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My pc just died and I don't have money to buy a new one how am I going to survive as a neet without a pc...
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I feel you anon, I would die if I did not have my PC with me.
this is my biggest fear
I've been using my laptop 12-18 hours a day for the last 4 years and I've only ever replaced one of the fans

Get a job , sell plasma? Go to a temp agency , chances are they will hire you on the spot.

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God dammit, robots. Are all Western women really a lost cause?

>Call with a couple of girls
>Know them from theatre program at school
>They're both underage
>Both are high on over-the-counter medicine
>No moral values to be found
>So wrapped up in nihilism they never realize how fucked up and lost they are
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what do you mean by "call with a couple of girls"

and do you mean they were robo-tripping on DXM

i am intrigued
They apparently snorted ground-up Benadryl and then decided it would be fun to call me and put me on speaker.

Go ahead, crucify me as normalfag scum for having "friends" irl. I'm not a native robot, but I came here looking for help.
Most women, like most most men, are totally degenerate and not worth anything. What separates the good men from the good women is that women inherently have more social capital, so they're always taken.

>tfw qt virgin gf

The worst thing she does is drink a glass of alcohol at a get together, but I'm even trying to stop her from doing that.

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Fembots, why are you single and lonely?
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I'm a lesbian but I'm a plain Jane and I'm not pretty or interesting enough to attract anyone. I'm not feminine enough to attract masculine lesbians, not masculine enough to attract feminine lesbians. I'm just a failure.
Find another "plain Jane" like yourself and find a balance, don't go after all the clearly defined masculine and feminine ones.

I'm not anymore, thank goodness. After 18 years of being miserable and living through hell, I can finally say I found someone who actually showed interest in me and greats me better than I thought was possible. You meet the best people in the oddest ways. Life does get better.

I have a kid. doesn't really matter my qualities anymore. people just disregard us.

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>tfw 30s
>tfw wizard
>tfw shit job surrounded by normies
>tfw you know you'll never fit in
>tfw drinking is the only thing that helps
>tfw you know you'll die alone
>tfw no one will ever love you
>tfw you just want to die
>tfw 4chan hates you
>tfw you just want a redo but you know it doesn't happen.
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you can't redo, but you can do.

I'm going to be a wizard in 1.5 years and I fucking hate it. I'm going to do everything in my power to stop this.
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No you're not, at best you're going to hire a prostitute.
26 so not in my 30s yet but yeah i just want off this ride

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any Men's Rights Activists here?
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yes there are a bunch of isolated angry resentful illogical males here
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That's weak slander.

Men's Rights Activism helps Women's Issues too?
Why be an activist for men's rights? Thats pussy weak shit. Men don't ask for things, they're supposed to take them.

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this song is making me f*kn cry

sad feels anyone?
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>Posting country

You're either a girl, or a cuck
this song was popular when I was a little kid, and I just want someone to love me like those lyrics

and I'm drinking beer
I remember that songe from when I was a kid too. man that was ages ago, depressing.

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Once I finish creating my video game and it succeeds I won't be a robot anymore.

All those years, every second I ever spent on a video game will have truly meant something instead of being a waste. My family will be proud of me instead of disappointed. I'll make friends, I'll make connections, I'll have a twitter and when I post some dumb personal thoughts tons of people will reply and I'll be part of humanity for the first time. Everything will be ok.
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Tell me about this game, I'm interested. Is it a fantasy RPG?
It's a fantasy action rpg, I don't know if you consider that as different.
Well, that's more like Witcher and Dragon Age right? That's what I think of when action RPG is brought up. I guess, the alternative would be turn-based RPG.

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>take piano class because its fun
>have to have a recital at end of semester
>i pick hardest song there, dont fuck up too bad
>this girl and her sister tell me i was amazing and are looking at me in ways ive never experienced before
>chitchat for a minute and go home
>add her on fb and decide to go for it
>after first message, smiley, i feel like i might be in
>then i feel like i am out

i dont get it, im not cut out for this shit
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Try being Chad next time bud
It's alright pal, relationships aren't perfect, so expect ups and downs. As long as you strive to fix them, it's all good.
shes testing you

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Hi there. Can someone here tell me how to make friends? I'm a socially awkward girl and all I know how to talk about is lifting and video games.
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those collar studs are crooked
Freinds are over rated
Who meeds em

