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Am I the only one who likes to fantasize about getting circumcised at my stepmom's request after getting caught masturbating right at the onset of puberty?
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There are some Tara Tainton videos you'd fucking LOVE.

Especially "Your Step Auntie Blames Your Porno Perversion on Your Uncut Cock" and "Embarrassing Episode with Your Step Auntie Discovering Your Uncut Cock"
You can find them both for free if you look had enough. I don't remember where I got them so I'll leave that up to you.
Oh boy. This is fantastic. Thanks anon.
Holy shit, I just witnessed a super obscure fetish request filled in minutes on 4chan. Did the machine work? Is it 2007 again?

My dad just passed away in a car accident and I felt nothing, no crying nor feeling sad, and now I'm still posting on 4chan. What the fuck?
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Sounds like you need to get off of the computer and embrace humanity. Learn to love and feel for your fellow man..and let it empower you
It's because the son your father knew and loved died a long time ago. Your father probably died ashamed of what you became. You no longer care bout yourself and so you're now incapable of caring for others
He's passing away in car accidents in heaven now.

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Whats your diet like, r9k?
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I eat a lot of junk but less than I used to. For breakfast i usually have a few hostess donut sticks, 2 English muffins, 2 bananas, a bunch of natural peanut butter, and a lot of whole milk. After that but before lunch I usually have a lot of trail mix and crackers, then for lunch I'll usually cook a digiornos and some Tyson's wings and eat all of that. Later on maybe I'll have a couple pbjs or Nutella sandwiches, and some soda, then for dinner I usually get taco Bell or make burgers. For dessert I typically have a bunch of subway cookies or ice cream and a couple bagels.
>Whats your diet like, r9k?

Whatever my university cafeteria cooks
Look up the nutritarian diet sometimes called the fuhrman diet.
i adhere pretty closely to that.

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How do I get rid of bipolar disorder without seeking medical help? Asking for a friend.
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some dope with weed will even out your brain chemicals
shotgun blast to the face
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either of these two options work

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I'm having surgery to get rid of a hernia. The surgery is Thursday. I'm kind of scared. I've never had surgery. Anyone here had hernia surgery? Will I be in pain afterwards? What's the recovery time like? They said six weeks at the most
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im praying to kek that you die worthless fagot, dubs say the memes are with me
surgery is painless expect the IV which can be painful.
>hernia surgery
Dude what? Just like squat. You don't need surgery

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It seems that "Behind The Meme" is growing at a rather fast pace. He has acquired at least 800k subscribers at this point. There was once a time, where memes could last up to 5 years. Now they are dying at 8 weeks. I mean, look what happened to poor "I ain't got rhythm." So obviously Zenzi didn't work. We need to do something else instead.
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I have absolutely no fucking clue what you're talking about
It's about how Behind The Meme continues to live
Move on from memes, invest in board culture

19 Year old girl with a fiance of 7 months here, literally got him on Halloween right after he was dumped by his ex girlfriend for being into me.

How's it feel not being up to par for reproduction, anons?
It should be about just the most pathetic thing a human could be since humanity is about evolution and development, you're a strain on the resources and environment. If anything and your anger and hatred will just keep making you miserable until you die. And the BEST part is that makes me feel the most superior about myself is instead of doing something good with your time like Nikola Tesla did you're lower than filth, it's so goddamn enjoyable to come here when I feel sad because I get to laugh at you all for being pathetic fucking boring ass losers, it makes me able to appreciate everything I have all the more and live my life to even better extents.

You're all irredeemable, and sorry that biology isn't kind but neither is the world, and if you're not able to overcome your disabilities and do something that validates your pathetic bitter existence then I`ll continue to come here and mock you pathetic lonely bitter assholes forever.

Thanks for the fun.
-A lurker of three years
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>Saging publicly
Oh wow I'm so hurt, you sure got me. :~)
Hey, the daily kakyoin thread already happened. sage and not reading any of your post, fgt

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>cardiac surgeon salary is $500k
>tuition cost to become one is $250k

I want to become a surgeon because I have a keen interest in the human body, but I'm too poor to get the education.

When people ask me why I'm still a neet, it's because of this!
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Anon it's possible but you have to be REALLY SMART.
Also a smart person wouldn't give a fuck about debt because he knows he's going to graduate and he knows that he going to pay off the uni debt.
I would recommend you find a job in a hospital or nursing home. These places genreally offer tuition reimbursement programs. You can become a registered nurse on their dollar. Make enough money with that and you could probably get a student load to go to medical school. You'd have to get a bachelor's first of course
>When people ask me why I'm still a neet, it's because of this!
No, it's because you make excuses.

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im proud of you, bro. i wish for the best.

god speed, anon. god speed.




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>been feeling depressed
>20, trans girl
>my dream girl left me recently
>gorgeous face, feminine body, flat chest, perfect little ass
>dick of my dreams but neither of us were into topping
>so many good qualities, so many good memories and feelings from such a relatively short relationship
>felt so strongly i loved her, had so many fantasies about who we could be together, what we could do
>both deeply depressed, ultimately she couldn't handle my dependence on her for happiness and neither of us ever wanted to take charge anyway
>have been suicidal just over a decade, attempted a couple years ago but feel like i can't now because my family has been through hell in so many other ways
>never learned to try, high anxiety, so i get high and stare at my phone all day
>friend of ex's messages me wanting to hang out
>i can always use more friends, i don't have any
>sperg out within 24 hours because I can't decide what we should do
>will probably be like this forever
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you have no idea how alike we are
You're right, you're both men.

Fembots, how many of you would be willing to date a robot assuming he wasn't an asshole?
Would it bother you that'd you have to "steep lower" on the social ladder or would you feel a natural kinship between your fellow autists?
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no woman wants to fuck a groveling beta, no matter how desperate she is
Fembots aren't real.

Stop making these threads.
Are you saying that as a male or female?

Thats not true 1/3 of the posters here are women

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Womyn Hate. It's been a while.
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There's already one up. I've been monitoring it for awhile.
can we just acknowledge that mohadesa najumi is a cool as fuck name
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Whoops. Well, can't hurt to have more.

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We like to party! We like, we-like-to-party!
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I get anxiety attacks when I go to parties.
I'm a gangster!
I'm a straight up G!
The gangster life is the life for me!
I shoot people by day,
I sell drugs by night.
Being a gangster is hella tight!
Look for the Gummy Bear album in stores on November 13th, with lots of music, videos, and extras.

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I keep hearing about how stacies are human trash and what not, I want to know what your personal experiences are with them? What did they actually do to you?
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When I was 15 my parents asked our 19 year old Stacy neighbor to check in on me while they were out of town over night.

She was super nice, made me a sandwich and watched a couple movies with me.
>size queen
>would humiliate any guy just to feed the ego of the guy fucking her
>has no concept of respect
>think everything can be forgiven
>has no idea actions carry consequences.

I got humiliated by one just to feed her boyfriend's ego.
what kind of person does that?
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I have a stacy friend who seems concerned about my home life. Whenever I bitch about my brother getting caught doing stupid shit she chimes in with "What'd he do now?".

Of course, I was her emotional tampon a few years back.

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why do i suddenly feel disinterested in everyone
why do i feel like melting down every minute
why do i feel distanced from my oneechan
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Social isolation makes people lose their empathy and ability to relate to other people.
Why is akari so creepy?
look at those soulless eyes WTF

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