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I think I am losing my faith and belief in love.

Have you lost faith in God?

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he exists, undeniable fact

is he good, what exactly does he want, who knows
>is he good, what exactly does he want

Your post make me feel weird. What the hell?
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>tfw no gf who sees magmar for what he really is

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ONE (1)
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you go on 4chan

a very original newfag detected
What's the name of that song again?

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If you're a manlet, you may as well kill yourself.

This just happened on my fake Chad Tinder account

This girl by the way has a kid and kinda chubby. And on her profile she said dont message her for hookups. So when she messaged my Chad, I started asking about hooking up.

She said did you read my profile?

Fake chad - Yes

Her - Ok then and keeps on rolling. She then takes time to dump on the fact that she doesnt like short guys even though shes' 5'2

I'm officially done. It was meeting normies and actually trying, but I can officially give up now.
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>if you manlet kill your self
...what if I says no?
Tell her that you don't like short girls
>not lying about your height

Click on 'Female Choice' section.........................................................................This truly is the Dark Timeline
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Not gonna do that. But do tell, what am I missing out on?
I looked and on redtube it was almost all lesbian stuff, with some meme male porn stars mixed in.

What was I supposed to see?

Its divided between Lesbian, 3some/4some stuff and BBC with a tendency towards amateur for all of the above categories.

There is very little straight vanilla stuff and what there is all huuuuuge cocks.

The lesbian fascination is some weird female thing. The rest of their choices are all about degrading, slutty, promiscuous sex. They want to be marked and tainted. Whoever you end up spending your lives with, there is going to be a slice of their mind where they get the most mental pleasure, and this is what will be inside it.

How are you tonight, /r9k/?
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oh that looks mad comfy.

I'm doing all right. Just cooked myself some sausages, lying in bed under my duvet and listening to some Dan Carlin podcasts.
I'm pretty comfy right now.
Rough night. The feels...
Heck yeah m8. Even emotionless robots need some comf once in a while
What's wrong brobot?

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Gas the Preps.jpg
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Where do I find goths? I wanna be goth so bad but can't find anyone else to be one with.
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By Goth do you mean someone who dresses Goth and acts like a spoiled 12 year old? There are plenty of those still. Go on tumblr.
I'm a goth.
You wanna read byron and baudelaire, listen to dead can dance and drink absinthe?
Where do you live?
I live in Los Angeles, CA.

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>Upload video of me fucking myself with a dildo online dressed in girly clothing
>Get dozens of messages from guys who want to fuck me
I...is this what it feels like to be a girl?
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Post video you gay faggot homo queer
You've finally came around
Silly sissy white boi
>>Upload video of me fucking myself with a dildo online dressed in girly clothing
>>Get dozens of messages from guys who want to fuck me
>I...is this what it feels like to be a girl?
Dumb sissy white boi.

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Have you guys ever watched Freaks and Geeks? I think it's one of the few shows where robots are depicted accurately.
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i like to think if i was born back then i wouldn't be a virgin by now because you literally HAD to go outside in order to do pretty much anything
i wouldn't be sitting online all day everyday i'd be going out to an arcade, going to nerd club, going to play dnd.
this is how you get a gf and escape robotism by actually being outside.
we will all die virgins because we don't even leave our homes save for groceries and work
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Reminder that this is the fat kid from that show.
One of my favorite shows ever. I relate to Bill, especially his dancing

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Has anyone else been so enthralled by an anime character that they tried acting like them in real life? Most people have probably done so in their early teens, yet I'm doing it at 23... It made for many awkward situations so far, but as a result of this I'm less conscious of what people think of me now and feel more confident, so perhaps, not all is bad.

By the way, image is only partially related. I've been greatly tempted to, but have not in fact tried acting similarly to Nakamura.
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Read the manga faggot
I have, nigger. I legitimately, unironically, think the anime art fits better. The animation was shit sometimes, but the art style itself was preferable.
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I couldnt believe how Nakamura was so much like me when I first saw her

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> Anon I've hear you're still a virgin. PLEASEEE let me take your virginity, it would be so adorable!
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>tfw this will never happen

No. If I lose my virginity, then I'm a loser.
holy shit her thighs are massive

Who here /costco piggy/

Hot dog with deli mustard and onions and a big combo slice. Mmm, what you having robots?
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>what you having robots?
Existential dread.
them costco slices are pretty damn good, but at close to 900 calories each I can't ever eat it again
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holy FUCK i want to eat that SO bad

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stephanie dukes.webm
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why the fuck are women so dumb as to do porn? don't they realise they are practically destroying their entire future careers and relationship prospects?

>inb4 hurr durr you just a lonely virgin who hates women for having sex
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what is this fetish called

i need more like this
Because being a single mother bartender doesn't always cut it.
they just want to make some quick cash to maintain their lavish lifestyle

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Remember, no matter how bad you have it, things can always get worse
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Nice trips. Who's the invalid?
what are the things coming out of him ?
its never too late to end it boys
a colostomy bag and a feed bag i think

What would you choose:
>a real life Batman grappling hook, with an infinite supply of spare parts
>lifetime supply of always fresh out of the oven breadsticks
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Grappling hook, sorry.
I'd take the grappling hook too.
Oven breadsticks. I don't even know what I'd do with a grappling hook.
With the breadsticks I can be that guy who hands breadsticks out to people. Maybe it would make me more popular and get friends.

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There is one on r9k that's parents are multibillionaires from oil and live in texas

no im not kidding you
that feelerino when no bf to breastfeed with my boy milk
god please kill me
your a picky tranny

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