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Your my last hope r9k...
18 year old Virgin here, in hopes of trying to cure my loneliness i made a tinder Account, last week i matched with a asian girl who wants a ddlg (Dom daddy, little girl) relationship, in hopes of loosing my Virginity i lied to her and told her that i also am looking for something like that, and even did it with my ex but, but she wasn't into it (dont judge me, chads also lie to get laid, and it thought that it would maybe help), she agreed to meet up with me and my panic mode is activated. I don't want to loose my only chance at having sex :(
Do any of you guys have tips about that? For starters i watched a lot of Porn about it and i thought that hair pulling and choking her with my Hand wouldn't be a bad start, choking her with my belt and also slapping her ass with it are some ideas that are coming to my mind.
What do you guys say?
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I say that you should fuck off normie, tbqh.
That whole Story with my ex is made up to get her to sleep with me, i thought that was obvious
Also, i'm uncut and my foreskin is still covering most of the tip...

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>tfw nipples are always hard
do i just tape them or what?
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Why didn't anyone tell me life would get this levels of painful? JESUS

Suicide is not a choice since it would be an ever bigger embarassment. Where do I go from here?
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Your fear, your anger, your ego, your bias, your interpretations -> everything bad. Other ppl in your shoes might enjoy themselves and start getting better and change life. But hey. Im not really better than you. Dumb people are nearly never really down... lucky basterds. They cant see how the ego and the irrational makes the world so shitty

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Tell me this wasn't an improvement, niggers.

All I see on this board is "he just needed to bee himself bruh!" "Just lift a bit and you stop being a beta!" "He looked great!"
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That's great if you want to look like a girl, I guess.

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how do you deal with someone who has aspergers? it's fucking hard just talking to them
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I have aspergurs
Just talk about something they like i like garrys mod roleplay
I have Ass-burgers.
This guy is probably right.

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How do i get myself motivated to do school work? Whenever I try I just get distracted.
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1. stop niggering around
2. stop being distracted by shit media
3. do it
it'd be funny if that guy was a manlet
If you're in high school you can fuck yourself. But if you're in college just remember you're going to be in debt for the rest of your life so you don't want to fuck it up.

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I need like 30 people to rap over Protect Ya Neck

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> Expecting /r9k/ to have an talent.
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Just believe in yourself!

Plz i love you
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I vote adding in martin shkreli in with the wu-tang

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>go out in public
>get eye raped by females

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It's because you're gay anon you faggot

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Are they very smart people?
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no, but Baron is
he's the expert
No. Usually unoriginal.

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>he thinks i'm a dead meme
this is only the beginning
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Gonna go to the store to buy some groceries. What do you think?
You know what to do, FIRM
Buy stuff to make tacos, reeses puffs, chef boyardee, stuff to make spaghetti, pudding

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So r9k we are sad fucks here. Are you planning your hypotetical retribution day? If so how would you do it? Any special achivements you would go after? kys on the end or no?
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One thing is for sure. If I ever were to do a day of retribution, I wouldn't fuck up as bad as Elliot or those other autists.
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Plan A
Hypothetical traditional action with trench coat and fedora, about a month before summer break when nobody can afford to be absent from classes and everyone is present for final exams anyway.
A hypothetical pair of silver sawed off shotguns for the teachers, a bag of frag grenades for the classes, starting from the upper grades and going down the line all the way to kindergarten.
Of course, a hypothetical pile of pistols under the trench coat and a hypothetical suicider vest for the police.
I saw in a movie a killer leaving flowers on his victims, I suppose I could leave a fidget spinner in every visited room.
Every Chad would get kneecapped and executed, every Stacy would beg for mercy and depending on how hysterical they would be I would either shoot them in the back or in the forehead. On a whim of course, can't plan everything in advance.
Plan B
Hypothetical arson, hypothetically shooting down everyone trying to gather on the football field or in front of the school.
Hypothetical suicider vest with hypothetical steel balls for efficiency.

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Why do you actually want a gf?
You know you don't.
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to maek babies
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but I do silly ape
That is one old monko

>apply for a job
>later get call from HR person
>its a woman (not much of a surprise though)
>she has the cutest voice I've heard in a while
>set up a job interview
>she's the one conducting the interview
>mfw have oneitis for a person I've never even met or seen a picture of
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Rawr you're a faggot
Thanks for the bump
>implying people know how to sage nowadays

Years of playing vidya instead of socializing must have given you anons some ideas. Personally I find myself more focused on writing everything down now that I'm on antidepressants, even if I know it'll never be made.
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tfw no big black bf to destroy my boypussy
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Do not post my wife Astolfo with any reference to disgusting black creatures again. You will not have a second warning.

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