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>tfw no dd/lg lg fembot neet GF

please be my qt gf someone
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WHat is DDLG f
I am not into that, sorry anon.
Be my daddy anon. Is it okay if I'm not a NEET?

>tfw you finally loosen up around friends
>tfw you immediately start getting racist as soon as you're comfortable

Fuck, I hate this bullshit, I don't even want to hate on other races it just feels so good. Can someone help me.
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>tfw someone asks you to hang out
>tfw they want YOU to text THEM
>tfw you literally hover thumb over send for a full minute out of fear
>tfw they already had plans and say hit them up tomorrow
>tfw you dont

Don't worry, it feels good when you find people who agree with you.
i get this way too. if it makes you feel any better asians and blacks are super fucking racist in their own little "worlds" too

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How the FUCK do people find this enjoyable

>get stuck 100 feet underground in a tight passageway
>headlight runs out
>have to lay in the pitch black, unable to move until you die
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people find this enjoyable?
I highly doubt that anyone would find this enjoyable
I meant how do people find caving/spelunking enjoyable you tards

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>just started a class over summer in a community college because my parents are pissed at me being a NEET
>tfw EXTREMELY cute asian boy in my class
>talk to him over the last week and he might be a robot

what are my approach strategies lads

is the shirt a good option or no

how to discern his robot status
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ask him out for lunch
>ask him out for lunch
dumbest idea I've ever heard
What the hell is wrong with you
I'm taking a summer class starting this monday. PLEASE LET A FEMBOT BE THERE.

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How many fingers can you guys fit in your ass? I can fit in 4.
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Fuck off already you pozzed fag
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I fucking hate nu-neo-r9k
Ones enough to tickle the jizzbutton so it's all I've tried.
You raise and interesting question though.

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Anyone else tired of white people's bullshit?

I try my best to be a upstanding member of society but thats not enough for you people.I dont dress like a hoodlum , bathe correctly and make sure my hygiene is well kept.You think we cant see you judging us?

>be me
>wait at the bus stop
>im the only there until an old white woman shows up
>keeps a careful distance from me
>5 minutes go by
>a white dude comes by
>she immediately approaches him and asks for directions
>turns out she was at the wrong stop then leaves

This is just today.I go through shit like this daily and its only white people who do this hispanics and Asians arnt this cruel
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>old white woman

We're not all so bad. It's really just the older generations that still have this sense of ingrained racism. Eventually they'll die off. Sorry this kind of shit happens to you.
cry more stupid nigger
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Fuck off nigger/spic/shitskin, my only regret is Hitler lost.

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>be me
>1 hour ago
>date night at gf's house
>live with strict mom
>she wont let me spend the night with her
>me and gf cuddle
>it's 6:30 pm
>set alarm for 7
>we sleep through alarm
>i wake up at 9
tfw I would've slept with her all night long if I hadn't woke up

thread theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mwnoNVOj1Fs
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Howard get out.
You dont belong
>it's another episode of constant irritability which inevitably ends in me taking it out on my friends
They deserve a better friend than me. I'm such a fucking asshole sometimes, and I hate that I make other people feel even a little bad or make video games we play together less fun for them. I'm just such a fucking garbage person in general actually. Everyone I know deserves better.
I'm in love with a whore, it really fucks with my head because I'm always thinking about her while she's probably getting some dick elsewhere.

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robots help, which one is hotter? Me and my friend were arguing over who has the best skyrim character
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the bodies.
get the fuck out you stupid retard
what the actual fuck is wrong with you
Alot of these face texture mods seem to remove alot of detail on their skin, same with the hair mods

That being said, I'd go with 2

>tfw i want the one i can't have
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Who is s/he? Why can't you have him/her?
Idk but it's driving me mad.
If you're going to be a faggot, you have to at least have some straight guy in mind to sing The Smiths about.

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I'm starting to really hate being a girl.

>roleplay as insecure retard girl because I'm a pathetic human being and trolling for (you)s and controlling the course of online anonymous discussion makes me feel like I have power in life
>almost all replies are pls be my gf guys or people just genuinely trying to discuss and help
>hardly anyone even calls out the bullshit going on in the thread
>even though the girl is being completely retarded, listens to none of the good advice, will obviously never be your gf, and is an unselfaware attention whore
>all because she, at least supposedly, has a vagina (no pics of course)
It's not that I don't understand why, I do, but its depressing. And its not here that's the problem, though what happened in that thread was a clear sign of this board's decay. Because here no one has to know I'm a girl, and even if you say you're a girl it's just shitposting without proof. It's real life that's the problem. It's not that I want to be male I'm not a degenerate. I like being feminine, nurturing/supporting, dressing and acting as a woman. But I don't want that kind of power, I don't want an artificial boost just because I'm not hideous and there's a moist hole between my legs. It makes me feel disgusting. I want to be able to hang out around interesting people, who are mostly men, and not drive them to act differently or derail group dynamic. I don't want special status for doing nothing. I want to be treated like anyone else, and judged by my character alone, or as close as possible. Without having to lie or hide my gender.

