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I can't take it anymore, I should kill myself.
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I want to kill myself too. I'm coping by getting surgery. Going to see Dr. Fleming in California for opinion on Forehead Reduction next week. Then I'll see Dr. Epstein in New York and decide. Should have it done in the next 6 months.

After that it's revision jaw surgery time.
try getting surgery and if that doesn't work then do it
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But I'm poor, I can't afford it.

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Tillerson: China agrees on 'action' on North Korea as navy strike group sails


Pots your face when it's DEFCON 2
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Fuck off Roberto
never. the military will forever be cucked by public policy. the navy and AF is ready to blow shit to all hell and the infantry is ready to fight and die as their forefathers did. but it won't happen because some soccer moms sitting in their suburbs will scream "wahhh I don't want a war" and daddy trump will cave.
the fuck do i care about chinks vs gooks: the failed brother

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This motherfucker pops up behind you and says he'll slightly improve one of any real life skills you posses. What do you choose?
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does dick size count as a skill?
Does boosting agility mean I lose weight?
Sure. He'll increase the length OR girth by 10% of its current value

I wish someone would kick me in the balls
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>tfw there are fembots out there that want to damage THIS
Any gender preference for the kicker? Where do you live?
Hey, I'm not a fembot but I do believe balls are beautiful and deserving of worship. But if a guy wants them to be kicked, you should accede to please him.

why do you want to kick someone in the balls ?

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>tfw no sapiosexual bf
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stop being stupid then
I'd bang the ugliest person as long as theybwould be smart.
Here's your prince, child.
Glad to see someone with the same taste over here

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>tfw you fell in love with somebody who doesn't love you back.

I fucked up.

Anyone else fucked up?
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I feel that feel, op.
Fastest way to get over it?
I feel in love with someone who made me feel like they loved me, and they lied about it just so they can have someone make them feel less lonely. Now I am stuck in love with someone who never gave a shit about me.

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Redpill me on the Virgin Walk

How did I go so long without knowing it was real?
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This meme is already old
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Everyone does at least one or two of these things. Instead of trying to change the way you walk, consider ceasing to be such an insecure faggot.
there are songs from the 80s that mention the virgin walk. if you're just finding out about it now, that's on you

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Why does that statement trigger beta white men?
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Who is spamming these threads on /r9k/? It's been going on all day
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>Why does that statement trigger beta white men?
because asian girls are probably the only girls we can attract
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Does white priviledge really grant you so much ego that you believe an entire race would prefer to racemix?

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Where there's music and there's people
Who are young and alive :'(
I dont wanna let you go so we can fly a kite
just like Ronny said

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>kurt cobain said "if you're homophobic please dont listen to our music"
>Iisten to it anyway

Kek, do something about it you dead faggot
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You posted this in my thread yesterday loser why post the same shit over and over?

I'm not a virgin. You are. Enjoy defending kurt cuckbain loser faggot
I'm not a virgin kek and at least Kurt Cobain was cool and likeable unlike (you)

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Tips decides what I say next
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just killed a man.
Trips* fucking A
Ive always admired your feet. Would you let me lick the cheese between your toes?

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I just got my first girlfriend bros.

Just want to let you guys know you can make it too. You just gotta try.
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see you in 3 weeks when she dumps you because she finds piss bottles and your semen rag.
wait, why would she dump me because of my piss bottles? girls dont like that?
time to prep the bull

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I just want some strange anonymous sex but NO. CL might as well just delete their personal page because nobody is real - except the mountain of guys.
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Too many people use it then it's a target for making money. Why this place started using captcha.
You really think actual women are going to advertise on the internet when they can use tinder or go get railed at a nightclub?

im a serial craiglist catfisher anon, I have over 200+ responses back to me after I answered ads using my own pics. It's EZ

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Reminder that baby boomers are the cause of the death of western civilization.

All boomers should be gassed.
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Bumping because I agree.

Never has there been a more entitled, self-aggrandizing generation. The generation before them survived the Great Depression and won WWII. THEY were the "greatest generation".
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I think that you are wrong. Globalist Jews will be the demise of western civilization.
And who do you think the baby boomers are controlled by? The globalist jews you idiot.

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Are asian women taking a black man's dick the final redpill for asian women?
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These jewshills are sure busy this afternoon. I wonder why they want us to fight with blacks so badly?
not this shit again, asian women don't want to fuck us. stop making these retarded threads.
>watching so much porn that you think it's based in reality
These are actors, fuckhead. They're paid by directors to perform specific scripted scenes.

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