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>Be in radio television broadcasting in school in 2007.
>Have to make videos.
>Decide funny if make my credits read Reggin Productions.
>Dumbass in class literally goes "HUR I CAN SPELL THINGS BACKWARDS TO"
>Teacher looks at screen, looks at me, looks at screen.
>Go to the office anon.
>Anything racist is automatically assumed to be me.
>Bought a flip book/notebook.
>Write out word Nigger starting with N.
>As you flip through 100 pages it slows turns into nigger then entire pages are nigger all over it.
>Laugh with friends, throw it in trash in RTV Class.
>Danny the dumbshit thinks it fell off teachers desk and puts it on desk.
>Got suspended.

I got worst ones like the tale of naruto rap god.
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>In grade 12 class person named Neil.
>Argues constantly about how great katanas are.
>Know stuff about katanas but not getting into a shitty debate.
>Every day in rtv we need to do a news story at beginning of class, something we found.
>I bring up scientists created sharpest object ever, sharpening a pin to 1 atom.
>No Kanatas are sharper. From Neil.
>Some old katana maker made stuff sharper 400 years ago.
>Nope. You're just wrong.
>What's smaller than an atom Neil?
>A electron.

Please kill me.

We then convinced him to make a rap for talent show because he doesn't like rap so he rapped about naruto.
>So neil complains about rap.
>We weren't biggest fans but fuck it. It's music.
>He makes his own music randomly plucking strings on a bass and gurggling into mic.
>Talent show coming up.
>Convince him to make rap.
>Convince him to make rap about naruto because it's so easy.
>Convince him to come up with a rap name.
>He does it.


The fucking cringe.

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Any of you gays on /r9k/ ever been to a gay sauna? I'm lonely, desperate and there is one very close to where I live, wanted to know what it's like and if it's a bad idea?
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Are you actually gay or prison gay. I'm going to guess the latter.
>I'm lonely, desperate

Anyways, don't go, you'll regret it.
guy but lonely and desperate, can't invite anyone to my house because of parents but figured this would be a good idea since its neutral ground and I don't need to go to some strangers house
>guy but lonely and desperate

Just know that there will be no relationship there, only cheap fucks.

Stacy... the truth is that I like you a lot.
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>tfw I like a stacy
>tfw she is into me
>tfw we start hanging out
>tfw she opens up to me about her/her past
>tfw she's just as broken as me
>tfw i find out she's way more broken than i can handle
>tfw it's an emotional rollercoaster
>tfw she would make me feel like utter shit one second, and flip a switch the next saying "i'm sorry, i love you anon, don't ever leave me"
>tfw she ghosts the shit out of me
>tfw she messages me three months later, "anon, i didn't know what i was thinking, but i need you in my life"
>tfw i ignore her
>tfw daily messages from her just apologizing
>tfw when i reply, sleep with her, she cleans my house and makes me breakfast
>tfw when blocked her number, deleted her snapchat, and blocked her on normie book

>tfw is this how stacy's feel when they have beta orbiters?
>tfw i'll never meet an emotionally stable girl
>tfw i'd rather stay a virgin than switch between feeling great and like shit all because a girl can't handle life
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I couldn't see her face because I did it through text. I don't know if that was for the better or worse.
This sort of direct confession is beta as fuck and generally will make her pussy dry up faster than a drop of water in 100 degree heat, that is if her pussy wasn't already dry from your mere presence.

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Great choice anon, been on a Smiths kick lately
what can i do, yea it suxx

Listening to right now.

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I'm 5 foot 7 inches and weigh 140 pounds. I cycle 6 miles a day at a moderate pace. How many calories should I be eating? All the online calculators give different and conflicting results
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when youre hungy. eat more if you want to gain weight less if you want to lose it. log everything. Avoid flour, refined grains.
well i forgot to include the end goal how many calories if you desire to lose weight or again weight or maintain weight

Just eat, everything. You want the calories, the more the better. If you're not eating now, start eating. I eat at least 5 bars of chocolate (large), one pizza and several peanut butter sandwiches everyday. Not to mention a pint of ice cream, jars of hotdogs and potato chips in abundance.

I don't work out so my situation is different, it's a crushing addiction.

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I want to put a baby in that sundress !
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Post more girls in summer clothing. I want to go out with my tulpa, but I'm having a hard time putting her in clothing.
I posted this thread just an example, but okay. Is tubetop bikini okay?
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I currently don't have my full stock, so I can't post much.

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Hey Fatbots, I have a few questions.

What's it like being fat?
How did you get fat in the first place?
Does the state of your body bother you at all?
Do you ever fear physiological repercussions to your lifestyle, i.e. type-2 diabetes, bloodclots, heart disease?
Do you think envision you ever making genuine dietary alterations in the future?
Does your desire to eat outweigh your desire to have a healthy, aesthetic body?

t. curious fit girl.
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>How did you get fat in the first place?
your momma fucks you up during your childhood and you're too lazy to stop eating
hello. fat femanon here.
being the size i am (right on the verge of plus size) feels the same way it did when i was skinny, only i can't cross my legs.
i got fat thanks to antidepressants and a sociopathic psychiatrist that didn't do anything when i gained over 70 lbs off the stupid drug.
it bothers me a lot, but no one really discriminates me because of it.
so far i have no health issues besides asthma, but that's something i was born with. i also have pcos but that doesn't cause weight gain, it just makes it harder to lose, which is why all my efforts before never really worked for me. i have recently started to completely change my lifestyle. i'm working out more and eating healthily and in more reasonable portions. i want to start competitive weight lifting. i know i have a long way to go but fuck excuses i'm going to do it.
Just so you know, competitive weight lifting is not a way to lose weight. Competitive weightlifters go for strength (ie. who can lift the most), which means that they need huge volume in both muscle and fat. Look at pictures of olympic weight-lifters, often times you would not be able to tell them apart from an obese person off the street. And this isn't even healthy. You'll be extremely strong, but still suffer the same health risks as your typical fat person.