This isn't shitposting or attention whoring, I probably won't even reply. I just wanted to get it off my mind. Is it impossible to be a girl and a "normal person" at the same time?
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You can come visit me if you like. I don't care about women anymore. Course my attitude turns them right on, nothing like not giving a fuck and saying whatever you want to them making them want to bang you. It's amazing how a hermit likes me actually has female callers trying to get in my pants. And I turn them down of all things.
If you were a male, you'd complain about being white or something. Just accept that humans are not equal and there is no such thing as being "equal" with someone in a broad social context.
You will always be given special status due to being a girl.
Welcome to real life. It's something you have to accept and not constantly complain about.
I dislike it that women do that but I'm guilty for doing the same thing but its not because I want them to be my gf or orbit them or anything like that. It's mostly because I get along with females more than I do men. (straight btw)
It's probably because my mother was never there for me so I want womanly affection I guess I could say.
just wanted to come clean as well even though you're all faggots

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Femanons, how do you torture your beta orbiters?

>orbiter 2 texts me if I'm busy
>wait two hours, finally answer 'no'
>he calls me right away and ask if 'm-maybe we c-could hang out?
>I play 'I don't know' game, but in the end I tell him he can come over
>I prepare the setting in the meantime
>when he finally comes, I invite him to my room
>'hey, orbiter 2, can you help me with something?'
>he enthusiasticly agrees
>'I'm buying new lingerie, hoped you could tell me which set do you like more'
>he gets a bit antsy but agrees anyway
>we spend next 2 hours on browsing different lingerie stores, some stuff are really kinky, some cute
>I buy some new bras, panties, garter belt and stockings
>every time before I click 'buy it' I ask him if he thinks it would look good on me, if the material doesn't seem to be too rough, etc
>at that point he's visibly exhausted, his breathing is labored and he's red and covered with sweat, holding a pillow on his lap to cover boner
>decide it's enough, but I need to buy one more bra, bandeau type
>I get my old, similar one from drawer
>'can you take a look what size is it?'
>his hands shake when he touches it, looks like he might start crying
>he gets up, stutters 'I have to use bathroom'
>when he gets back I tell him I bought that sapphire lacy model
>'Chad likes this colour, and we may... meet at the next party'
>orbiter 2 looks bewildered, enraged and devastated at the same time
>'C-chad? You like him?'
>'Yeah, but don't tell anyone, ok? It will be our secret'
>I bid him goodbye, and thank for helping me with online shopping
>'you are such a good friend! It's so strange that you still can't find a girlfriend'

This broken look on his face when he was leaving my house, priceless. Also, fucker fapped in my bathroom. Why are you guys so fucking disgusting?
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I have but one reply for you, spend it well.
>'Chad likes this color, and we may... meet at the next party'
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Sorry friend, I'm not gonna read all that text, but I won't let your bait go to waste! You've worked too hard on this

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I'm posting kakyoin in cool sunglasses everyday

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as time passes you're the only one in this site who makes sense
Keep going fella , makes me glad seing you here
Seen your threads since day 1. Keep them up!

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Rena (252).jpg
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If you'd like to express and share feelings and thoughts regarding your waifu or waifuism in general, this is a thread for that purpose. Kindness towards fellow lovers
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Hi! I love my waifu but I'm a terrible husband! I'm glad she's forgiving because I don't deserve it!
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It's sometimes so hard to think of her fondly
Why should I think she loves me back
Sometimes it feels as if she is slipping away

I really do like my waifu she's nice and mature

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>europeans talking about the terror attack
>they are calm and rational, saying don't give into fear, emphasize the need for community and togetherness and not to overreact because that's just what the terrorists want

>Americans talk about the terrorist attack

Why are Americans so fucking crazy/stupid?
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Tbh I hate anglos enough that i'm glad your shithole island is being colonized.
Id rather be dumb and alive than accepting and getting blown to bits
there's a difference between "remaining calm and rational" and "pretending that everything will be OK if we leave it alone"

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>Girlfriend has crippling autism
>We date when we're at college
>Spend hours cuddling and making out
>I go back to the island I grew up on during the summer
>She's all alone in the city without friends
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images (71).jpg
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>posting this on /r9k/
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It's okay, Anon. She has Chad's big fat cock to keep her company, now. If not for something you provided that he can't, you'd be obsolete.
Oh I don't care about that, I'm still having sex with other girls, I just miss her is all

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