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THIS is /nu-r9k/

welcome to 2017!!!!!
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I love this pic. And yea I've seen two different girls admit that they're fujos who do this on here
No. They're just plain faggots (male).
ITT: things that will never happe

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What do robots think of licking girl's (female) asses? I do it to my fwb all the time. Hbu?
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I think it's incredibly hot and I fap to fantasies about doing it all the time but I feel like if presented with the opportunity to actually do it I'd get grossed out

Poopoo comes from there
I did it once. it's a situational thing we should leave for only the drunkest of moments, but it's very nice.
I sometimes do it to my gf in the shower.

9 years til I go on my murder suicide rampage. 30 Can't come soon enough.
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9 years till I'm driving the car of the year and fucking 2D characters. Must feel awful to be a loser, isn't that right, anon?
Are you a nigger anon?
if so that's good because the incel rage diversity quota needs to be met
You're fucking young.
Why this board is filled with youngfags.
Jesus christ I need to leave 4chan.

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And I hate them all.
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This shit pisses me off. There he is all comfy in a hospital bed and being taken care of. I'm not racist but it should be hanging from the lampposts after being drawn and quartered. Society has no place for people like that.
If black people are evil, that would make white people literally Satan.
Says the filthy deceitful nigger.

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Get in here you beautiful bastards.
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lost my job again
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Based Jezza knew all along. If he doesn't get it in I think I'm gonna leave. Too scary to imagine how bad the next 5 years will get under Theresa Thatcher

If you're ready this Mummy May, I can assure you this was meant as satire. Pls don't kill me and throw me in the canal.
Have you looked down the back of the sofa

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Free edition. I won't stay on for too long.

Resources available:

- tests
- archives
- a growing family of regulars

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I knew there was a reason I was on /r9k/ this early, whats goinn on?
>I knew there was a reason I was on /r9k/ this early, whats goinn on?

It's Wednesday, afternoons are off to students and teachers in my country. The great weekend begins now.

I'm leaving tonight so I thought I'd start things early.

How are you?
I'm getting worse. Feel the worst of my depression creeping back up on me. Another week or two and I'll be about where I was when we met.

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How filthy / clean is your living space fellow robots?
pics are welcome, here's mine
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How old is that laptop? Looks ancient.
At work so no pics, not clean but not dirty. Just cluttered.
Me, and my room.

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So why do you not have a girlfriend?
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i don't know anon
you gotta know yourself and do what it needs to be done to get a gf
I don't really want one. I guess I want one but I'm so far removed at this point I've accepted I'll probably be alone for most of my life
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Because I have a boyfriend instead anon.

What do you want more than anything in the world?

I want a clingy, affectionate anime watching gf whom is obsessed with me and will never leave me.
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That doesn't exist. If it does, it'll end up being bad. Her heart will be impure.
I want a shitload of money so I don't ever have to work in my life.
I'd take four million dollars

I'm a straight girl and I've never ever once in my life been aroused looking at a picture of a guys body. Doesn't matter if hes fat, thin, muscular, whatever, pic related. I just don't care. I was talking to someone from /soc/ and he kept sending me pics like pic related asking what I thought. However I really don't care and don't feel arousal at all over a body. I only feel arousal from interacting with that person, or showing my own body. Never even once from looking at a guys body. Looks don't come into play for me at all psychologically when I become aroused.

The guy eventually blocked me because I refused to give my opinion because I didn't have one. I mean of course he looked fine but I don't care.

Is this normal? Other girls do you feel the same way?
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I'm a dude, but from the girls I've talked to it's normal for them not to be aroused simply by looking at a dude's body. Even when they ask for nudes they're usually getting off from the ability to be so attractive that a dude will send them their dick or whatever.

More often then not, the biggest thing that gets women off is watching other girls get fucked.
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Maybe you need some real life stimulation, I mean why did you actually make this thread ?

It's fucking pointless, I'm in London if you want some fucc
OP here I usually just read erotic stories that fulfill what I like at the time. Dick pics are worse than body pics. With a body pic at least I can sort of read an emotion if I can see the face but dick is even less that than so I don't get it at all what's supposed to be hot about it. I guess I get that the guy is trying to show you you made him hard or whatever but the picture its self is meaningless to me.

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>At store getting some food
>White girl is there with her black boyfriend
>They're having an argument and he starts being rough with her and hits her
>Ignore them completely and get my stuff
>Cashier girl just shakes her head at me and says "You're not going to do anything?"
>Give her money for food and say "No. Call the police or do it yourself."
>Start to leave and hear her say "Men are disgusting." before I'm gone
Why does she expect me to do something? I don't know that woman.
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6.3/10 this is gonna be good original twice original

Original for good measure
Because there's the expectation that other men will step in to defend women against men.

Probably is, that's a lose/lose scenario. There's no win there, because if he's like that and she hasn't left, chances are she never will. All you'll be doing is potentially getting an ass whopping, or at worst a criminal record as the woman defends her man and says your help was unprovoked.

You did the right thing anon.
>woman fucks Jamal and ignores you
>gets beaten up when he inevitably chimps out
>"help me anon help me"

Fucking bitch deserved

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Old: >>37218670
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Gril template, still need a good boi template.
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I had >>37234541 before, it was so awesome.

She killed herself 2 years ago, as of yesterday.
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I have a hard time imagining what she'd say, but here's a list of attributes.

>Blue or green eyes
>Thicc butt/hips/thighs
>Good sense of humour, can keep a joke going
>Knows her maymays, both new and ancient
>Easygoing, not that amibitious
>Nice but can give/take bantz
>No major mental issues
>Doesn't drink much or do drugs
>Enthusiastic about some things, generally optimistic
>Plays Nintendo vidya
>Enjoys 50's/60's music or at least likes hearing me talk about it
>Takes some initiative in conversation, asks what I'm up to, etc.
>Either likes fat dudes or will push me to lose weight

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Post here the name of the person you hate the most

If dubs, this person will be dead by tomorrow
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[my own name]
as god my witness
I'm not posting personal info on 4chan.


It's a good thing she died because otherwise she would have grown up to be a whore
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>children dying is a good thing
You wonder why you're alone and nobody wants you.
Agreeing with anon here, you kind of deserve being alone if you're willing to post shit like this
Have you ever stopped to think people turn out like that because they are alone and unwanted and never the other way around? Of course not ivory tower normie coasting life on comfy ez mode, not even glad when a future liberal slut roastie got what she wanted?

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hairloss feel.png
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If you don't reply to this thread your thinning will double overnight.
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Nordwood cemetery nooooo
Stop dude. I feel like it finally took a break for a year or two.
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>just shave your head, anon

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