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>be me
>started dating a bf a month ago
>similar interests and stuff
>I am a aspie
>I feel like he doesn't love me
>I have panic attacks and he helps me but still I don't feel like he loves me
>he tells me about his problems as well and has a panic attack in front of me too, and I help him aswell but
>am I just here for pumping and dumping :<
>I'm a virgin and he's my first kiss
>he is a trap
>he said he is ready to have sex but he can wait for me but I'm still anxious
what do :<
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Get reported you faggot.

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I'm tired of being a loser.

>140 lbs lanklet
>9 inch dick
>thick and straight brown hair

I think step one is get an actual diet, and step two is get a good appearance.

Any tips for a could-be Chad, r9k?
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it never gets easier, if you're anxious you will NEVER find a girlfriend

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why does he have so many masks

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>minimum wage so low
>still ironically hard to get a job
>evern if you get one you'll only get part time hours
>you cannot live on part time minimum wage alone
>implying any job is even worth doing full time
>honeymoon phase is over with your parents
>getting a job and moving in with normies would be worse
>if they treat you any worse you may as well live with normies
>they would expect you to work more often and would eventually leave you and you'd have to uproot over and over
>living with people you hate that don't even love you
awful choices
>country pretends to offer other choices
>takes years to get on section eight
Literally no way out.
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It just keeps getting better and better.
>page ten before I've read article
Bumping as I read.
Oh my gods those idiots don't even understand basic economics in the house. Time is money. Of course they would delay it. I guess their hemmorroids were bothering them to much to care.

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>be weed addict
>smoke at least 5 joints a day
>fap every 2 hours
>tfw day 4 of no fap, no weed, 1 hour of exercise
were all gonna make it brehs
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I'm out weed and I feel very sick. I think I gave cancer or chrones. Weed is the only thing that makes me semi functional.

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I'm really fucking sick of it, /pol/. I'm sick of being a pushover. I'm sick and tired of this shitty society which aims to reduce our impulses to emotionless pleasure seeking. I'm sick of the snotty pseudo-intellectuals pontificating to us about their own cucked little mindset. I'm sick to death of everyone I know. Im sick of happy people. I'm sick of miserable people. I hate everyone with a vengeance. I don't know if I'll make it to 30 without an heroing. What keeps you going?
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a fucking leaf
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Free will keeps me going. That and the knowledge that things are not impossible to change. If you truly think that killing yourself is the solution, then evidently your not a big thinker. Seriously. If you hate what society has become, change it instead of giving up. Change is not instant, but every little action has the potential to snowball into a full on avalanche.
>not a big thinker
I've seen it all and I've done it all. There is not much that could surprise me. From my vantage point this is a shitstorm with no winners, so why bother?

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what are you on about?

comment original

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This is robros
First we get rid of the /soc/
cancer, then we get rid of the fag posters.
Thank you new mod!
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Anyone got any stories they want to post about being a trap or having sex with a trap? Bonus points if you are the trap and turned the other into a trap too.
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a trap butt fucked me and i shat all over her(his) dick
Should have used an enema before hand, that way that trap dick could reach deep inside you and own you fully until she shot her load into you, turning you into a little faggot too

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How to make /r9k/ better

1. Either blue-board it or just don't allow porn
2. Enforce the "fuck off back to your board" rule. ie, no trap posting

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just fucking ban everything.

Posting here instead of on /fit/ or instead of /b/ because I have a feeling you guys take energy drinks more often than both those other boards. Basically I've been trying different ways to improve my brain power and be fast and smart, so I made a post here about a week ago, and was told I have to take Nootropics, I googled them and came to the conclusion that the more energy the human brain has, the faster it is able to work and the more it is able to process in shorter time. As a result of realizing this, I went to the local shop and bought myself two energy drinks. Then I came home and chugged them instantly, then I cut the cans in half and drank every last drop that I couldn't reach before. This was about 30 minutes ago, I'm doing bike riding with my mom and my dad now and spying on women in skimpy clothing, while jacking off, but I don't feel any smarter or more powerful. Was two Monster energy drinks not enough? Should I have gotten 5 or 10 instead? How much energy does my brain really need if I feel nothing from two energy drinks?
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did you just suggest that energy drinks will make you smart
like maybe it will make your brain skip some steps and cut corners and shit maybe
but you need to have a well honed thought-organ in advance to even think about attempting this turbo charging
which should only be an occasional thing if you don't want long term fuckups
and don't even think about doing any fine and subtle processing under the caffeine load its for straightways only
Well that sucks... last time I had an energy drink was a month ago, and before that, many many months ago. In that case, what would you call a reliable nootropic?
healthy diet & consistent outdoor exercise
regular brain function is best brain function

>...and then I came on her tits. You know, typical Middle School shit. Anyway, how about you Anon? When did you lose your virginity?
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I'm waiting for marriage.

Unoriginal Christian Lie

Have any robots been to or plan to go to a Rainbow Gathering? It's about 90 minutes south of me this year and a quick googling made it sound okay.

But I really dont want to go be the weirdest amongst weirdos :(
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>W-Wow anon,thats the third time tonight! And you are still hard! Please give me more :)))
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