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>tfw relapse after 40 day nofap streak

is this nofap shit even worth it? its so fucking hard
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Nofap is a fucking joke. Porn may be harmful to some (especially virgins) but reasonable masturbation certainly isn't.
I don't know who you are but I can tell you that fapping probably isn't your problem.
How much is "reasonable"?

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What actually causes a roastie vag?
Jynx Maze, a pornstar/escort has an innie despite fucking men for a living
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nothing causes it, it's just how some vaginas are
Just think how weird it would be to be able to cause outies or if the cause was solid reality.
I guess that means she was always wet or used a lot of lube.

Think about a condom that loses wetness or lube, and then for a few minutes sexing hard, pulling and warping the skin, at different angles

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>hates metal because it's only "screaming"
>listens to Xxxtentacion
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This is me but I dont really hate metal I just don't listen to it and I'm partial to Death Grips
I hate metal because it only knows how to be angry and sad, it's completely one-dimensional and one of the least-enjoyable music genres out there, I don't listen to meme rap either.
Let them hate metal, we don't want outsiders invading our music again anyway.

Remember what happened the last 2 times normies infiltrated metal?

We ended up with:

1 faggy glam power ballad metal

2 retarded rap/electronica Nu-Metal

Again I like that everyone hates metal, it keeps metal pure. Free from outsider influence.

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hapy Apu.png
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>Meatlovers pizza
>Pineapple cuttings
>Extra pepperoni
>Cheese stuffed crust
>Tonza parmeesean cheese
>Ranch dressing dip
>Marinara sauce dip

So robots, why is this the best pizza you can order? And why does it taste so fucking good?
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degreased cheese pizza
Why would you only put extra pepperoni on a meatlovers pizza?

This seems like a wasted opportunity.
1.Pepperonie is amazing
2.The pizza gods tend to get skimpy with it

What board do you think has the highest average income of their posters?
My guess is probably /k/, /o/, or /diy/
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solid guesses because those hobbies cost serious money. maybe /biz/, too
/trv/ maybe.
/g/ and /trv/

ITT write a letter to someone if you so desire.
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To the guy who stood in the roadside waving by his car in the middle of nowhere in Namibia:

I drove past you. I will forever wonder whether you were an honest guy looking for help or an asshole who would've taken my car, stuff, and maybe my life.

I would have driven right past you once again if it happened another time.
To the whore who spread the rumor I was gay and coming onto her,

You're a huge cunt, I wouldn't touch your beaten up, Serb fucked vag with a ten foot pole and I hope some Balkan thug cuts off your tits.
To the herd of reindeer on a Finnish highway:


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>finally achieve lucid dream
>teeth fall out
>get torn apart by wolves
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According to my dream dictionary your teeth falling out means you want to get pregnant.
you shouldn't try to lucid dream at night in the woods. You can't defend yourself against wolf attacks.
No, it means vanity.

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What's it like to blow a load in a tight pussy?
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you came to the wrong neighborhood, pussy fucker.
Feels good man

You have been muted for 32 seconds, because your comment was not original
It's not bad, not nearly as fun as shooting into a girl's mouth or ass.

The real entertainment is the girl's reaction. I have no idea what they're feeling, but nothing seems to drive a girl wilder than feeling that hot sperm shooting inside them. They lose it.

"Anon, stop staring. You're making me uncomfortable"
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Dat ass tho

That is not what her body language says.
>mixed signals don't exist.
Women are always 100% clear and direct.
Yes means yes, no means no.
Passive aggression isn't a thing.
Ffffffffucking lies.

>a woman once told me that there's no such thing as "signals".
Then I watched her talk to a guy she had a crush on, she bit her lip, did all the CPU glances. The works.
No one ever looks at me like that, or at least I never notice.
Either she's unaware of doing it, or she lies about not knowing she's doing it.

I'm making you uncomfortable??? Do you even autism?

Why aren't you looking for a qt3.14 Japanese qt to marry RIGHT NOW? Forget about western white women. Do you really want some used up roastie caked in makeup to mother your children? Japanese females are greatly superior in every way.

>40% of young adults are virgins.
Only 10% of young American women are, probably even less now.
>cute hairstyles.
Roastie white women all have the stupid fake blonde $20 hair dye style.
>will rarely get fat.
White women think not becoming fat when they reach 30 is an accomplishment kek.
>Will look young until their 50s.
After years of partying, makeup and baking in the sun white women would be lucky to look decent in their 30s.
>higher IQ
Self explanatory.
>acts more feminine instead of trying to act like a male.
Roastie white women will probably break up with you if you ask them to act more feminine.
>probably has near to zero guys texting her/asking her out so your chances are much better.
Roastie white women have 100s of Chads to pick from even if they're ugly because of tinder social media ect.
>Japanese qts will be proud of you if you do well in school or get a good job.
Roastie white women will say "that's it? Chad did better" or not care at all.
>Japanese qts will give sex whenever you want and will be submissive and cute.
Roastie white women will deny you sex because "I have a headache" on the rare occasion she will give you sex she will just lay there like a dead fish.
>jap qts will like your vidya and anime hobbies and enjoy them with you.
Roastie white women will say "omg stop acting like a kid and lets go clubbing"

There's a million other reasons why they are superior I just listed a few. We need to ditch these western roastie white women. They wanted this future. Im dating a beautiful Japanese girl I met at uni, we plan to get married and she will live with me in the U.S. oh btw I'm 6'1", muscular with blonde hair blue eyes, chiseled face and I'm wealthy. The stereotype that only loser white men marry Asians is false.
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Great idea OP. -
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Because I'm in Quebec and am short and ugly.
Because I'm not japanese and I certainly don't want a "half" child. My child is purely my race.

t. someone who lives in nippon

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*blocks your path*

"Hi anon, I know it's Sunday afternoon but I'm going to need you to come into the office and files some papers for Carla and me in HR. When you're done make sure to clean the bathrooms. Bye hon, and don't think of bailing, I'll make sure to tell Carla."
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Suck my dick bitch, fuck you fat fucking cow titted shitskull.

Fuck me Diane. Please just fuck me
you think you can talk to your boss like that? pull a stunt like this again and your ass is out the door.

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>brother found the bestiality folder
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it's a killer too because if you don't save content there's a 100% chance of it getting scrubbed eventually
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>parents found the cuteboys folder
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>nobody discovered the unmentionable materials

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Lazy fucks edition
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i drew you another picture, i hope you like it
pepe is having fun playing games in his room. pepe is happy
pls be like pepe
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Game will start at 22 minutes past the hour.
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Comfy thread this time lads?

- Kev xx

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Post some of the worst things you did while jerking off
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OP here, I start. For six months I was doing cum tributes every night on selfies of my colleague, selfies I've stolen from her phone.
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i have two stories
>be me
>trying to suck my own cock
>in some crazy fucking yoga position
>after 20 minutes of trying to force hips into my face, I have no luck
>put on some futa porn
>start jacking off
>decide it would be incredibly hot if a futa nutted in my face
>nut on my own fucking face
>immediately regret it
>family is on vaction
>have to sleep in same bed as my mom
>get horny and decide to jerk off literally right next to my mom
>I'm sure she was awake and fully aware of what was going on the whole time
I have several more but they aren't as crazy as they are fucked up
Came on my tummy and then fingered the cum into my boihole

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>"Ugh, anon tried to talk to me today. He looked so gross!"
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>Wanting to interact with those roasties
Anon's fault for being such a faggot.
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>implying a girl would think enough about you to even insult you
Get out off my board norman
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