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>I'm not balding guys, my hairline has always been like this!!!!!
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when is it supposed to move?
who grey here?
I'm only 20, its not supposed to be this way
>go to /fa/
>tell them my hair's thinning and ask for a style
>"just buzz it with a 3"

that must have been a sick joke. it looks like OP's pic. Same length all the way around but the sides are 3x as thick as the top.

i think /fa/ was being cruel

Every time, before I head down stairs, I would always take out my shoes and socks so I can bow down and pray.

I believe that if you don't do this you will go to hell.
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You wore shoes upstairs?
like..in the house for more than just passing from back door to front?
>You wore shoes upstairs?
Yes, if I'm going out.
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>regretful beneath discomfort


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booger brie.jpg
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>tfw constant fear of dying
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Kill yourself and the fear will go away
was expecting that
I'm 27 and I feel like my time is up. All I remember are wasted opportunities, not remembering much from being a young adult and having my "glory days" when I was a young kid.

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This has plagued me for the past 2 weeks.
Is a female pegging a male gay?
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I'll ask my therapist this when I go for an appointment next week.
For the male, obviously since he's taking dick. For the female it's more murky. (Women don't really have orientations anyway, it's more like a preference to them.)
no. traps on the other hand..

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I am very inarticulate. I am incapable of having a conversation with another human being

is there a way to fix this? for some reason i can't organize sentences when i talk. i end up stuttering and having awkward pauses. sometimes i can't even finish sentences. Is this due to not talking for months on end? i forgot how to talk?
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There's no escape. I'm pretty much mute these days. It would be easier if humans could read each others thoughts.

Get on tinychat and start talking to people. Since they are anonymous and they don't know you, you don't have to worry about them making fun of you for sounding like a retard

The best way to cure it is by talking again
This isn't a good advice in my opinion. I've spent hundreds of hours at omegle and shit trying to talk but I can't think of anything to say.

Whatever happened to her anons? Seemingly dropped off the face of the earth only to come back fairly recently.
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Come on anons I must know about my wife. Anyone
i thought she went away to college and got a bf, became a normie, started riding the cock carousel, etc.. They all do, you know
It can't be true, it just can't. Is this what is destined for all 3d waifus?

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Why do you even deserve a girl-friend?
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Because plenty of people who are less deserving than me have girlfriends.
Basically this, and also because I want someone that care about me
because I would try my best to make her happy

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>How do you think they could've done better?
>Which one was a sociopath, or were both of them just angsty teenagers?
>Were they actually bullies?
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they should have brought only 9mm stuff and trained much more because dumbass broke his hand by shooting a dumb heavy shotgun

also give up on the damn bomb because let's be honest you can't make bombs with civilian stuff anymore
Isn't the Anarchists Cookbook incredibly outdated? I think that's what they used.
the anarchist cookbook is the original honeypot

modern muslims got their bomb knowledge from talibans who themselves at first acquired old Vietnamese explosives

no westerner can make a strong bomb unless it's post utoya breivik (now they just cut fertilisers with other stuff)

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>tfw irrational fear of buggos
>every time I enter the bathroom I check all four corners of the the ceiling and floor so no buggos
>same for when I shower
>I poop standing up into toilet to make sure no buggos gonna go up my butt
>make sure when I lay on bed to never touch the wall because maybe buggo
>check shoes so no buggo
>check cups I take out to see if there's a buggo so I don't drink buggo
>"anon you should just relax"

>3 am need to take pills so get cup to fill with water
And what do I see in there?
>spooder in cup
>throw cup away
>tfw it was actually a rational fear of buggos and not irrational
They don't even scare me I just don't wanna be snuck up on
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you really shouldnt be so hard on yourself, your mental health is important and you should accept the fact that bugs scare you and try to find a way to overcome it, live with it or maybe even destroy that fear.

maybe see a therapist or something
iktf OP
thicc bugs scare the SHIT out of me, especially if they can fly

apart from that, I live where there's a fuckton of black widows so it's a rational fear torwards spiders here desu
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>fuck ton of black widows

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Fembots, would you suck this dick?
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Women cannot be wizards, or robots. They live life on easy mode, every single one. If you actually believe there are "fembots", you should hang yourself.
>Women cannot be wizards, or robots. They live life on easy mode, every single one. If you actually believe there are "fembots", you should hang yourself.

would you suck this dick?
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I'd totally do that to my dick If I wasn't forced to sit while peeing after the modification