Be real in this thread. What are your fears. What holds you back. Just know that most of you have insecurities that mean nothing to anyone but yourself
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fuckoff to tumblr jesus
Negative Nancy joins the chat. Why do you approach something you don't like with anger?
I always have a hostile face on and make myself really unapproachable by other people. I used to believe and tell myself that I'm fucking special and is mentally strong to handle being alone. Used to be into mbti and told myself I'm an intj and had fuck the pleb mentality. As I get older (27 now), I feel like I missed out on life and I feel lonely and depressed like never before. I started asking women out and gone on dates, finally had my first kiss (really bad kiss tho) but none of them worked out so far. I made one friend this year but I think I fucked it up and back to being friendless.

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Hey robots why do I always become depress when I lay in my bathtub on Friday nights?

>Boss gave me a raise today
>Girl that I've liked for a year and half finally said she would go on a date with me

Why am i depress?
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Dunno, maybe you are a closeted gay or see no meaning in life, who knows... Get to know yourself better, my boy.
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Probs bcuz ur fat
Because life has no real meaning and you know it.

This thread is now /nihilismgeneral/ - /ng/

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>be drunk
>try to fit vodka bottle in ass
>ass hurts a bit
>some time later take a shit
>tiny droplets of blood on paper

did i dun goof my ass?
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you'll be fine just treat your butt with care next time
Have you not seen 1guy1bottle yet? Fucks wrong with you? Also young Ice looked like a punchable fuckboi.

somehow not origg

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I want to exterminate all human life. Only robots should rule. How might I carry this out, /r9k/?
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Have a shitload of kids. This may sound counter-intuitive but since autism is hereditary as long as autists have shitloads of kids normies have no shot at winning this genetic arms race.


At first it may seem hard, but if autists keep breeding then the gains will be exponential over each generation and before long normies will be extinct once and for all.

Beat them at their own game.

Yet, autists do not always succeedin reproducing, and the normies tend to outbreed us. There must be a solution that brings faster results, otherwise robotkind will be wiped out before we can purge everyone else.
>and the normies tend to outbreed us
This is why I'm telling you to have shitloads of kids. Normally autists don't have kids so normies have the advantage. But if you have autistic kids and raise them to desire to reproduce too eventually it will get going.

Say for instance you take my advice and have 6 kids. Then your 6 kids have 6 kids each, that's 36 right there. Then those 36 have 216. Then those 216 have 1296. Then those 1296 have 7776. Then those 7776 have 46656.

In six generations you've already obliterated a decently sized town of normies.

Then those multiply to 279936. That's a small city right there. Then to 1679616, bigger than some countries. By the 10th generation your autistic spawn would have surpassed the Chinese population.

It would take about 400 years to get to this point but it's a far more realistic solution than /r9k/ getting nuclear weapons or something.

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what's with all the fucking cuckoldry threads? are you people this deprived holyshit? or is it just a joke?
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Ignore them, a good amount are made by certain tripfag
If you are not so deprived that you do not have fetishes that only a loser would have you need to leave this board, also JoJo's bizarre adventure is a shitty anime with no real plot or purpose.
I mean we're all deprived but to be deprived enough to like cuckoldry is an all time low

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>not banging 9/10 ftm trannys
Holy shit bots I just found a fucking goldmine. For years I've been searching for a way to fuck hot bitches, and when I say hot I mean 10/10 hot bitches. I finally found it when I reached the lowest point of my life, I was at the point where I was willing to fuck a man that used to be a woman. So I started posting ads on craigslist saying I was looking for a female to male transgender to fuck and I instantly got dozens of replies from 7-9/10 bitches that were "gay" and loved getting fucked my men. So far last week I've fucked 3 bitches I would never even had the nerve to talk to, and I didn't even have to do any work because they did all the talking and fucking since they're "men" with tits and pussies. I'm fucking serious my bot brothers, join me and fuck all these sex craving trannies. They'll fuck anything as long as you treat them and their feminine bodies as "men".
>tldr fuck the ftm trannies while they still have pussies
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anybody have stories of the first time they fucked a trans?
Bro wtf FtM? That's actually gay.
I'm mtf. Would a ftm want me?

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