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"Dating" is never okay, it's just a word for "girls being sluts". If you want be with a girl ask her father permission to court her and then after a period of supervised courtship and with her bride price paid you marry her. Good age gap is at least ten years.
Knowing that, why did it changed?
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nice bait famalam
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>Knowing that, why did it changed?
(((People))) were abusing kids by marrying them to use as sex slaves, also fathers were selling their kids, word of the abuse got out and thus it became illegal to fuck or marry a teen/preteen the offenders however remain uneffected by the laws, kids are still sold off by their parents and bought to be abused. laws are also not going to stop a horny teen boy, so the concept of dating was born, a workaround/loophole that allowed one to partake in sexually charged relations while underaged.

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> "Anon I'm leaving for work, do you need anythi... Anon oh my god!"

What did mummy see robots?
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>mom found the cum condensation station
What the fuck does that mean?
It's now what she saw but what she smelled..

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>pooped my pants in public again
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Tell me what it's like. How did you feel about it? How did people around you react?
Did anyone notice? Did anyone ask? How bad was it? How do you feel about the fact you can't accomplish simple things like not shitting yourself while a toddler can?

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No way in hell. Even more so if she actually said it like that. I'd be laughing too hard.
im not going to do that but i like where this is going
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o-ok senpie

If i had longer hair could i be a pretty girl

Asking for a friend
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short hair is qt on grills.
Nah, you'll always look like a dyke. But I guess even that is better than what monstrosity you are now.
I think you look plenty cute already anon.

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>Beta orbiters will fuck this
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They already vanished.
>them thicc lips tho
She was cute before the attack, what a waste

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flame pepe.jpg
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I was so good at avoiding awkward situations in public for years. Until today

>Get on the bus
>not crowded, but there are some people
>plug the earphones to my phone
>sounds weird
>max volume
>some dude comes up to me
>I take my earphones off to hear what he's saying
>"Can you turn the music off?! There are people who don't want to listen to that"
>MFW the music is playing on speaker
>MFW he thinks I'm one of those douchebags who play music out loud in the bus
>MFW my earphones are broken
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>risking it by listening to music outside
You deserve it
What were you listening to? Originalreply

Normie stuff

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>group of normies is talking about 4chan in front of you
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>group of normies is talking about 4chan in front of you
What did you expect?
trump was the worst thing to happen to 4ch
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Yep. It's like Chanology, quadrupled. Gamergate's almost as bad, but it layed the groundwork for this flood of normalfags.

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I just want to cuddle withs cute little girl i want hug her. kiss her, smell her. Thats all im asking for, Im so lonely
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>Wanting to be that close to another person and share intimacy with her
That would be too much for me.
Even if its a little girl who wont grow up to be a roaste stacy and she loves you?
>Even if its a little girl who wont grow up to be a roaste stacy and she loves you?
Are you implying 2D girls?

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Hey guys. Perhaps we need to reclassify the general intended audience of r9k vs. the normals that come here unwarranted.
Here's a start.
>If you've ever had sex or have been in a relationship, you're not a robot.
>If you have a shit ton of friends and are a socialite, you're not a robot.
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Perhaps we need to reclassify my dick in your ass
Do it faggot. OP greatly desires it/
>if you're a fembot don't announce it for attention

Has /r9k/ ever had a real life meetup?
This could be our first.
/out/ will have a camp set up a week in advance then stay on site for a week.
That gives anons a two week window to come and check things out.
Main event is on the 4th of july
Camping is fun you guys
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no can do senor, sorry
wrong continent and also got Step 1 coming up
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What is step 1??
You will miss touching hippie girls for free btw
The gathering was shilled here all last week. Prepare to repost your thread on 6 hours.

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ITT: weirdest thing you've fapped to
>a brick wall
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How did you manage to get off to a brick wall, anon?
I still have the pic. Idk why its hot
Explain this. You are just trolling.

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Any of you guys have a speech impediment?
What did you have trouble with?
Did it get better?
Were you bullied for it?

>"anon, i don't mean to be rude, but is that an akzent or a lisp?"
>gay guys kept hitting on me because they thought i was gay
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what the fuck that's the same as mines. i get asked where i'm from or get told that i got a accent often. i mispronounce a lot of words as well since i learned more how to speak from books than from irl ((though english is my native language)))
Rhotacism and a lateral list, general difficulty at pronounciation.
>Did it get better?
No, I finally decided to go a speech therapeutist and am working on fixing it, since my shit parents never helped me do it as a child, despite doing it for my brother.
>Were you bullied for it?
No, but that was in general because I was overly willing to defend myself and wasn't too spergy. Despite what your retarded (female) teachers tell you, violence does solve a lot of things.
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I hate being slow so when I talk, I talk quickly repeat words whole phrases, stutter occasionally. Speaking at a normal pace makes me feel uncomfortable.

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Women's only function is to get fucked and nurture the children. Prove me wrong protip you can't.
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That would be up to her.

We all have to poop.
nope. you are wrong and let me tell you why:
...hum...so...like...you know...h-ha..you cant say day, bro...
yeah, you are right
>Men's only function is to fuck and financially support the children. Prove me wrong protip you can't.

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You will never find happiness.
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Your mother will die in her sleep tonight unless you post your favorite song ITT

If numbers you die a painful death while I laugh.

Russ - Journey
/b/ tier post

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