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I am back and I'm still wack. Order drinks, share feels

To the memory of Jack
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What's your oldest whiskey, mr barman?
I'll have six shots of vodka and a can of coke
>tfw dad lost his job and is home all day now
I'm dying for a rum and coke but I get so much shit from him every time I do anything it makes it not worthy.

what do you fags order at chinese restaurant? bout to put an order in and i'm tired of my usuals but dont know what anything else is.
i usually get duck, egg foo young or shrimp and broccoli. but i want something spicy, maybe with noodles, but not those like thick fried noodles with the brown sauce.
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Melon shrimp, orange chicken, sesame beef
These are not real Chinese dishes
Egg foo yung, egg drop soup, crab rangoon, peaking ravioli, beef chow fun, shrimp fried rice, and/or Singapore Mai Fun.

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>riding the train home
>wave at somebody as we pass by
>person waves back
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took some oxy and cried
>got trusted to work all alone today
>kicking ass at work
>almost time to go
>got some weed waiting for me at home
Preddy gud
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I keep seeing more and more smole white qties every day in my classes. I can't control myself anymore

Someone save me before I do something stupid

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im turning 19 in feb and i've not put any effort into getting into any college. am i fucked?
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im turning 28 in a week and i've not put any effort into life. am i fucked?
Kill yourself for thinking you have any problems at all, fetus.

lol seems like you had these problems when you were 18 but didn't realize or act on them and now you're in even worse situation because now you're 27 and retarded

OP you're not fucked yet but do it

beware college life is essentially normie heaven but robot hell

It's been a long time since I last did one of these threads.

I just got back onto Tinder last night after several years. Using my real FB profile, name, and pictures.
My bio is "Go fuck yourself." I don't expect many matches, but I already have this first one.

First clear response decides messages.
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"Why haven't you fucked off yet you pretentious little slag?"
I say she's a bot. Trips will prove it.
We're off to a good start.

yesterday at work we had a mouse problem so we put out sticky traps and once a mouse was caught i folded the sticky trap and jumped on it and threw the thing out. i filmed the action and sent it to my only friend. he showed it to my gf. now she cannot believe that she is together with such an insensitive person. i felt nothing.

how do i make things for the better?

>pic related in the sense that if it were a spider it would be fine.
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You deserve nothing but death. Mice are cute, spiders are not.
>jumped on it

we all deserve death.

so only because you perceive an animal to be more attractive, it becomes more valuable?

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tfw you will never be this redpilled and this alpha at the same time
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Jesus Christ, I|m glad I was never this much of a pretentious dumb fuck, and if I was, I posted that shit on 4chan where it 404'd and not under my name on social networks.
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this is now an attractive pajeet thread
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Is Bart our fella?

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Bump this shite
"Drinking water from a fire hose"

That does sound like college.

But it works for the majority (?) of people going through it. Not my thing but yeah there's a reason for it existing.
That guy's a jaded loser.

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Have any of you guys who have depression (clinical, not meme) ever talked to your parents about it? How did they react?
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I told my dad and he said that if I was really so sad his shotgun was upstairs and I should just go blow my brains out
>Lmao you can't blame us for all your issues, you're 28 now, son.
>Lmao you can't stop and just sit on your ass because you're sad. You don't have an education or a job. You're 28 now..
>Lmao why did you stop this-and-this activity, you were so fond of it when you were 13
>Lmao you're not even going outside or is with friends, what do you mean you're afraid? Afraid of what, just go outside and do stuff

Yea. Worked really well.
It's like they live with the assumption of a just world, and that they have (somewhat) success to due their good and virtuous nature. Not luck, circumstances or anything else. No, hard work, good character and magic without the magic because you can't explain it without removing any good traits they claim to have is the solution
You never self diagnose

You to a psychiatrist and then he tells your family what's wrong with you and how to understand

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Why is he so fucking pathetic
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Because hes a character in rick and morty
that's why
Because FUCK men yeah girl power lets goooooo

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>"Anon, why are you wearing shirt? c'mon don't be shy! take it off!"
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To cover up my swastika tattoos.
Y-you first
And battle scars.
Roasties will never get it.

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4chan is where losers congregate to project their flaws and insecurities onto the rest of the world. This is evident from the culture of almost every board. Normal interactions are shunned and replacing them are accusations of "autism" and cheap insults designed to extract "kek"s from the anonymous ocean of permavirgins and wizards. Mental illnesses and personality disorders are the norm here. From the schizophrenic ramblings of /x/ to the racial pseudoscience of /pol/, no board is free from the jibbering idiocy of a certain class of self-appointed intelligentsia. I hate you all.
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well, you can x right the fuck out then.
And you are still here, forever.You are a newfag in denial.Neck yourself with haste
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Why are you writing your failed college dissertation here? We really don't care to see it

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What does /r9k/ think of Jewish people?

Are you a Jew yourself?

I'm pretty bummed at the moment since my long-term oneitis started dating a Jewish guy my age who makes three times as much as me.
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orioir i promise
I have a strong dislike of all Jews.
I'm a half jew with no connection to jewish culture or other jewish people, but I'm neurotic with ugly as fuck jewish face and hair. It feels very bad.

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Lactation is such a niche fetish. Girls aren't into this.
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Every time I see a lactation thread or post I physically cringe. It makes my nipples hurt imagining what that would be like. I'm a male (male) so it would probably be even worse and sting like a motherfucker.

It doesn't hurt though.


Who says?
Honestly, I think guys are better off introducing this fetish to their girlfriends.

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When did your obsession with the female asshole start?
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Who is this girl, OP? If it weren't for the nice looking kitchen and the seemingly light hair, I could've sworn it was someone I know
hnnng i love assholes so much, i want to eat them and sniff them and rub them hgngjhgnhjgbnghjbng
I'd rather see her puss but to each their own, OP.

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