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Marilyn Manson.jpg
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>mfw you idiots still think looks matter
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Stay delusional, you depressive cuckbois.
haha his hairline is retreating into the darkness
> D A M A G E D
Yet he still gets massive amounts of pussy.

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>sharp pain in my one of my teeth


I have already spent THREE FUCKING GRAND at the dentist in the last year

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its a fuckin racket. what insurance do you have? although thats a whole nother scam.
Brush your teeth you crazy shitfuck fag. It ain't that hard , and don't fucking consume sugar as you don't really need that gayshit anyway . That's all I do and I have never ever had problems , also once a year I visit a dentist to get a all over clean up. That's all there is and all to do.
Just get a pair of pliers, some high-proof spirits, and a trusted friend. Fuck Mr.Wong and his paycheck.

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I think janny blew his welfare check on scam citizen.
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lol nog you got beaned for flamewaring
enjoy your ban evasion ban
were you exposed to high amounts of lead as a child?
You must have, as you can't read the rules

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ITT make up a music genre and anons will try to inform you of existing bands that already fit the discription.

I'll start chad core.
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Urban Classy
Alternative Jazz

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>still hung up on that girl that used to talk to me in 2011
Just end me
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Hang me, oh hang me
I'll be dead and gone
Hang me, oooh hang me
I'll be dead and gone
Wouldn't mind the hanging
But the layin' in a grave so long, poor boy
I been all around this woooorld
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>still hung up on that girl that used to talk to me in 2008 and dated me for a month then blocked me then came back a year later then blocked me then came back a year later then dated me then blocked me then came back again and blocked again and came back and blocked and came back and dated and blocked me while I was away at my grandfather's funeral then blocked me then came back blocked came back blocked came back blocked came back dated me, actually met in person, revealed she was already married me and just used me to cheat on him, blocked me again
Well at least I still have my dignity
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Move on man .... or you'll end up hanging yourself. A bitch isn't worth of ending your life .

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ask me shit
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Is my dang pape cozy?
Do you have a hot cousin?
Is food good down there?
How many guns do you have?
fuck yeah! I fry twinkies and bologna sandwiches
5 guns

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The only reason Ive nevee had a girlfriend is because Im ugly.

Whats your reason?
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I have never tried. I like to think I could if I did try, but I probably never will.
Because there's no such thing as a gf
Never make a move. Not too socially inept, have a bunch of pals, I just don't care.

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>tfw see boys with bfs
>tfw want bf
>tfw no bf
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Its hard being gay
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>tfw you will die a lonely mentally ill faggot
File: jvBLlXx.jpg (63KB, 554x680px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>mfw I see boys with bfs

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Who here /always hungry/

just ate a canniac combo with extra canes sauce but I still wanna eat more. what should I eat?
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A original salad
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I have the same issue, how do I end it? I don't want to get fat but my appetite is non stop. What do I do?
You have to eat nutritious meals. That insatiable hunger is because when you eat unhealthy foods its essentially just mass. The hunger pangs mean you need whole foods like 100% wheat bread, natural oatmeal, lean meats, and vegetables.
Really not that hard to not be an overweight POS. it'll save you money too.

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My coworker saw a picture of my dick on my phone today.

I was chatting with her on my lunch break and wanted to show her something - forgot that I had sent a dick pic earlier and it was fullscreened on my phone.

Awkwardly tried to pretend like nothing happened and continue the conversation.

Now I'm worried I'm either going to get fired or become known as the dick-phone-guy around the office.
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I'm calling bullshit because if you were non-autistic enough to have a person to send dick picks to you'd know how to handle the situation.
She'll probably make a big deal out of it

All the guys will understand, shrug and make sad faces for ya but mostly just go about business as usual
Move on y'know?

Can't beat women
Kek, you're gonna get fired/possibly sued for sexual harassment
You're fucked m8, why would you ever show a woman who's not your gf your phone

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