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>Where do you currently live?

>Where do you want to live?
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i live in my car
I would like to not live in my car
pic related, not my car but its the model i have.
>Where do you currently live?
Seattle area.
>Where do you want to live?
Either make enough money so I can keep living here, or move to some desert state. I have a thing for deserts. Not sure why.
What did you do to get kicked out?


>ITT: Autistic shit you do
I'll start.
>Be me
>be incurable clean freak, almost to the point of being unable to function
>Come back from day with family, don't have time to shower
>spray my naked body down with bathroom cleaner.
>Kinda sticky, but clean.
>I also avoid contact, physical or social, with anyone and everyone. including friends and family.
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I scream "ree" at people that annoy me
I have a moral dilemma whenever a child comes on the tv when I fap. should I stop?
> goes on 4chan
grade A autism roight there

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If dicks can cause vaginas to get loose...
Can dicks cause lips and mouths to get loose?

There's certainly less surface area in contact with a dick in the mouth to create friction, but there's obviously friction in the lips. Could blowjob lips be a thing?
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>if dicks can cause vaginas to get loose...
Is this what they meant by "loose lips sink ships"?
The idiots that think a penis stretches a vagina and causes it to lose elasticity are the same dumbasses who think if they tug on their microdicks just right they'll wake up with monster cocks

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Why can't there just be some kind of simple job that you could do at home with no special skills required?

The idea of going outside and asking people to hire you is too intimidating for me
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that would be to easy anon life wants to fuck you as much as it can before you die
do you have any skills in arts or cs? if no then you can't do anything worthwhile from home
also if it intimidates you that is opportunity for you to improve
not possible, I'm retarded when it comes to talking to people and I'm too ugly from the outside, nobody wants to be near a person like me

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Who /literallyimpossiblestandards/ here?

>tfw you can't settle for anything less than a christian virgin saving herself for marriage
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Neck yourself if you actually like that show
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They do exist, you just have to look hard enough and act quickly enough.
>Christian virgin
>Literally impossible

No where even close to impossible, but why would you want a religicuck anyways?

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I just found out that a friend of mine has been having a long term, sexual relationship with his mother.

>He had left his 'phone in my car and asked me to unlock it to get a 'phone number out of his missed call list.
>There was a transcribed voice mail from his mother saying she was just back from the doctor and he had given her a dosage of PlanB.
>She went on to say that she was going to get her tubes tied soon along with some other stuff indicating that this was going on for a while.
>He got his mother pregnant.

How do I look him in the eye again knowing this?
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>>How do I look him in the eye again knowing this?
don't you have a burning curiosity to ask him how he got a mommy gf?
How do you know his mother isn't just weirdly close to him and let's him know those kinds of things.
Ask if they're down for a threesome?

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> Your bail is set at $800.
how many of you would bail out this qt?
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>Some bint that I don't know
Get to fuck man.
She's probably insane. I'd bail her out.
>bailing out a stranger

Why would anyone do this

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>cooking some chicken stir fry for me and my chadbro best friend
>compliments me with "if my future wife could cook like you Id be the happiest man on earth"

I actually blushed
Am I gay now?
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offer to cook hum more stir fried tendies in exchange for cuddling and whispering "I love you" in your ear before bedtime
>I-I could be ur wife
I am not cute enough to be a wife (male)

Why are 15 yo girls drawing better than me?
I paid to get into an art school because the free ones rejected me but I can't draw for shit.
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Maybe you should try getting into politics?
have you tried tracing
you should rise to power in germany and invade poland, anon

What the actual fuck is wrong with homos?
>new grindr catfishing thread
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If anybody is gonna lurk btw please keep bumping
Here we see Jamal overcome sjw bullshit .
Good job big dick Jamal!
>that face
are you the same guy as yesterdays thread

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What things did you get in trouble for in school?
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School? Lol bitch I just got out of jail
repeatedly going into the boys bathroom
Drawing instead of paying attention in class. One hardcore kid.

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>go to steel panther concert alone
>inb4 normalfag get out
>they bring women on stage
>gets them to flash their tits
>5/7 of them said they were here with bf
>bfs watched from the crowd as their gfs flashed their boobs to strangers for no reason
>sea of phone flashes
>forever immortalized as concert sluts
>roastie with biggest tits kept on stage to flash even more throughout night
>gave guitarist a kiss I think
>flashed her ass in thong
>was one chant away from flashing cunt
>released back into crowd
>bf looks fucking dead
How can someone allow their gf to be this much of slut? Was this cucking on a public level
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Made a mistake by getting with her in the first place
Some guys are secure enough in their masculinity to not raise a temper tantrum about such a trivial thing as flashing someone. Besides, it's her body and she can flash it to whoever she chooses to
>letting a girl on steel panther concert
the guy deserve it for being a retard.
i think he even like it.
as a side note, the consert was good? i like their music even if is all satire.

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>"Come ON anon you promised you'd work out with me! I already said I'd give you a BJ for every pound you lost! I love you dummy that's why I want you to be around with me for as long as possible!"
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I weigh 105 pounds
if she wants me to lose weight she wants me to die
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I honestly would.
No complaints.
I'm pretty fucking skinny though, so losing pounds might be detrimental to my health...
Don't you have to post a song as well? Or is it not one of those threads?

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>that kid who fantasized about preforming his favorite song in front of the whole school and winning the heart of his crush in the process
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>that kid who a professor would in the middle of class walk up to and in front of the whole class ask if I was alright and if there was anything troubling me followed by stares from everyone and one guy who said "He just wants to die, that's all.".
>that kid who wore monotone darker clothes, was one of the few that smoked, always looked tired and dead and almost never spoke.
>that kid who made everyone uncomfortable around him.
>that kid that everyone knew wanted to die and was depressed, who people had seen his scars and just acted like they hadn't, who strongly disagreed that highschool was the best time of his life, who had next to no friends let alone relationships.
Surprisingly, that kid wasn't an emo and actually hated emos.
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>that sperg that the chads were friends with so he can be their autistic jester
>that kid who sat in dark corners of the cafeteria alone with headphones on

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Dubs decides if I jump
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You already got dubs.
Shit man, you tell us.
That's like 2 floor dude you'll just break your ankle or something

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