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Nearly every post here either insults or objectify women. It makes me ill people can be so cruel and spiteful.
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Everyone below this post has been baited.
Everybody above this post is a retarded faggot.
Not taking us seriously simply because we're women is exactly the negative attitude I am talking about.

A level normies out edition
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>tfw NEET for almost 6 years now
hi dose anyone want to play this game with me?
left click to move around right click on a target to stab it bot's cant stab
Rate the song I cried to last night

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European afternoon edition
Remember to make a pin on the map
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I'm curious. Does anyone have any fun stories from these threads?
Hey where's that one anon with no leggies or whatever? I haven't seen him much, but I saw someone wanting a bf like that.
Not sure how that went actually.
How does /r9gay/ deal with the fact theyre ugly and not even a man will love them? Asking for a friend

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Hey /r9k/ I need advice, so I hooked-up with a pretty close-ish friend while we were both drunk, though she has a boyfriend, who I am also good friends with, who thinks she just stayed the night at my house on my couch because she was drunk. I don't really care about the cheating part desu senpai but seeing her today my stomach dropped and I didn't even say hello to her, though she did the same.

So my question is, do I continue to be beta and avoid her completely, message her this;
"Hey, I just wanted to message to apologise for the way I acted when I saw you today. I understand that you probably would need more time before we even spoke again, though I didn't/don't want this to be the end of our friendship so I feel I should have at the very least said hello to you. I understand if you do not want to respond to this and I'm sorry if this caused more harm than good."
which is also pretty beta, or do I try and cuck him again?
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>though she has a boyfriend, who I am also good friends with
>do I try and cuck him again?
Really not sure what I even my by "good friends" I mean, I don't really feel bad for him in this situation. Maybe that makes me a bad person
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dante's inferno.jpg
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That obviously makes you a bad person. There are few lower forms of scum than those who will fuck over a friend.

As you can see, traitors belong in the lowest depths of Hell.

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Any cute Italian grills to chat with? I'm too depresso expresso

T. Skinny white guy
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How tall are you? Where do you live?

Extremely original
6 foot. Finland
What's your age?

Even more original

Why was the fapping friends thread deleted? It was pretty comfy
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Mods hate anything that isn't feels. /gfd/ and censor threads were also baleeted recently.
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Yep the mods have been pretty shit
Take that shit to >>>/trash/ where it belongs.

>be me. alright
>hangin around. no prob
>suddenly become somebody else
is it me or am i crazy?
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Ok I'm biting. Talk anon, I'm curios
You posted essentially this whole thing yesterday. It's called BI-POLAR DISORDER.
no just saiyan man

i dont get why you didnt mention the day before that and before that and before that, anon

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Does sex feel like a performance to guys?

Sometimes when I am fucking my SO (especially at the beginning of our relationship) it feels like he's working hard instead of getting absorbed by the pleasure of sex like I tend to. He gets this look on his face that's a mixture of concentration/determination. It really fucking turns me on, but at the same time...I don't think have an equivalent expression, even if I'm 'trying', like riding him hard or giving a hj/bj, it never feels like something that requires a lot of mental work and I often get 'lost' in sex, even when I'm the more active partner.

I sometimes wonder if my boyfriend doesn't attain the same level of sex-drunkeness that I do because he's so wrapped up in the 'performance' of it. I'm not asking for advice, just trying to elaborate a bit.
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Go back to bed dude you're not a girl
My bf says he gets off on getting me off, i don't believe him but w.e
>Sometimes when I am fucking my SO

What has this board come to?

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Going fat is the worst thing I did with my life
Basically ruined my life
I was a fat kid since 7, I started losing weight at 23
Now at 24 I'm down like 70 lbs and I look even more disgusting than ever
Also I'm pretty sure my dick didn't develop normally cause of this
Now I'm just trying to salvage what I can on this fucking disgusting body

Yeah and I was not simply fat....I was superfat 6"2 320 lbs
I wish I had a chance to murder my younger self.....
Any fat robots know this feel?
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>tfw you walk past a cute girl then she looks at your gut then looks away with a disgusted look on her face.
Im not fat, but I thought the pressure from your body can make your dick small.
At least, thats my theorie.
My theory is that being fat during puberty prevents your dick from growing
However there are fat fucks with big dicks, so I don't know

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>Doesn't smoke cigarettes

Are you bullied, mentally handicapped or both?

>b-but it kills you

And? Was life a contest about who lives the longest?

>it's addicting!!!

It's not, as long as you're not under-
aged and you can smoke in moderation

>it's....IT'S EXPENSIVE!!!

Who forces you to buy a pack every day, you fucking peat-gavel
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another selfapologist idiot
Eagle 20s are my daily ciggy

4.90$ a pack

they're the true robot cig
I smoked and then quit

People like op are genuinely autistic and can't handle a world where everyone has a single unified consensus about SMOKING of all things.

you can smoke there's a price to it. yes I know you're trolling.

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Who /criminal record/ here and what's it for?

Assault on a police officer here.
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Shoplifting here
Felony trespassing.

Off probation in a month mates. Was the hardest shit I've ever been through. Ankle.monitor, POs,jail. All because I had a mental breakdown and fell asleep on someone's step
why'd you pile drive a cop

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>wake up stressed because I had a dream where I had to complete a large homework assaignment and didn't have enough time to complete it.
>realize I don't have a homework assignment because I have finished my schooling years ago
>all I have is a dead end job that barely provides enough for me to live paycheck to paycheck
>would have preferred being in school and having to do the homework assignment lads

25+ Thread
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>work 4 days a week
>750 emubucks per week
>permanent position
>run martial arts class 4 times a week
>get to spend time with my son over the weekend
>gym and study in all other free hours
>finished class tonight and took my fellow blackbelt and sisterzoned friend out for dinner at a burger joint
>had a good time, lots of laughs and bantz
>just got home
>collapse into bed feeling good.

Life is comfy.
I don't want to go back to school. I don't want to work either. The only thing I regret is I tried. It is completly meaningless fighting the inevitable.
When's the golden age to kill yourself? I'm comfy at the moment as a neet but it's depressing. Parents won't throw me out. So probably could go many years in this routine.

>ywn live life in true freedom mode
>ywn be able to be whoever you want without judgement from others
>ywn live without the constraints of normies forcing you into living the way they want you to

I wish I was born a Chad, only Chads a truly free. Non-Chads are forced to live by arbitrary social conventions that suck dick. Chads can be whoever they want.
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>without the judgment of others
>Normies forcing you to love the way they want

How about you stop being a pussy. That solves those two issues. You think Chas doesn't get judged? You think he doesn't have ppl try to get him to do what they want? They do.

He's just not a pussy like you.
>born a Chad
Nobody is born a Chad. Chads are made.
>How about you stop being a pussy.

Whether you like it or not you need other people to accept you.

You can try to fight it all you like but you'll lose in the end.


Being Chad is genetic

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why go to gym when it's all about the face
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When will they ever learn, these stupid fucks?
These bodies scream insecurity and autism
Im a gril and i fucking hate muscular men theyre gross

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>go to /v/
>make threads about my favorite video games
>everyone calls them shit
>go to /tv/
>make threads about my favorite films
>everyone calls them pleb flicks
>go to /mu/
>post my music taste
>everyone says my taste is garbage
there's no place left for me, is there?
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What are your favorites then? I'm curious anonymous.
Seconded, I won't make fun of you
This thread is pleb tier shit garbage

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