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>this is my postcode and the second part of my address
what the fuck
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I liked the old captchas better but I guess google wanted to eliminate the chances for unintentionally offensive phrases.
I remember operation RE:nigger lol
Also I'm going to come find you >;3

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>sissy white boi walks by
>sees my brown willy poke out of my shorts
>see him licking his lips and give me the dtf look
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>>sissy white boi walks by
nice fetish shitskin
>>sees my brown willy poke out of my shorts
how is that possible?
>implying anyone, male or female, wants a tiny shitskin cock
aren't you already banging your daddy anyways?
didn't mean to reply to >>39310244

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Pics? of the cars?
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Bunnyposter!! It's been so long dude! It's good to see you, how are you holding up? Damn son I haven't seen one of these in fucking months!
I want to fuck you.

I want to fuck your rabbit hole.

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>take a piss after fap
>piss splits off into two streams at 45 degree angle
>still manage to aim both streams into toilet without getting piss everywhere

i am a god
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>he pisses in a toilet
god's are not plebs anon
a bottle pisser would never know the satisfaction i feel right now
>implying I'm a bottle pisser
I only piss on the finest North American Maple trees

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Does your life lack purpose? Do you wish to bring some true meaning to your life? Do you want to learn how the world truly is? We can show you. Contact midnightsocietydawn on kik with your name, age, and a photo of yourself holding a sign that reads "The Midnight Society" to be considered for membership. Those who cannot follow direction need not apply.
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Is this a cult or something? Sounds pretty suspicious.
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No but thank you.

I have a purpose and that is to bring love and healing to those who seek it from me. I'm good thanks <3

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The title is a bit misleading, but anyway. I don't think by most average standards I'd be a Chad, but I can talk to girls, have had girlfriends, sex, etc. and am pretty social. I come to r9k pretty often because I just find it interesting and I guess on some level there are deeper parts of me that can relate to some of the people on here. Anyway, I find the way most of you think really interesting and different so I'm sure you'd think the way I think is different.
So, basically, ask a Chad (by r9k standards, anyway) anything in this thread
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Post proof that you are a chad.
Don't know how I would without giving away personal info, which I'm not about to do here lol
Post picture of your car, and wardrobe with time stamp.

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I've had coworkers in the last few days comment on me in weird ways:
>"You know, we really do appreciate your help."
>"Hey man, thought you would've left by now... What, you really like the job?"
They almost never thank me for anything, and it was weird hearing that around the time someone I like told me that he thought I'd quit by now.

Am I paranoid in thinking they have been debating firing me?
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what is your job you stupid faggot
I've been fired from a lot of jobs and always hear that kind of talk before they get rid of me. If they've stopped training you to perform new roles that's another sign.

That's a dude ain't it


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Do you think I could live a good and fulfilling life even without a gf if I cut down on vidya and computer usage and focus most of my energy on passions? Pic related, I reach autism levels of liking coffee, I want to work in/own/manage a coffee shop someday.
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Yeah. My computer imploded anyway. Not accusing anyone of imploding it here.
your passion coincides with an addiction that a large money spending segment of the population possesses
go, op
be the dealer
You can live your life without a girlfriend but for things like a service business, you're going to need at least one partner. May as well be your wife.

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cat in the hat.png
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who /watchesqtgirlsstreamontwitch/ here? How deprived of female contact are you and how ready are you to fucking kill yourself?
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It's not the lack of female contact, because I can pay for that.

It's really just the insomnia from sonic sound weapons testing.

Sorry toots.
Do you donate to them ?
Ya and I buy stuff on the wish list

Anyone else here /HumiliatedByFailure/?

> Be me.
> 29 years old.
> Used to talk a huge game in high school about how I'd be a huge success.
> Now a straight up INCEL loser mothafucka.
> No success.
> No accomplishments.
> No friends.
> No SEX (!!!!)

Anyone else like this?

How do you explain your stunning failure?

For me I'd say it was mostly the drugs especially methamfetamine. The thing is that I thought drugs were glamorous and confused using drugs with actual accomplishment, so that threw my value system out of whack.

I might not even be able to make rent this month!

My life is an epic fail!
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Yeah, you and success are not even in the same neighborhood
I have nothing enlightening to say to you anon.

the brutal jackboot of normie society puts all non hackers in their place.
>Anyone else like this?


>How do you explain your stunning failure?
I chose a shitty major in college (political science). I can't seem to find a job that pays me more than near min wage.

Other than that, I guess depression and social anxiety (diagnosed by a medical professional). The social anxiety is worse than the depression. I tremble and sweat in most social situations. This also makes it hard to find a job or find friends. I'm a 29 year old kissless virgin.The depresssion just makes it hard as hell to get anything done. I feel so low energy all the time even though I exercise and stuff.

Luckily I dont have any major drug problems or anything.

Did you end up getting arrested becuase of drugs OP?

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Beer? Hey, the liquor store is still open...
damnit I remembered this way off

started eating healthy diet for first time in my life head is clearer far less negative thoughts adhd is 80% gone, i thought eating healthy was a meme
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just don't fall too far down the organic healthy food hole it's mostly bullshit after what you've already experienced
when did you change your diet
about 3 weeks ago but the effect started straight away

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>Be me
>At Uni event by myself in hopes of making friends
>Watching Guardians of the Galaxy in the football stadium
>Sitting by myself waiting for the film to start
>Girl a row down from me is sitting by herself
>Group of roasties go up to her and ask if she wants to sit with them
>I'm ignored

Fuck this world.
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why didn't you move down the row when you saw here?
This is literately your fault, don't blame it on the other girls, faggot
Try introducing yourself to people next time. Even if they're in a group, at their core, they're still a person who doesn't know how to process all the information of an event. Maybe they think you're alone because you're an undercover officer or something; they don't know. There are people at university, both freshman and older, who are there for the first few months trying to reinvent themselves and meet interesting people who they would be open to being friends with. You need to go capitalize on them being open, you can't expect them to always open themselves up to you.

Go there, enjoy yourself, but, at some point, you should take responsibility for what you desire and engage another human in conversation. You might even have sex
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>Come back home after out of state trip for teaching
>Nothing in fridge to eat
>Free dinner/pub crawl sponsored by grad student council
>Go there for free food
>Try to introduce myself to first few people I meet
>"Uhhh, I'm actually this girl's brother"
>"Yeah, no"
>Stand by myself and eat chicken wings
Fucking shit these people weren't even that interesting but they acted like I wasn't worth their time.

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Post em

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File: a4GRg4Q_700b.jpg (52KB, 700x437px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Very extremeeeely sad image coming up
File: Funny image 3.jpg (29KB, 467x462px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Funny image 3.jpg
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Mental Illness isn't a joke

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I need a job. Whats a job an autistic robot can do?
NEETS not welcomed in this thread
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>i'm a neet
>neets not welcome
>I'm a failed normie

you might as as well say "fembot here"
Night stock clerk
Dont you know how to read. Or do you like to be annoying?

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