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>wanting to use tinder but dont have facebook account
would a fake account do it? can people see the Facebook account you have linked?
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no they cant. I use a fake app, you have to use your real name, but you can put a fake last name

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>tfw your waifu gets blacked during her visit to America.
Wat do?
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nothing, lol. waifus are 2d, retard

i have diarrhea and a stomach ache
but also hunger pangs

it's 5:45 am. WAT DO??
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Shit in a bowl and eat it. Two birds one stone
Salmonella poisoning. RIP.
someone photoshop this little dude on brendan fraser's head

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>be me
>16 yo
> elementary school and middle school been a shit because of fuckin idiots
>found couple of good friends in middle school tho
>go out with them sometimes
>start high school
>every single person in there is an ultra overpowered-normalfag next level
>only talk and be friend with an asperger
>discover parkour
> start practicing it and find a gym to learn it
>don't know how seriously but i manage to act cool in the gym
>every person in parkour course is now a big friend of mine
>used to go out with an old friend of mine but not so much anymore cuz i bet he'll be in prison once 18
>great friendship with people in gym
>start going out with some of them to practice around the city
>since that moment (almost 1,5 years ago) i've been only going out with them but uniquely to practice
>our friendship gets stronger and i think i've been going out with every single one of them now
>99% of my going out with friends consists in training with them

what am I? a normie? a weirdo? i don't even know that anymore.
i'm in a sort of limbo because i find myself secure when i'm in gym but very very anxious when at school.
plus grades are not so great and i'm starting to worry a lot about it
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You're a 16 year old underage twat who should be playing minecraft and screaming in the mic instead of posting on 4chan.
probably more aware and so more weird than a lot of my friends. i am anxious and therefor i have quite problems to socialize. i think parkour saved my life but i wanted to post it here because here someone can understand me
That's cool man. Weird but nothing to be concerned about. Are the people at the gym older? Maybe they don't want to take a highschooler drinking idk. You'll be fine. If you like those people then forget what you think you should be doing

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>be me
>7th grade going into 8th grade
>become obsessed with the idea of wearing "name brand" clothing
>wanted to dress like the cool kids and be noticed by girls
>my parents were poor
>we lived in a nice neighborhood, but really getting by on scraps
>especially my mom, I bugged her the most
>the things I would do to push her to the point of finally taking me to the mall and buying me a few shirts
>that was basically all I ever did around that time
>bug my mom to buy me nice name brand clothes
>fast forward to today
>now I'm 20 years old
>my mom is dead
>realize how shitty I was in that moment of time
>taking out extreme anger and frustration on her because I didn't get the clothes I always wanted to be "cool"
>now today I hardly ever give a shit what I wear walking out the house

Makes me realize how sick consumer culture is man, it can tear families apart. I can only imagine how my mom felt about me at that moment in time, I knew she loved me, but still...
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Hey I'm gonna kill my self tomorrow but I need some opinions should I leave a note behind??
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But did you have the customers fill out those feedback surveys?

No, seriously. Don't off yourself. At least not until we've gotten those surveys.
yesyesyesyes krsvasd

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What's your perfect gf like? Here's mine.
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>tfw room-mate in wizard academy started dabbling in dark magic
>binded the soul from a local graveyard into a fleshlight
I pretended not to notice, but I can hear it scream some nights, what do I do?
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So this guy slaps your coworker in the face with a 12 gauge shotgun. What do you do?
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ask for his shotgun then shoot my co-worker

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first sorry for my bad english

Last 5 years I have tried almost all drugs, medications, supplements, nootropics, designer drugs, and many, many others, that can help with my SA, GAD, Depression, etc. I spend few thousand euros, but now I can say that with my current pills I can function pretty normal, even at special occasions like date I am able to make very good impression, be smart, talkative...
So my base regime consist of this:
1, Corvitol /Beta-blocker/ - half a tbl morning and evening - if you have heart rate more then 85 per min, use it
2, Memantine 10 mg - one at morning for tolerance of other drugs
3, chelated minerals and vitamins - for general well being
4, Buprenorphine /suboxone/ - this is true life saver. Literally there are no tolerance, i have been using it more than half year without tolerance build up. I am using like 0,2-0,5 mg two times a day, depends on occasions. KEEP IN MIND, THAT ITS STRONG OPIATE, WITHDRAWAL IS PURE HELL, YOU MUST SECURE SOURCE OF IT FOR A LONG TIME IF YOU GONNA START. Its mild stimulant depends on dosage, at higher you will be naping all the time, but the most important is that its absolutly powerfull antidepresant, it give you motivation to do something usefull, like studying. Thanks to this I am still alive after I broke with my GF.
5, LSD, Amphetamins, Meth - pure stimulant which I use on special purpose like dates generally on low dosage.
6, Dopamine agonist - I have used only parlodel, which have definitly some potential, but I need some time trying with others like mirapex, anyway, if you look at forums on net, it work wonderfull some time, but than it cause long lasting depression and anhedonia... they are literally last things that i need to try, there are nothing more in my opinion that can help with SA, depression.

If you have any question, feel free to ask. And post your experience with your self/medication, what are you taking, etc.
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Why the suboxone? Were you addicted to opiates? Only ever seen it used by people quitting heroin

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I'm a fat guy on the internet. I'm digging through and appropriating good things for my disgusting, pathetic lifestyle. Obscure things, unknown things, respected things, all brought down to the level of pixels on a monitor, equal to a YouTube video where 3 college guys microwave random shit or a drawing of a unrealistic girl wearing panties. I am actively ruining the world, and myself.
I'm not smart. I used to be bright, when I was a little kid, but years of sitting down and staring at my computer screen has destroyed all that. I never knew how to interact socially, but now all hope of that ever changing is gone. I try to fill the holes in myself with the most random garbage I can find, scrambling, flailing, sullying. I am worthless.
haha shit 26twa4ygw

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>tfw you masturbate to boku no pico yet again

oregon oregano
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fuck why did i soil my browser history so bad by googling some nip cartoon starring naked little boys. fucking weeb perverts

need to get back to my gangbang bukkake cuckhold 3d now
Is there a dearth in trap threads these days

Or is it a mod crackdown

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why do I keep lying to myself that things are going to get better?
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Because you, like every other human being, have something called hope. And hope sure takes a lot to kill.
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I'm turning 30 soon

pic related is my hope/age ratio

im so far deep right now that i cant see any way out
>elated is my hope/age ratio
>im so far deep right now that i cant see any way out

well only way is up

>you're at the point that even the good threads make you sad because you know they're temporary and things will be worse later
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it only gets worse.
original diadpoaopda

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Anyone else like seeing athletes get hurt? Swear to god if ISIS cut Lebron James hamstrings or something I'd be ecstatic. Professional athletes are work animals that lose all value when they get crippled, the thought of them having to suddenly use their intelligence and personality to make a living is hilarious.
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