You can lift weights at lower weight and higher reps in combination with cardio to be overall fit, but competitive weightlifting isn't very healthy.

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1. Use a name in the namefield.
2. Share anything you want, ask any questions.
3. Be listened to and cared for.
4. I'm off duty tonight, but I'm around, just don't expect an automatic answer from me tonight.
5. Today's theme: progress. What's your progress?
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can you please leave my fucking board
This shit doesn't belong here
Hey Nick. Are you doing well? It seems like every day lately you have been off duty.

Yeah, there's a lot to do and I can't keep up. Generally, I still try but I prefer that people be warned.

>tfw like to sleep with more then one guy
>tfw get called a slut

>tfw a man sleeps with more then one women
>tfw he isn't called a slut

system is so fucking rigged
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That's what I never understood, I mean all the feminists really go overboard with the calling out of privilege, but men really do have privilege when it comes to things like that.
Either post tits or go the fuck back to facebook.
>tfw whore mongers aren't adequately shamed
>the only people who will agree are hambeasts who want to gorge themselves on dicks

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>mfw Americans start clapping after the plane lands
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They just need some more bombs in their diet
It's to show gratitude to the flight crew. Other countries cultures are so rude to people employed in service jobs. I bet you didn't even tip the stewardess.
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KEK amerisharts are truly retarded

I want to build a pressure vessel that seals over my neck to destroy my brain

Ideally the pressure will break in my ear drums, eyes, and nose, forcing compressed gasses through my skull.

Any advice?
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Some other constraints, the working fluid needs to remain at a low enough temperature to prevent my skin from burning before the pressure can overcome my ear drums or eyes
don't do it anon, you are giving u on everything and will never ezerience joy ever again
that's the worst, most painful, least-likely-to-kill-you suicide method I've ever seen posted on here, bar fucking none. I'd tell you to kill yourself for being so retarded but you'll probably just end up a braindead freak or melted potato head.

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I don't have anything to contribute, but I appreciate your post anon. Time warp is better tho
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Riff Raff.jpg
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You just made my day.
Fav character?

Why are normie's so sensitive and petty?

>Shopkeeper near me is butthurt because I don't do smalltalk with him like everyone else does
>I still say please and thanks but apparently that's not good enough
>Whenever I go in he treats me coldly like I spat in his face or something

Why can't people just be adults and accept that not everyone wants to be their friend?
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Acting cold towards someone will mean they'll act cold towards you. Simple logic.
I don't see how I'm acting cold towards people.

It's a shop, I'm there to buy shit. Just because I see you more than once doesn't mean anything, I'm still just there to shop. Hi, thanks, bye should be all that's required.
idk I guess people take it as an insult when you try to be friendly and just get ignored. I kinda do that too.

What should I say anons? Im not interested.
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Ask her how she's holding up after Manchester
>on /r9k/
>not desperate for female attention
what are you doing here then
Just copy/paste the line about slapping her sushi and eating her ass or whatever

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>be me
>dont play many different video games
>still play a lot, but almost exclusively just this one mmorpg (over 9k hours already)
>im online during almost all of my free time
>i meet a girl, its similar for her
>after a bit we also chat on skype
>she becomes more or less of an e-girlfriend
>after a bit more than half a year we decide to meet
>we want to try to live together
>she comes to my place (we are both from england)
>she is prepared to stay basically forever, at least judging by what she brought with her
>i didnt tell her that the place i live in is actually my ex-girlfriends place
>figured it would be easier to convince her its fine once she is here
>i still live with my ex because she needs my care (personal disability, she doesnt have anyone else in this side of the country)
>when we split up there were no big hard feelings, and if i couldnt stay at her place i probably would be homeless
>my new gf thinks im bullshitting her because i am still sleeping in the same bed as my ex, my ex also isnt completely aware that we arent partners anymore (disability)
>new gf doesnt even stay for a whole month before leaving
>i tried to message her on skype and in game to clear things up, maybe she didnt understand i care more about her than about my ex
>she blocked me everywhere
>havent talked to her in over a week now

She didn't even seem that upset during most of the time she was at my place, and i thought she and my ex might even become friends, so how do I work this out? Should i wait for her to unblock me? We have some mutual friends but i can't talk to her like that.
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What game anon?? Idc about the rest
You should have been truthful. It didn't matter if you thought you were right or not. If you had gained get true trust and she was a reasonable girl, she might have understood. Although in all honesty you're a degenerate anyway so hahahahahahHAHAGAGHAHAGAGAGAGAGAGGAVAVAGAGAGGAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH
Guild Wars 2

dude no way she would have come here then, but she was obviously up for it before she found out, and its kind of a surprise to make things more interesting, i didnt think she would hate it that much, i dont think i would if i would even move into another persons house, their ex partners wouldnt matter, but i also didnt want to tell her that i am financially dependent on my ex, no one would

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