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Robots who want change,i want to tell you this: you can not change the past,but you can change the future. Your happiness and well being is in your hands,not anyone elses. And if anyone says otherwise,they are lethargic fucking devils. They want to drag you down with them. I beleive in you and i pray to the gods that you will reach your dreams,no matter how small.
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You got nice titties for a little boy
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>tfw Oney will never finish Hellbenders because Jewtube has made it impossible for animators to make money

How do we fix women?
Nothing works even feminism makes them stupid sluts.
Lesbianism is just them trying to poorly imitate us
Cosplaying is just another way of getting male attenion but from lesser males
Modeling/Acting is the same

Was it us? Years of conditioning women and treating them like meatbags has made them evolve into walking sex machines

Yes i know some women can learn things but they can't learn from themselves like men do
they always need to be taught.
How do we make them improve? O r is it easier to make android women and replace the current ones?
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Look at all the good women role models you know who are compassionate and sweet and maternal and you'll realize they're all successful mothers in a two parent household who came from two parent households.

Encouraging the majority of women to live independently was a mistake.
Have you ever talked to a woman? or are you just concocting this deep lore while looking at them?
stop buying them drinks, stop looking at them, stop talking to them, stop adding them on anything, stop "hanging out with them", stop buying them shit.

they would change over night.

they're spoiled by men who are controlled by a biological imperative, automatons and it feeds their ego. most of them are too stupid to realize what's going on.

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I started working on my webcomic. Hoping it becomes bigger than One Piece.
Where should I upload the first chapter? Not DeviantArt...
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What kind of comic is it???
A group of college students playing detectives to find an active criminal on their campus. I'm still working out the details but I have drawn most of chapter 1. I want to finish writing the story too otherwise everything I draw will be asspulls.
Line webtoons is pretty good, but I'm not sure how easy it is to get your comic on there.

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Stopp med a se porno
Arretez de regarder le porno
Hor auf Porno zu beobachten
Stop met porno kijken
Przestan ogladac filmy porno
Deja ver la pornografia
Ne nezd porno
Partraukt skaities porno
Cesu rigardante porno
Ferma guardare il porn
Pysayta katsomalla pornoa
Stop watching porn
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Very shitty google translate.
*Arretez de regarder de la porno.

Shitty Google Translation is shitty.

I'm an emotionless husk of a human being. A girl who comes into my place of work is starting to flirt with me and seems to go out of her way to talk to me.

How do I handle this? I like her.
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you dont have emotions or you're too inhibited to show them?
keep talking to her, get to know her and try to go for it
are you an emotionless husk because you don't want to change or are you afraid to feel?

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>you will never have a big tittied yandere moth monster de age to a boy and rape you while trapping you in a time loop
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I'm gonna die and I'm taking me with me
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Is my boyfriend less of a man of buying some girly band CD like Oh Wonder or Purity Ring and getting the artist the sign it?

It's one thing to like the music, but another thing to like girly music so much that you buy the CD and attend an event to get the CD signed or purchase a singed copy.
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OW is girly? It's pretty chill OP you might just be a faggot

How is this not girly?


>couple singing love songs
Why are girls and fags so judgemental?

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>Want to do lots of different things at the same time
>Can't focus on any single thing
>End up doing nothing

How do I break this cycle?
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vyvanse 60mg, htp-5 200mg, gabapentin 500mg and lexapro 25 mg
Start with little things first
Stop procrastinating
Firstly what are the things. Secondly what is nothing?

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>he likes dick
kys subhuman faggot
>he doesn't like dick
I don't want to offend you,but are you gay?

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>message this thing on a dating site
>reads my message
>ignores me

Should I just end it tonight?
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God she's cute...
Where can I get a girl like that?
That snek is adorable. Holy shit.
Just because a conventionally unattractive girl decided she doesn't want to respond to you doesn't mean you're horrendously ugly dickwad.

You probably have really shitty photos that make you look 10x worse than you actually are. Sort thaf out or stop relying on online dating sites.

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Anybody else here who are abusive to their parents who are nice? I guess I just got some personality issues. I'm not crazy, but I scold and neglect them. I often feel bad, but never intensly enough to stop.
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Ask a 23 year old autistic guy who went on his first date anything
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Did you kiss her anon? Was it nice?
Did you take her home and put your peepee in her butt?
Did it go like this?

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What is really the reason to keep on living if you're short? I'm drawing a blank here.
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being hated by people you love is the worst

all i want in life is women to like me back
Revenge. Imagining amassing enough money/fame so women look past your height, and then torturing them emotionally.

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How come sunday drinking is so good?
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Prob because monday gonna suck. Btw my therapist told me to drink more so it's all good
>coors light
Pick one

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