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please don't put a hit on me lenlad edition
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First for bumsex with Tilde followed by anime and cuddles.
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dont feed the number homosexual edition
____ for you guys are my only friends

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Who else's weed dealer is a faggit who leaves you hanging? Pic related it's my fag dealer.
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He didn't explicitly agree to your terms
you already smoke weed you normie scum, just meet him a block away from your house you waste of sperm cells
try your heroin dealer pulling this bullshit on you. weed...get out of here.

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Why do guys want to stop being friends just because you don't like them the same way? How self-centered can you get?
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Because being around someone who has turned them down hurts.
you are not entitled to friendship idiot

Because it's exhausting to have you feed off our self esteem.

Try feeding on our cum instead.

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why are men so weird

I have a training supervisor who I'm 99% sure has a crush on me. He leans in far too much when he can (full body lean in against me, not just friendly brush), stares intensely at me when he thinks I'm not looking (caught him a few times), gets annoyed when I talk or am friendly with other guys at work. We're both married, and he has like 15 years on me. I asked one of my co-students if I was just imagining things, and he said I was not. The work is really intense, so I'm not sure if the guy just has an intense personality to match it or what. He also asks me way too many personal questions, and has given up on teaching me (which is what he's supposed to be doing - he just says I need to relax more if I ask him for things to do or questions about the work we do). He also asks me to read him his texts when he can't and also take calls from his wife. I'm not sure what to do. I still think I'm imagining it in my head, but he's really way over the line if he's just trying to be friednly. I don't want to be too friendly with him, because he will still be my supervisor/teacher and I don't want to get in trouble with other people at work.

am I imagining this, or is this happening to me for real?
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I'm confused as shit about what's going on, can I just talk to him about it or what?
he doesnt like you, hes trying to get rid of you by being disgusting with you, ive had the same problem
What if he thinks you like HIM? And he's trying to throw hints he's not interested

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Does anything make millenials fly into a rage more than having to do their job?

Reddit's a gold mine btw, it's a whole website of waitresses and other minimum wage workers. I don't know why the NEETs try to trigger people on this board instead of going where the pickings are easy.
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>tfw can't make fun of wagies because I'm afraid I'll lose my blessings
H-have fun without me
gonna need more from this artist
the sauce button isn't helping
Why did you use Papika and Cocona for this image? Delete this.

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Ask a Indian robot living in India anything.

>inb4 poo in the loo
That meme's so beaten to death.
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How based is Pakistan?
On a daily base, how often do you shit in a streets.
Do you poo in loo?
Real talk though, how bad is it there hygiene wise?

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>What's for dinner, anon?
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A nice bleach soup with cyanide mixed in
I know what you're having.
*unzips dick*
I'd fuck that belly button.

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Why do I find most pornstars like Elsa jean ugly. Any cute pornstars of choice? Here's mine.
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>Elsa jean ugly

Are you white? Here is Elsa Jean with an Asian guy. Literally every White porngirl does scenes with Asian guys including those that refuse to fuck Black guys.
Because Elsa Jean IS ugly
She looks like a fucking mong
Elsa Jean is ugly. And the one in your pic has slant eyes.

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Pickle Rick Condom.jpg
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Would you want a pickle rick CONDOM!
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M-morty, morty (burp)! I'm gonna blow my- AAAHHHH OHHH!
Suck my Biggle Rick

>not getting any luck on tinder
>no replies to my craigslist m4m ad
>only a handful of guys on grindr

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where are you?
I wouldn't mind some degenerate fun
I'd fuck you op.

not originolli

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Another wasted summer
>no memories
>no love
>no friends
>nothing but posting on 4chan and watching films
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How is this such a bad thing. If you enjoyed yourself, then what does it matter?
>tfw don't even have the energy to watch films

>feel frustrated because you don't know what to watch, play or read and don't have anything to even go outside for
>just sit there browsing 4chan and normiebook

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>be wizard
>see girl in the area where I live, fall instantly in love, she looks about 12 probably
>I stare, she notices, she looks back another time, I still stare
>see her other time when out walking
>I mostly ignore her
>right before I pass her, she smiles at me, I smile back
>out driving
>I see her
>I drive around
>she's here and she's there
>I get a blood rush and all giddy now by just being within 10 meters of her

tell me, robots, how fucked I am

romeo's juliet was 12, right?

don't bother to tell me to kys, because I've wanted to do that for a long time, and that's probably how it will all soon end

this nightmare must end soon...
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I'm getting the feeling that you're underaged or LARP'ing, given that you're using Romeo and Juliet as justification.
I already said I was a wizard, so I don't know what the fuck you are talking about

romeo wasn't 12, I assume
P sure they were both teens

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>women hate virgin men
why do men keep perpetuating this? insecurity?
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Because even if bluepillers don't directly use it to put you down emotionally, this is what they think.

And yes, people who are 20+ and haven't gotten laid are most likely insecure.
It doesn't matter what fembots hate because they hate everything.
And no, I wouldn't date any of you.

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Does boipucci really feel better than a vagina?
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absolutely doesn't
vagina > anus
Of course. It's tighter, the boy is not faking his moans (which literally every girl does), and he actually deeply loves you and wants to spend the rest of his life with you.
It's tighter, but girls have an asshole too

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Is this true?

Is it that easy to fuck roasties after becoming an alt right?
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no you virgin fucker n

is that parody account? no way they can be that delusional, right?
Doubt it, women have extreme left wing views for a reason.

Just kidding, women are whores that don't know what they want.

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