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>17 years old
>Self-esteem was too low to ask a girl out
>Could've kissed a girl and everything, but I didn't because I was too scared to initiate anything

I wish I could go back in time with my life experience and re-do it, but it looks like I'll just have to learn from my mistakes.

If you're a kid on /r9k/, please go for whatever you can. Don't make excuses in your brain.

Please don't take the path of least resistance and reason away possibilities.

You only hurt yourself.
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Yeah happened to me and is happening right now. I'm just sick of the fact women don't show any sexual interest in me and look at me like a dancing monkey or something. I can make them laugh and hold a casual conversation but don't have the first clue what to do about a sexual thing and have never gotten that vibe that a girl wants me to try something with her. It's retarded.

I'm convinced I'm ugly as fuck and every time I look in the mirror I see some flaw but people tell me I look great and I always think they're lying. You think they're telling the truth or not because if they were I would theoretically be getting pussy no?
My date:
> girl plays with her hair
> girl looks at me directly in the eyes during convo for at least 5 seconds
> pupils dilated
> copying my moves
> laughing and smiling
all classic points that she is into you
> I'm sorry anon but we are too different and won't make a good match

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g o d give me the strength to disregard women
g o d give me the strength to disregard women
g o d give me the strength to disregard women

my prayer

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What other boards do you frequent?

I'm a fixture on /pol/, /sp/, and /trv/

Normally I lurk here for the topkeks. Many of you robots are rather insightful.
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/r9k/, /x/ that's it
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Praise kek

/pol/ is my main board and /x/
Are there some good laughs to be had on /x/ ?

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Should I ask my mom for girl advice or will she just lie to me or tell me really stupid disney shit like "you just gotta talk to a girl and she'll fall in love you're so handsome"? What do you guys think?
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Never ask a female for advice on women. You'll just end up a beta cuck provider magina simp faggot that nobody likes or respects and eventually she'll get sick of your pathetic behavior and leave you and take half your shit and even more.
Do not EVER ask females about gf advice you fool
Even my mom? I thought it'd be different because she's not a woman that I would potentially think about dating so she wouldn't have a reason to lie to me. I know in general you shouldn't do it because they tell you the opposite but I figured it'd be different if you asked a woman who was older.

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>tfw just changed my profile pic on jew book after 3 years of the same one.
>not a single person liked it

It sounds so ridiculous to be sad about something like this but it really did get to me. The fact that I used to have an active healthy social life and now I'm just a shut in who nobody interacts with is really quite a devastating thing to realise. Looks like it's gonna be another solitary birthday this year while everyone I used to care about continues enjoying life.

Post similar feels
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just walk around your town, it helps distract me from my problems
>tfw i saw a photo of all the people in a friend group to which i used to belong but which has since abandoned me hanging out together, having a great time.
similar to me. I keep posting/sharing stuff but no one ever likes it. but I won't stop, it's usually for my benefit, to remind myself of something.

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>tfw no nice boy to snuggle with me

At least I have doggo
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>cuddling with a slightly chubby bearded qt bf who loves you with his whole heart

is this nirvana?
>tfw have qt snuggle buddy but they live in a different country
I want to die desu
But then I wont ever get to cuddle with them
>tfw no nice boy to snuggle with me
>tfw don't even have doggo
I wish one of these boys around me at uni would ask me out one day and then we could become roommates and get an apartment together and help each other with classes and come back home and snuggle together every day

>tfw no qt antifa gf

Why live?
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new zealand btfo
>tfw no qt BLM white gf
>tfw when no #BLM Korean\ Black gender fluid born female gf

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If Bruce Willis can rock a bald head, why can't all you hairlets? Quit complaining and shave your head. Man up, pussies.
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>Convientionally attractive
>already established and success
> Just b urself
>can't grow a full beard or even a full goatee
this thread just screams "low iq retard"

I heard this is a good board for neets to talk to other neets. I am starting to think I am a legit neet at this point and have been pretty lonely lately. Maybe even a shut in. How do you guys stay sane and not miss human interaction? On some levels I am happy because I hate people.
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I browse 4chan. You probably get the same kind of brain chemicals from reading posts here
>How do you guys stay sane and not miss human interaction
I have been thinking of getting a body pillow to pretend I have someone to cuddle with.

