who got into the same program" and she just gave out a measly "Okay.." and turned cold. Only to basically beg for my attention near the end.

I fucking hate women, sure, there might be some nice ones out there, but if you give them enough attention they'll start to think they rule the world.

>post face?
>Post bod?
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Maybe she was intimidated by you? Or she was worried that you would complain about her

I always hate it when they try to talk to you as you get haircut I mean it is unpleasant enough having to go out and sit in a chair for 30 mins in front of a mirror without having some roastie talk to you. What are you even supposed to do as they cut your hair?
could it be that when she degraded the program and you maybe seem like not takin her serious with saying "cool i know other people who do the same too"? or maybe she thought you did cut her out and she offended? was probably expecting you to go along with her
OP may not be a fag this time, but he sure is a fucking moron. What do you care what she does or why she does it. If she shows intrest in such a blunt way, move forward with it. After she says yes or no ask her why she behaved the way she did.

>know how to not be a beta

Bitch please you acted like an absolute moron.

can someone please give me a pep talk into doing it
im in a lot of pain right now and i want the courage to end it. please. i need it
i cant wait until i get a gun
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what are you in pain over
i dont want to think about it
please can you help me end it
it hurts a lot
i keep waking up feeling like im dying
i cant take this feeling anymore
i cant live like this
please help me im a pussy
dont do it, its bad and everyone would be sad especially her

Faggot thread

ITT: we talk about anonymous sex and getting our bussies bred
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I've only had sex in relationships and not yet unprotected lol :/
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give me upboats

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> tfw ugly
> tfw virgin
> tfw wageslave
> tfw russian

Literally nobreason to live.
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Whats about u?
There are more girls than men in Russia. You have better chances tf than most of us.

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>"This is more of a "casual chat" than an interview so no need to be nervous"
>"Would you like a drink?"

>Questions are exactly what you'd expect in an interview

Why do some employers do this? Drinking coffee doesn't make it any less of a fucking interview
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Some people get real nervous during interviews.
Why hire someone who's nervous?
I thank God that somehow I don't show my autistic neuroticism in interviews. It's how I'm still employed

What's your fetishists anons? Post them and let other anons judge you on them

>breast growth
>muscle girls
>thigh crushing
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>breast growth
>GIGA tits
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i like 2D fox lolis :(
but smoking mcdonalds is good too.
>Smoking Mcdonald

Go on anon you have my interest

Also here's mine
>thick thighs
>forced orgasms
>panty pissing

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You see that nerds? Girls will always regret it when they choose the nice guy over the bad boy hahahahahahahaha R9K BTFO
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Oh yeah by the way [pic related]
Well its their own grave they are digging with this sort of stuff.
>Guy she forms a strong emotional attachment to ends the relationship, causing her great distress
>Her method of dealing with it is to warn other girls that it's a worse feeling than being pump'n'dumped by the sportsball team captain
>Somehow, /r9k/ BTFO


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Deutschlaender rein hier

Discord: discord(punkt)gg / 7vMRh3j

Plaene fuer freitagabend ? xD
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>Plaene fuer freitagabend
what does this say?
Plans for friday night
Masturbieren und mich selbst hassen wie immer.

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What was your taste of the good life, /r9k/?

>Daily reminder you will never live the good life
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pucci and throat fucks on demand from my qt gf, she gawn now though
Dated a god their femboy in highschool, graduated before me
God damned I keep forgetting how good Sunbather is.

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Im a black girl and when i was on tinder, i matched with a lot of brads and some chads. I go to a state university so there's a lot of guys here. I'm just confused because none of these guys seem like the type to be into black girls at all, even sexually. Do people like black girls or no?
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You're just another hole to fuck, sweetie
they'll fuck anything decent looking, no matter the skin

but don't expect to start a relationship
If you are hot most guys dont care

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>tfw spent over $29,000 on cosmetic surgeries and beauty treatments
>didn't go overboard with any of it, remained level and reasonable with my expectations and got extremely natural results
>am officially beautiful

And I'm still a miserable NEET. The depression is chronic, it's not linked to any external factors, there's something inside of me that's broken and it doesn't matter how much information I consume, how much I develop as a person nor how beautiful I become, I'm always going to be like this aren't I?
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>he fell for the external beauty meme

It's what's on the INSIDE that counts. Haven't you ever heard that before?
What all did you get OP?
I feel like my standard of living would increase several fold if I was to fix my negative canthal tilt and tear troughs with orbital rim implants and a possible canthoplasty.

Where did you get work done? It's almost prohibitively expensive here in America but I can't find places overseas that do the eye rim implants I need.
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>claims to be beautiful
>no pic

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>internet friend flirting with me
>shes 15
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Why do you have 15 year old internet female friends? Is she hot at least?
>tfw no young femanon to groom into my wife
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Shes adorable but shes 15

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