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This girl was allegedly assaulted and when he wouldn't give her enough attention and admiration, she posted this to gain more attention and admiration.

What is wrong with women?
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It isn't understandable?
Being a small person that is at the throes of something bigger and malignant?
About free tiddy
Women just have no constitution. Theyre physically, mentally, and spiritually weak.

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>Be me
>Has chronic stutter
>Life is shit
>I find a way to use it in a song
>People love it
>Finally life is good
>Get cancer and die immediately
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Scatman John is fucking great. His songs are higher quality and have a better message than most music artists today.

That isn't even my opinion, it's simply a fact.
>"le born in wrong generation"
Fuck off

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Today I complete 20 years, still a virgin, kisseless and all that stuff, im fucking almost killing myself but still trying to keep up, making a psychology college, so anons, some tips to a mage apprendice?
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Im yet a magician assistant with my 18s, and every thread like this I feels like this is just another older version of me, I dont want to die alone damn
don't worry, only the strong become wizards, the others die of pure agony before, i need pills to supress the agony so i don't have a heart attack, but it still hurts, a lot
i lost my virginity at 20. just save up 200 and get something clean

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What does it mean when someone makes a post that says


and why is it doubled like that?

Also, what does the t. stand for when someone replies to you saying t. pleb or something?

Also, ITT: ask meme questions I guess
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The London thing began on /fit/, when a girl(?) posted and one of the posters there posted "pls be in London" and it mutated into what you see today.

t. is an abbreviation for a Finnish word that's equivalent to the English 'regards,'

t. helpful Anon

It's to show they're posting or commenting from that particular location, and that they're attention whores.

>what does the t. stand for

I forget what it actually stands for, it's Finnish or something but it's basically signing off on what you are

If someone adds it to the end of their post they're just saying that they're that particular thing and thus experience and trustworthy to be saying that.

Like a law student giving legal advice on r9k would end his post with "t. law student" to say that he is that, a plumber would say "t. plumber" after giving advice on how to unclog a toilet or something, etc.

When other people reply to your post and say t. pleb or t. cuck, it's just a roundabout way of calling you a pleb or a cuck.

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wojak brutal.gif
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>Parents made you genetic shit.
>Can't rightfully get vengeance on them because of societal norms even thought they've afflicted you with a hellish existence.
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You can always use psychological warfare, nothing wrong with that and more effective.
>Mixed black/french canadian
>soft/no distinguisable facial features (as a male this BAD)

Why couldn't I be just one race? All those race purists? I get it. I wouldn't wish this on anyone.
Your parents can't control how you come out, you complete imbecile. But hey, it's always this more easy to push the self-loathing on others, yeah?

If you hate yourself this much, then let it consume you, but don't hurt others. Just off yourself, but don't blame others that have nothing to do with your petty problems.

You ought to be grateful towards your elders. Shameless short-sighted fool. I am deeply sorry for your parents.

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If you were to compare yourself to a car, what would you be?
and describe the reason.
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A bicycle
One with a busted tire
I literally don't know anything about cars.

I don't know how normies are like "oh did you see that ZX-C Ford Taurus with the modified decarbulators and galvanized LED torques?" and it was just some fucking grey car passing by the corner of our eyes.
this actually kind of triggers me
what makes normies so obsessed with this ancient technology?

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>therapist caught me jerking off in her office and doesn't want to see me anymore
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>therapist found the jerk office
Why did you jack off in her office anon
That's really funny dude did you nut :>

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>"Well look who decided to join us. What happened Anon, did your girlfriend get a computer virus?"

>*roaring laughter fills the room*
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*180 out the room*I fucking hate it when they make snide comments. Yes, I left my room. Stranger things have happened. Shut the fuck up.
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images (7).jpg
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>walk back into room
>load AR-15
>Mag dump
>cant spell /r9k/ without /k/

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>go to local trade-in place to pick up a copy of Hard Boiled (never seen it before)
>open up SnapChad because I'm bored
>qt's story says "If anyone wants to date me that'd be cool"
>I've tried my luck here before
>Figure there's no harm in trying again, she'll probably say no
>say "Yo, you wanna hang out some time?"
>at checkout
>Hard Boiled is $5.38
>walking back to the car, excited
>she replies with "yea sure"
>I'm so jazzed about the cheap-ass Hard Boiled the agreement didn't even phase me

I don't even care that she reneged a little later by being cagey about when she'd be free next.

ITT: Best deals you've ever gotten.
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Nice try bragging about your date on r9k

Quick rundown on that movie? I'm torrenting it right now
>Asking for a relationship on social media
She just wants a relationship as a personality accessory, and you're just as bad for offering yourself
>"yea sure"

I give it 2 days

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> tfw you just want to be a good cute little waifu
> tfw being cute doesn't pay the bills
> tfw you have to camwhore to pay bills
> tfw you try to cosplay and make youtube videos and stream videos but those don't bring in enough cash to stop being a degenerate
> tfw all you want to do is be pretty and cute and have people like you but that will never happen

pic related i've almost got my super sonico cosplay done

not that anyone cares l m a o
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>you will never have a submissive Robot slave to sexually abuse and dominate

Feels bad, man.

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What a homo. I bet you like boys dont u
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Yesh :3
Who's dominating who?
They're both locked up?

How do I get a gf like pic related? Pic related.
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Buy pencils and pens then draw her
>How do I get a gf like pic related? Pic related.
Women are universally fucking garbage
You want a bf
>tfw no nerdy baby-faced gf to spank/bully/humiliate me

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Today i've shaved my penis and asshole very precisely and then masturbated anally, i mean i was jerking off later too cus it's impossible to reach an orgasm just masturbating anally, and it was fucking amazing.
Last time when i shaved these parts was half a year ago and i wasn't doing that yet.
It felt like i was touching sweet pussy, really, it's the new level of masturbation, especially when you have desires to be a woman and try to feel like her

pic rel is how smooth it felt
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>it's impossible to reach an orgasm just masturbating anally
You just havent hit the right spot anon, keep trying
i mean it's possible physically, but not for me yet (yeah, maybe i haven't hit the right spot, but don't feel like i want trying doing it, cus current masturbation is satisfying enough for now)
what did you use for this?
I haven't done butt play since I was a teenager and not sure If I want to try it again.

Sorry I've been away gents. IRL stuff got in the way.
In better news, I'm lining up a date now with a chick who is going to offer BBFS+CIP.
>inb4 normies get mad about STDs

Anyway, ITT we:
>Post pics
>Swap stories
>Share tips
>Newbies ask how to book

Pro tip:
If you brush your teeth, trim your pubes, and wash everywhere with soap, then you will pass muster. Don't gotta Bee yourself but you Doo gotta have $200.

Lets get you robots laid. Post ITT today!
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>been 2 weeks since I last saw a girl
>want to see her again but I deleted the last girls number by accident like a retard
>looking through ads, the only girl I can find that's verified as real, looks decent, and doesn't have a bunch of reviews calling her a thief only sees people during the day and I don't get off work until 10pm
I'm not shaving my pubes if I'm fucking a paid slut. I'm already paying for pussy at that point. I'm not going any kind of extra mile for such an encounter.
At the Nevada brothel's after paying a more then reasonable amount of money I noticed that all the girls there want a hug and like 2 out of 4 even kissed me on the cheek.

But, all of them hugged me afterwards and properly said good bye.

I wonder if they are told to do that or if they just want to?

I should ask next time I go.

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Check 'em out please. I'd appreciate it:



You can post anonymous reviews without an account needed so please do so if you'd want to:


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bramp a dramp dump scrump

blaramp dramp skimpy dimpy

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