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>you will never be with the girl you truly love
why even bother living?
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>killing yourself over some dumb bitch

Nigger please
surely video games and wage-cucking my whole life away is worth it
Do it for your waifu, op. She wants you to keep on living.

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Demon Pepe Smug.png
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>casually bring up the knot in front of any single woman with a large dog
>she always becomes visibly flustered
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3 for 3, I'm batting 1000 here.
>things that never haplened for 400 alex

They dont even know what a knot is. Most girls just see their dog as a pupper you wacko
What the fuck is the knot? I know I've been living under a rock for a while, but I'd like to know

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>be me
>self concious
>low self wsteem
>never leave the house
>dont talk to girls
>still care what everyone thinks about me
>friends want to hang out
>go with group
>new girl there
>new girl and i get introduced
>b myself
>have fun
>make new girl laugh
>say bye to friends
>i thought new girl was cute
>be afraid to try anything with her
>instead say that best friend thought she was cute
>new girl likes best friend
>new girl and best friend start talking
>new girl talks shit behind my back with my best friend
>best friend shows me texts
>be sad because i just wanted to be friends with her, but i now know she doesnt like me
I just want to stay indoors for the rest of my life now. Thanks for lowering my self esteem. I dont think i will ever get a qt gf. I dont think i can improve myself any more. I already lost a shitton of weight and changed almost everything about me just to boost what remains of my confidence but it just came back down again. My first time in years talking to a girl, not even trying to hit on her and she doesnt even like me as a friend.
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This is very sad

>first time in years talking to a girl
>doesnt even like me as a friend
I recently bought a lottery ticket for the first time in years, and I didn't even win, might as well kill myself, right?
Try again you cunt, even literally Chad Thundercock has to try at least a dozen times before he finds a girl who's into him.
>even literally Chad Thundercock has to try at least a dozen times before he finds a girl who's into him
That is just false.
t. Best friends with a chad thundercock

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Let's get a comfy music thread started.
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download (2).jpg
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>op doesn't post music to start the thread
Nico touched the walls has made some comfy stuff, it's full of energy and makes me happy whenever I listen to it
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Nico touches the walls*
I also love DJ okawari, his music is extremely comfy to listen to on a rainy day
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How 'bout this?

4chan screen cap thread

Post them anons let's get some keks going
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People who think they belong on /pol/
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/fit/ genius!
shit in

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>tfw your eyes start getting bloodshot from staring at screens so much
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>tfw can't remember ever not having bloodshot eyes
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Tfw you've never had bloodshot eyes despite staring at the screen for 7-12 hours a day
Install a screen dimmer.
I had to after almost losing an eye due to popped blood vessels bc LED is a fucking supernova even at lowest brightness

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Is it possible to be a virgin normie? I have friends and they're all normies who make fun of me for being a virgin
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yes, they can be religious or just choose not to have sex for some other reason.
even among those groups it's understood that you will break the rules and those who follow the rule are still treated differently
w2c on that sweater

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>tfw you will never be El Chap
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>tfw you will never be Ricky Rubio

Just keeping with the hispanic theme. I feel like being Ricky would be fun, even if he is eternally cucked out of a playoff spot.
>tfw you'll never experience felix argyles loving embrace
>tfwywn have a cat gf
why live

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Strapon your job helmet, squeeze into a job cannon, and fire off into job land where jobs grow on jobbies.
UPS and FedEx will hire anyone. But you're an anime poster so you probably can't lift anything over 40 lbs
>But you're an anime poster so you probably can't lift anything over 40 lbs

I can't even drive so I'm disqualified right there.

What is stopping you from getting a Job and earning a girlfriend?

Inb4 autism meme. Inb4 social anxiety meme.
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No one will hire me and no one will date me.
I've already got both, it's all overrated. End of year, I'm getting rid of it all and going NEET.
I got a job and the only thing that changed is that my sex drive crashed and I feel tired all of the time.
Work is a meme

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Is being ugly your only excuse to not be succesful in life?

Sure, you will not make hot women vagoo waterfall at first glance, but there is more to live than a pussy.

Being rich and having some achievements ie. science is damn good feeling.
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nah, life is shit if you are born ugly
maybe like the 0.1% of uggos will achieve anything big

>When you're ugly you aren't confident
>When you aren't confident you're introverted
>When you're introverted you have trouble getting a job

Employers always want a confident chad
Employers want someone who does the job well.

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tfw job interview this morning
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Good luck, you loser! Prove us wrong!
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You know the drill, son.

You learn that this girl has been stalking you for the past 3 months.

She wants to pay you 2,000 dollars to stay in your home for a month. She'll give you an extra 500 if you let her smell you whenever she wants and cuddle whenever she wants as well.

So, would ya do it?
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What are the physical features of this woman and does she have a nice voice. These are both of intense importance
If she has just spent the last 3 months sitting outside my house, I wouldn't let her in for any amount of money. She must have some serious issues and I would fear for my life
Probably, although it would depending on her hygiene.

I don't care about cuddling someone if they're ugly, but if they reek of shit and are dirty, then no thanks, since that money will just go on cleaning products

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>be me
>working at paint factory for the summer
>demolishing a salad and some pizza at the cafeteria
>sitting alone and browsing 4chan
>qt3.14159 walks over with tray and asks if she can join
>"sure i don't mind"
>talk about factorywork being therapeutic
>she laughs a bunch
>i leave since my lunch is nearing its end

Could it really be that this chick is genuinely interested in me? Or is this just a trick of the light? I dont even know her name
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Try talking to her again.
This just keep talking to her
who cares man, enjoy the experience and be happy your appearance doesn't repulse people
well done

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>Anon, come swimming with us! :)

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Back acne can be sexy anon, if you have a good enough face someone out there would lick that shit. I think it can be cute
>implying they're care what your back look like if your front is attractive

if you're remotely tall and somewhat attractive backne won't even matter. if you don't have those two things you won't even get close enough for the backne to even be a redflag.
Been there, nobody really cares except you.

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