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I made a mistake today :(
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how big was he

this is original
Making mistakes is how we learn.

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>go to brothel (legal in my country)
>pay 300 dollars for an hour with hooker
>doesn't even let me fuck her, just gives me some body massage, body slides and a hand rub, didn't even cum, she called time 15 minutes early and was rude and uninterested the entire time

What a fucking waste of time. Is there any way I can get my money back?
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>he actually fell for the brothel meme

I'm lmaoing at your life.

I'm assuming you're a fellow Australian? A friend of mine went to a brothel one time and he said the chick started crying and complaining about her life story to him.

I think it's a tactic they use, so they don't have to actually have sex with you, you pay the people at the front desk first, and then you get to see the chick, then the chick tries to meme you into feeling sorry for her to avoid fucking you, hoping you'll not complain and not ask for your money back.
Speaking of prostitutes should I call this one? She posted her ad 5 hours ago though
$300 for a hooker???
It's not legal where I am but I can get a okay looking one for $80 for an hour.

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>just eat less
holy fuck you normies are delusional
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calories in
calories out

that's it you fatty

nobody is going to care when you die bcuz u were in denial.
Stay strong my friend and fight the good fight

why are boys so mean?
I just want a nice one to talk to.....
never going to happen. people just suck.
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Don't lose hope yet Anon. There are a lot of good people out there who will treat you nicely, and it doesn't really have anything to do with gender. Some people is mean and that's a fact, but that doesn't mean everyone is, so keep your hopes up and keep trying.
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post your tumblr

thank you Anon. just an eerie night I suppose.
how is your night going?

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At what age did you just accept that you're going to be alone forever and never have a girlfriend or wife?

For me it's 24. I spend my money occasionally on hookers to satisfy my sexual needs, some of them have legit 10/10 bodies. I have family and friends to satisfy my social needs.

I'm actually really Catholic and go to church with my family, nobody knows I fuck hookers, they all think I'm a religious virgin waiting for the right woman to marry. I've pretty much accepted that will never happen, I mean maybe when I'm 35 or 40, but by then it will be too late to not be bitter about it.
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Im 21 now and i only had 2 girls that asked me to "hang out" just for the sake of being nice, sure a gf sounds nice but i have given up trying to find one for myself.
During and just after puberty when I realized I was physically, mentally, socially and culturally inferior to all the males around me.

Turning 30 soon, nothing has changed, this line of thinking only solidifies itself even more as every year goes by.

For those who want to know

Physically = Short/Manlet metabolism (have to eat like a female to not get fat despite lifting weights 5 days a week).
Mentally = Definitely have something wrong with me in the head, always avoided getting diagnosed.
Socially = Don't relate to anyone, have nothing to say.
Culturally = Not Muslim or anything like that, so wasn't give a free wife.
definitely within the last few years, 24 now, but life has really been over since high school. i had a chance or two back then but i still self destructed for no reason. i didn't care then but now the loneliness is so crushing that i start screaming and sobbing while driving for no reason

no idea how to get a hooker, i know she'd laugh me away anyway

feels bad man

How the fuck are you supposed to dance?

I went to a concert last night and people everywhere were dancing. There were girls surrounding me and they were all dancing and I just kept tapping my hand on my knee and my foot and nodding my head and focusing on the drummer or floor like an autist.

Is dancing something that separates the Chads from the losers?

Unrelated picture
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just hide in the bathroom https://youtu.be/Mr0oh6mkRIM
Good question, maybe we should ask Yves?
>tapping my hand on my knee and my foot and nodding my head

no offense op but that's really pathetic. you're clearly a beta dont try to be a chad

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Hi robots,

so my mum wants to kick me out of the house but i'm still a neet. my question is, what's an easy job with minimum qualifications and least amount of social interaction?

in other words, what do you robots do for a living? please help (also i'm not about to sink so low as to take autismbux.
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there is no job where you dont need human interaction.
Only if you are computer programmer even then you have to write emails and give phone calls.

Try to be glory hole whore
was tempted to be a cam whore or a streamer but even those require a facade of energy and optimism and i'd imagine doing those kind of work for hours on end would drain me into a raisin.
>data entry
>truck driver
>warehouse worker
>retail/grocery stocker
>overnight security guard
>laundry boy at a fitness center

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