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Anyone ever had a girl actually interested in you but you wierded them away due to autism?
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>be back in 7th grade
>some chubby chick kept insulting me for no reason during lunch yet trying to get into group projects with me during class
>a friend of hers whispers something about her liking me into her ear
>she screams and sas "NOT TOO LOUD"
>tell her i have excellent hearing
>trying to imply i heard her
>she offers me gum nervously
>decline, saying i dont trust food from strangers
>looks really heartbroken
>eventually ghosts me
Did she like me to begin with? I have no idea.
more than 10 of them
a girl literally asked "can i sit here?" in high school and sat on my lap, i went dead silent and didnt know what to do

another girl slapped her ass while looking at me and smiling and i just stood still and smiled back and said nothing

in middle school a girl asked if i wanna be her bf and i just said no even though i would be ok with it
Doesn't matter, she was chubby anyway.

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Why didn't you went to your prom?
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they look like they don't like each other

also because I didn't have any female friends
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>never went to prom, or homecoming, or powderpuff football games* because I was always scheduled to work those nights
>would tell the normans "heh I'd rather make money than take the night off and lose money"

>soul dies a little bit inside when I would be working during homecoming/prom night and normie couples from my school would come to the shitty mexican restaurant I worked at to "go out to eat before prom/homecoming"

* = I heard that the powderpuff football games at my HS were actually something I shouldn't have missed out on; a bunch of degenerate lewdly-dressed sluts playing football in the mud
I wanted to get into good school so I gave up graduating that year in order to get extra credits. They wouldn't let me go because I wasn't part of the graduating class.

Now I'm in the army making shit money. I sure showed them....ha....ha...kill me

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What advice would you give your past self to prevent him from doing stupid shit?
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A simple advice wouldn't prevent the hell I'm in.
No advice could cure depression and autism so I'd say prepare I die as soon as possible and work towards suicide
Ignore those retards, they aren't your friends. Just study to get money.

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So anons, share with us all your genetic fuck ups, at least the visible/physical ones, but if you have anything health-related, post it as well. Me (25 YO male):

>Manlet (5'8")
>Skeletor (~105 lbs), and no, I can't gain any weight (maybe only with steroids)
>5/10 face on my best days
>Tall, wide forehead
>High, receding hairline
>Shitty hair that is neither straight nor curly
>Either way have to keep it to hide my ugly 5 head
>Hair goes however it wants and it's never the same
>Ugly eyes, too wide apart and tiled (not like asians, but in the other way)
>Also shitty, washed out blue/green color, one pupil is bigger than the other
>Long, a little hooked nose
>Weak chin (although this is not big of a problem because beard)
>Not symetrical face
>Nose is more red than the rest of my face almost all the time
>Blackheads on my nose (can't do anything about it)
>Oily face skin, have to wash my face 3x per day
>Oily head skin, normally would have to wash hair every day but it's impossible so I have it clean one day and one day it's visibly oily
>Still some pimples from time to time
>Still some pimple leftover spots from years ago (although not that visible, unless from a recent pimple)
>Body of a 11 YO boy (although big 6,3" dick, but it doesn't matter)
>Stretch marks on my back
>Acne on my back
>Pectus excavatum (similar to this: https://pectuspt.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/pectus-excavatum--500x296.jpg)
>Big head compared to my small body (previously mentioned big forehead doesn't help either, thick hair as well)

(cont. 1/2)
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Look at that guy's hair though. He's probably the Chad of retards.

Also just eat more you twit. You're going to feel super dumb when in ten years you finally start eating more and, surprise, you gain weight.
(cont. 2/2)

This is pretty damn fucking terrible. I want to kill myself. My health is as fucked up:

>I(rritable)B(owel)S(yndrome), and possibly celiac disease as well (gonna find out soon, at least it would explain my body mass)
>Social Anxiety/Phobia
>Cerebral cortex atrophy (IDK if it's called that in english), POSSIBLY though caused by the fuck up home I had and traumatic experiences as a child in school and outside of it
>Deficiency of type A immunoglobuline, makes my immune system FUCKED

IDK how much of it is genetical and how much of it is stress/trauma-related. Although I sometimes have this feeling that genetic fuck ups like me are gonna have traumatic experiences either way, like there is something in our genes that causes this to happen for sure.
I think you're just a mewling weakling who is trying to blame his problems on everything else. There's a nice friendly well known black guy in a wheelchair in my neighborhood who holds a job.

Your legs work, nigger.

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saturday night

chad will have a threesome with two qts girls

what about you?
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might make a psychpop version of macbeth
I will have a threesome with two qts too. Feels good to live in a country with legal brothels.
Me and gf are shitposting on 4chan. Ordered a curry and now stuffed. Might play Two World's II if I can be bothered to get up

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