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human zoo.png
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Roll up, come see the normals having "fun" in an authentic normallo habitat: Sloppy Joes Bar & Grill, in hot and rainy Key West, Florida.

>Street Cam
>Crowd Cam
>Bar Cam
>Stage Cam

And as before, we'll be discussing ways to prank some ordinary, decent folk from the comfort of our keyboards.
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Thanks for this OP, I like watching street cams, periscopes and using google earth to explore the world.

It makes me feel like I'm going places.
this is a good thread, OP. keep spamming these on the weekends. its pretty entertaining
I didn't realise it until I read your post, but I do this for the same reason. I'm living vicariously through these confident young people.

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Pissing out the window and shitting out the window are two different things.
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I think I used to live near this guy or some dude who looked damn near exactly like him. I used to live in Columbus, OH.

He's from Ohio.
Tourettes guy is timeless.

Those videos will never not be funny.

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My former beta orbiter chose his girlfriend over me

He was in love with me. Obsessed. Thought so highly of me, convinced me to not poison myself, offered to take me in.... I told him almost everything about me and I just played with him. He always came back. I ghosted him, told him to fuck off and then months later I call him, apologize and he told me he had a girlfriend he doesn't even like. He won't talk to me because she knows about me and he wants to respect her.

I'm crushed. I miss him. I know I was toxic to him. Even stopped talking to him when he was alone around the holidays.

How do I move on? I'm still clinging on to this.
I don't love him. I miss the attention and care.
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Just post on r9k and get a new one...oh wait a minute
Just talk to new people to get your mind off him. If you need attention there's plenty of guys that will give you that. You may not be able to get over him right away, but it's something to distract yourself with.

And who knows, maybe you'll find someone who you'll have feelings for again
post face wit timestamp

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>he didn't go to kids clubs in middle school

your social life never even had a chance
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>mfw I'd shit my pants if I saw these kids come up to me on the street and start harassing me
God fucking damn it.

Fucking kikes, I swear.
ahahahaha i remember this stupid bullshit

middle school dances at the boys and girls club

had my first kiss there with one of those slutty beaner girls that has sex when she's 14 and a kid at 16

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>mum dismantled the collective consciousness
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>Mummy disassembled the perpetual poop propelling machine
All my work, down the drain lads
>Mother found the loli lard

Ugh, not again...
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>matriarch manacled the masturbating myrmidon marionette
she wasn't a fan of the rhesus reenactment

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l've been having these weird thoughts Iately.... Like, is any of this for real... or not?
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You mean are we lving in a simulation or is life a dream or some shit?
you look like a slick dude from 2001
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I too have played kingdom hearts.

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Cool Biker Dog.jpg
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I miss you.
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Give me my damn 40 bucks back you moron
I wanna give you a kiss.
Is this the M from /x/?

Who here is drinking tonight? Come throw one back with your old buddy Anonymous.
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Where are from you buddy? I'm sure as fuck not going to meet with some online stranger, but I'll throw one back in your honor.
Recovering alchy here. Sorry anon, can't be joining you tonight.
Chilled sobieski, have a taste for vodka.

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Why are women such slobs?

Why is every women's room a mess?
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Because they can be, and it honestly wont matter because it never did
Because women don't have to have any redeeming qualities as long as they know how to spread their legs.
i've never been in a girls room

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Is there anyone here that is actually alone in terms of being left behind in social and love life? I see all these posts where they're like, hey my gf left me, or I'm so depressed but I have a gf and shit like that.

I mean seriously, are there people here, male or female, that are alone? I'm not saying like completely alone but more like little to zero friends and live with family almost..
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I have no friends right now and never had a gf+khv and NEET.
Hey what's up?
i'm actually in that exact position anon, the loneliness can become so unbearable sometimes

All I can say is that I'm doing my best right now but it just seems like I am being left behind in all sorts of ways, socially speaking. This board has become a joke of itself.

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Come watch movies and chat with fellow robots...

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build the wall mexicans are animals
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there's this dude called vinneh in the room and this is him
Stream requiem for a dream i need a good cry.

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I kinda want to try on my little cousin's pullups. Should I?
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sure, you'll look silly :3
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Post pics, naturally.
no you piece of shit, those are expensive
do you have any fucking clue how much parents spend on those things? (protip: you don't)

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I wish a had a table in my bedroom
my bedroom is just an empty room with a bed and broken tvs
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Fucking buy yourself one. Used furniture is cheap AF.
i don't have money
why not use a broken tv as a table?

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young chad cock.jpg
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Reminder that your mom would cheat on your dad in a heartbeat with pic related
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my mom is dead.

I wish it was not original
>implying my parents are still together
i'd like to suck that big cock tbqh

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Clover (1).png
582KB, 1920x1080px
discord (dot )gg 747bu

Yo dudes were a variety discord looking for some cool doods to talk to. we're pretty robot friendly and are active mostly in the PM US.

Come check us out if ya like!
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How many people are there as of now? Have cliques already formed?
bump from tamu
Cliques have not been formed. Some know each other from other servers, but that's about it.

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