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>you'll never have a fan base and be really nice to them
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i'll be your fan anon
please be nice to me
but you dont even know who i am how could you be my fan
>fulfill a niche fetish
>obtain loyal fanbase
>be super caring and understanding to them
Why are you such a faggot OP? Your dream is ez to achieve. Why fucking lie? HM?

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Going to bed right now. Good night Ray. Was nice talking to you earlier. You haven't responded to my discord messages in a few hours so I thought I'd just leave a little something here.
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sorry, my discord crashed and I had to reinstall, are you still awake?
this is my dad's name
why are you talking to my dad on discord?
Someone's got a crush

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tell me what you were doing 16 years ago today anon

I was in high school, I'd been up until 3am playing video games the night before. I had my head down half asleep when they wheeled a TV into the room and turned on the news. Everybody watched for a while not really knowing what to do before I put my head down and fell asleep again. Well except the fat girl who was into weird woo-woo stuff, she was sure the Sears Tower was gonna get hit next, because she had a family member who worked in it. They wound up dismissing us early.

playing counterstrike that night was kinda odd.
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I was 4, probably shitting my pants or eating some random stuff I found on the ground

I was probably shitting my pants as well.
>get pulled out
>mom here
>think I have a dentist appointment and get nervous
>mom in tears
>get home
>dad hugs both of us
>see fox talking towers
>go to room and feed fish

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robots, I'm 19 with a well paying job.
there is a 29 year old who I am going on a date with but she has 3 kids.
should i go through with it?
*pic unrelated*
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pump and dump her

nooooo fucking way, my man
yes, just let her know you're not looking for anything serious. this is your time to explore your options. you'll ultimately want someone in the same stage of life as you, but that doesnt mean you cant get your dick wet right now

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>tfw no pillar man bf
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>tfw no pillar man bf
Is this a Jojo reference? Maybe you just need the power of sunlight, baby!
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>tfw no pillar gf

>tfw there are straight people browsing r9k at this moment
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>>tfw there are straight people browsing r9k at this moment
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I'm prison gay does that count?
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Maybe we can contain them to a single general? Perhaps making a /straight9k/ would be effective.

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I just want to start things over
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start things anew. everyday is anew day.
Well better get started, you don't get another attempt.
i can't stop thinking that with death, i'd be able to get a new life and reincarnate into someone better.

also does anyone know of any fourms for people with depression/suicidal folk? i'm starting to think r9k isn't the best place to weep.

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Am I the least attractive person here?

>short temper
>so quiet I make people nervous/never laugh
>over emotional
>prone to crying
>get overly lovey dovey when I like a grill
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I'm just glad I don't have to deal with being unattractive.

I know how it feels to have an ugly chick hit on me. I couldn't imagine being received that way when I make a move on a woman. Shit must suck.

So glad I can say "not my problem" and go be happy
I'm actually told I'm good looking. It's just my personality is probably hate inducing
Make money dude
If you are smart enough become a software developer or something similar when you have the $$ you have the hoes

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I just made 6 potatoes worth of fries and ate them all by myself
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Stop fighting with Chris, Zach. You guys were best fucing friends. It's not worth it.
Why're they fighting?
Sounds tasty OP. What'd you season them with/dip them in?

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Relations or roasties, let it all out anon.
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Hit, berated, and lied to often by a woman with a secret coke addiction who slowly manipulated her way into my life more and more until I thought I couldn't live without her and then deprived me of her presence as often as she could to do coke with the niggers she worked with.

At least she never cheated on me.
he promised her the BBC LOL, get fucked little white boy. He's turning in his grave right now, he gets cucked even after death because she's fucking the man who killed him LOL REKT
lul fucking Wh*te people

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>tfw satanic revelation while smoking weed
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its nothing supernatural
>smoking weed and reading /pol/
>realize unironically jews did 9/11, hitler did nothing wrong, and donald trump was send by god
>start crying
dark revelation
of the one below
the smoky forest
the treacherous road

Oh oh here's a good one:

>Be me
>In grad school for philosophy (fuck me, right?)
>Decide to apartment up with two students (whom I have never met before) from my program.
>One is a girl
>We hit it off from the moment I meet her
>Obvious sexual tension
>Me being an impatient fuck decide to bring up "muh feelings" and of course it doesn't work out
>She instead goes for buff muscle dude in our department
>Dude is obviously a virgin and overcompensating
>She goes on a few dates with him at the behest of my advice
>On the third date, she has to make the move for a first kiss because the dude is awk as hell
>He replies "that was random"
>She apologizes and promptly leaves his apartment
>Turns out the dude is gay
>Now she hates men (more than she originally did) and is decides to only go for women
>I'm still sitting here like: we coulda avoided the whole thing if ya just chose me
>realize I dodged a bullet, and have gone on a few dates with another girl from the philosophy department
>mfw a robot actually wins for once
>inb4 "not actually a robot"
>inb4 "faggot"
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>assuming someone would comment
philosophy grad is an achievement op, congrats. is it an elite school?
It's a top master's program. I'm pretty happy about it. Surreal experience to say the least.

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Imagine if an army trained a group of soldiers to be incredibly fast and to strike with incredibly powerful knife hand strikes. What would the enemy even do?

>Smoke grenades
>Can't see
>Hear the faint sound of what sounds like smacks
>Out of the smoke
>Fast as lightning

How could you even compete?
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>How could you even compete?
Riot Shields?
Bullet proof vest? Tanks? Barbed wire and traps? Or fight fire with fire and eventually form the land Naruto takes place in.
> What is infrared and can it see through smoke???

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I saw a girl with the best body ever yesterday

Literally better than any porn stars or models you see

Didn't even know such bodies exist, very thin and small waist but fat booty and perfect tits. Natural not like kardashian style. Taller than average girl and elongated frame but not too tall, maybe like 5'8 with shoes on.

Worst part was after a few seconds she went up and hugged who must've been her bf.

That's just some dudes gf and I've never even met a girl close to that hot
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Bumping this thread desu bumping
Bumping until reply desu
How was her face, replyless anon?

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