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>whites pretend like they can be robots
>meanwhile literally no woman has ever refused to date a man because he's white
Also inb4 "op you must be a nigger", because asians notice this too
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Hurr durr op you must be a nigger
They're like fembots. You have to fuck up pretty badly
>Hurr durr op you must be a nigger
Not an argument. Filtered!

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my hairline is like pic releated

am i fucked?

im just 19yo
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trust me

It's much better to have a receded hairline that have a baby hairline like me but diffuse hairloss all over the scalp
No. That's more or less just a mature hairline. 95 percent of men around 20 years old have that.
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just fuck me up.jpg
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Consider yourself lucky I'm 19 and my hairline looks like pic related.

Why does society condemn other forms of racism while tolerating and encourage the persecution of gingers?
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You can only be racist to people. Paddies aren't people.
>gingers are a race
>inb4 outdated racial pseudo-science
because normies always want a scapegoat, somebody to laugh and make jokes at at the party. once doing that to blacks, gays and other minorities, red haired people became next.
funny thing is one of the signs of very pure germanic heritage

gingerbros need to unite and form a colony

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What phone do robots have ?
picrelated is mine
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>Having a phone
Pick one.
I have a Galaxy S5. The government pays for it.
iphone 4. I never really use it so no direct need to upgrade.

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You know you should delete that folder, anon.
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You mean muh jb folder? No way bitch
But Sagiri is literally perfect.
Don't bring that topic up!
They are my babies!

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>Board is now basically a nsfw /lgbt/
What the fuck happened?
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i think you're overreacting a bit
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Caution to all viewers and people. Be merry and underway. It's just bait.
>worrying about /lgbt/posting
there's literally only 1 tranny thread up and only 2 dick threads up right now.
I think the femanon and "my gf" threads are more of a problem

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>mom was 45
>dad was 68
>still manage to have me
how is this not child abuse?
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what?... explain this explain this now
That's kind of interesting. What kind of illnesses do you have?
how old are you right now? your birth sounds like its a miracle case

>Be shitposting on the Internet
>Hear knock on the door
>"Champ, it's time you got put yourself to work and got a job. Get dressed. I'm driving you around town to look for one, and I'm not taking no for an answer. It's as simple as showing up, speaking with the manager, giving him a firm handshake, and telling him you want the job."
>*freeze frame* *record scratch*
>"Ok, you're probably wondering how we got here. First, we have to go all the way back to the beginning."
>*rewind effect through the last ten years*
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>10 years ago
>7th grade rockstar of a kid
>hs bullying can wait a few years
>grades are amazing
>dad telling me that with my grades I'll get to be a google programmer or I'll be managing the normies who are in class with me
>fast forward
>dad now wants me to spend my week standing around taking cleaning the fryer and mopping the floors for an obese female McDonalds manager
Really starting to like this meme
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1. Speak with the manager
2. Look him in the eye
3. Uphold the firm handshake
4. Hand him your resume

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>in a latin country
>hear this shit 24/7
I hate it
subhuman spic
Cry louder /pol/tard.

I'm ending my nofap today. Dubs decide what I jerk off to.
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Intriguing, anon. Do go on...
interracial gangbang (blacks on innocent white)
You can't go wrong with Pokegirls, Dawn, Korrina, Lillie is all good.

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>Ate over 2 kilogram worth of junkfood again yesterday
How do I build the discipline to stop buying that trash? The store is within walking distance, so every time I need to get something from there, I need to resist the temptation to buy chips, popcorn etc, but it's pretty hard when it's just so easy to gorge myself with the stuff instead of eating proper meals.
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>Go shopping with someone else.

>Plan ahead what proper meals you want to cook.

>Only take enough money with you to buy that.

>Buy healthy filler stuff like fruit etc. that you can eat when the munchies kick. Otherwise you will run to the story.

>Buy stuff you have to prepare. Lazyness will help you not eat so much.
High metabolism ftw
Buy healthy food that you can gorge on. A big ass bowl of brown rice with a can of black beans and srirachi sauce will fill you up and it's healthy as fuck

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>went to MONSTER.com this morning
>I BECAME a monster
what do?
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Was is das?
I have a degree in psychology and sociology, the two hardest sciences there are, so i got a lot of job offers
>psychology and sociology
>hardest science


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*takes his coffee break just as he sees you walking into the store to apply*
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*attempts to stand straight*
*looks you in the eyes for 0.5 seconds*
H-hello sir
*stretches out sweaty hand to attempt a handshake*
I-I'm l-l-l-looking for a j-job, sir
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File: 1499445214508.gif (18KB, 300x250px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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*shakes hand*
(Wow, what a lousy handshake this kid has. Not even worth taking time out of my coffee break to give this kid the time of day.)

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>day 37 of nofap
>muscle mass has increased by 400 percent
>beard and body hair grows as fast as bamboo
>unlocked super male vitality but bone growth has accelerated to 500 percent
>hulking mass of muscle and bone
>testicles are like to engorged beating hearts
>hair grows from every pore and is as thick as steel cables

TFW i actually fell for the nofap meme.
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I'm 9 days in and I feel like a lion hunting for prey when I'm around chicks. Dressing up nice as well, getting sone phenibut so I can talk to girls
>I feel like a lion hunting for prey when I'm around chicks
fucking thisssssss
>testicles like beating hearts

anon dont hold it in anymore, what if you explode

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wal mart.gif
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Why is Wal-Mart considered evil?
how are they mistreating employees?
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Because they put white small business owners out of business and OH GOD WONT SOMEONE CARE ABOUT THE WHITE PEOPLE
You're fucking retarded. Walmart is not only in the US, you stupid coward.
ok but that's why people started memeing about walmart in the first place

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