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>Notice I haven't got random boners last week
>No urge to watch porn
>Unable to force myself hard and jerk off

I literally have no reason to keep on living now. How do I get my sex drive back?
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>your only reason for livnig was sitting behind a computer screen jerking off to others having sex (assuming you're not into degenerate shit which you most likely are)

Here's something, now you're free from the clutches of that demon you can channel your energy into something actually productive and sort your life out
>Here's something, now you're free from the clutches of that demon you can channel your energy into something actually productive and sort your life out
But I can't do that because there's an empty void in my chest that only goes away when I masturbate.
I literally have no will to do anything else if that void is there.
Smoke a Doobie.

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Who was in wrong here?

Looks like you still have a chance

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i wish i could be that oblivious about how undateable i am

that dude seems pretty chill and happy though

He lacks awareness because he has been coddled by mommy his entire life. Some day it will finally dawn on him that he's a disgusting, pathetic, man baby.
i can't
i'm literally sweating buckets watching this
i'm out

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What if we all will pretend that shit that happens in our society doesn't affect us and stop bitching about it 24/7. To show ourselves and people around that we are strong and can take it. We still got to get through the life why not to try to fool our brain, feed it some illusions make it look as if everything is fine. I feel like that's the only way to make the life less painful overall.
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Imagine if every post on this board followed this kind of philosophy + some implications, hardly visible, for lulz and as a reality check at the same time.
Reforming this board into something completely opposite with a big portion of irony.
If normies were to get in here somehow they would only see positive posts and wouldn't be able to see-through them. It will be really unattractive place for them to go, because it will feel pretty bland, there is no one to make fun of since everyone is happy. Why would we ever want to show the world our weakness and that it can affect us somehow? We pretend - we win.

>boyfriend recently lost his job
>he's been staying home all week blasting his emo music and playing The Sims

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at least u have a bf

appreciate him >:[
he could find a more considerate way to wope
Have you walked on him cucking you with your best friend?

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I'm homeless as of today. What the fuck do I do?

I'll do a quick refresh
>22 years old
>been a NEET for 4 years, living with parents
>given ultimatum a couple months ago from disappointed parents to get a job or go back to school or move out
> well now I'm making this thread

Literally packing my bags right now.
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go crash at a friend's apartment for a few weeks, tell your school, and look for a job
Find a good friend, crash. Get a job and get your shit together. Your parents did this to help you. Good luck Anon.
hey did you try to look for a job at all
just curious, i tried looking and even went to a lot of interviews but never anything beyond that

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I want to suck a dick so bad
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you're missing out...they're nice to jerk off, and choke on...

You can stroke em while sucking on his balls...and then jerking him off and hearing him moan as his love potion squirts all over your face is delightful.
It's not that great. Don't fall for the memes
I get excited by the idea but I think I might not enjoy it as much as I think I would.. Can't pick up girl or guys I am ugly

>was going to get my nails done after work, but the salon was closed
>go home instead
>go in my bedroom and find my best friend on top of my boyfriend
>run up to them to get them to stop
>she overpowers me and locks me out of my own room
>before she closes the door on me she says "you already caught us, calm down and let us finish. We will explain everything later."
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>roasties getting cucked

Super hot tbqh
punch her or call the cops and tell them they broke into your house
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please just shut the fuck up you vapid, insufferable hole

man i love sitting by the canal, its so peaceful here.
what do you think anon?
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You have shit taste in beer you hipster cunt
i think you belong to a lower order of life you dumb slut
am I supposed to be the dog in this scenario??

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ITT: pictures/gifs that describe how you are currently feeling
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Despair covers me like a blanket
File: 1440181966221.png (7KB, 750x743px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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For me, it's this image. This image describes how I feel.
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t. constantly avoiding and ignoring my problems

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What are your plans for tommorow?
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tfw to smart to fall for that useless meme
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If you bought bitcoin at THE worst possible time you would have doubled your initial investment.

Anyway the thread isn't aimed at nocoiner cucks.
Can I have a GPU?

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dad's at it again.png
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>sister has a baby
>doesn't want to take care of it
>wants to put it up for adoption
>i offer to take it because I've always wanted kids
>it's a girl
>raise her for years
>one day i'm tucking her into bed
>suddenly get this urge
>tell her i'm gonna give her the "special kiss"
>I pull her pants down and kiss her pussy
>tell her she has to give me the "special kiss" too
>she says okay
>I pull my cock out and put it in her mouth
>let her suck on it for a bit
>pull out and decide i'm gonna fuck her
>start rubbing my penor on her pussy
>suddenly realize what I'm doing and stop
>never speak of this again
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she's going to out you at one point in her life. Have fun in jail.
this is bad, because, either she doesn't rat on you and she's fucked up emotionally for life, or she tells on you and you're fucked up for life.

you dun goofed, OP. just move far away and never see them again
How does she tell on him? Isn't he her legal guardian based on the post?

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How do I eat pusy /r9k/?
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Nobody here knows normalfag
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Dont put you mouth on a place where a bunch of cocks have been.
Might as well go gay eating pussy.
Dont do it.
how the fuck should I know

here's a funny video though
any filthy normalslime can confirm this?

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>summer is about to end
>its gonna get cold again
>haven't done anything summer related
>haven't jumped into a pool
>haven't went to the beach
>haven't hung out with my 2 friends
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>liking summer

Fuck this season. I'm glad Fall and winter are back
Why not invite your two friends to a local pool? Two birds with one stone.
this this this this this this this this this this this this this this this this this this this

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"Anon! Tell me about that video game you've been playing these past few days!"
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League of Legends.
i can only play it on my laptop
I don't play video games all my spare time is wasted on films, animu and TV

From now on, tripfags will be hung from lampposts by their entrails edition
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pakis out, britain first

I'm sure people love visiting the historical lift testing shaft

I think it's an absailing centre now

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