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is there any genuine evidence that nofap works?

I'm on day 10 and although I have bit more energy I want to be sure that this is actually worth it and not just denying myself one of the only pleasures I have in a futile pursuit

try to discuss this reasonably
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Ive read that your testosterone rises for the first 7 days, and then begins to steadily drop.
Honestly I would fap once every 1-2 weeks without porn
no real evidence its just broscience
kek gotta love that broscience

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Ideal bf/gf thread
post you or your ideal partner
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Reposting my shitty edit
wow i just realised how fucking beta male robots are.
All the fembots want someone weak to dominate.
You people are fucking sick
>just realizing this now

pls go newcuck

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I hate that shithole with every ounce of my existence. Post shittiest/most cringeworthy plebbit pics
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Some of the smaller subs are not terrible, but the main ones are unironically worse than Youtube comments sections

EDIT: Thanks for the gold kind baconsir!!!
When does the narwhal bacon? LOL!

For real though what >>39580543 said, the niche subs are alright
>When does the narwhal bacon?
What the fuck does this mean? Is this the level of "lol randumb xD" humor on reddit?

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>only friend i've ever been truly comfortable with gets a gf

it's over lads.
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Just wait until he gets married.

Thats when the real crisis begins
just sit back and watch it all turn to shit
good entertainment
i'm actually hoping for this. the bitch is a literal whore who posts edgy yaoi shit and reddit memes all the time and is le ironic kill my self memer xDDD. hopefully it'll all go to shit and everything will go back to normal.

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>Mafia was released 15 years ago
WTF man
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fuck it just hit me
god damn it i hate these threads they make me feel older
>feel older
You ARE old.
>Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory was released over 12 years ago
This game aged great

Don't put me in adult undergarments yet, kid

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>"Anon what do you think if we go home together and I take a huge shit on you? After that I eat it and in the end I vomit it on your face? We'll going to have some fun!"

what do you do.
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Probably gouge my eyes out and pray for sweet release.
Shoot her. She's obviously an alien trying to eat my internal organs. No human woman would be interested in me in the first place.
this place really is cointelpro isn't it
what's the point in conditioning young men to have every fetish under the sun?

I pulled an Adderallnighter off 90mgs. Stayed up masturbating, drinking coke, and smoking a pack and a half of Newports. Seemed to get a second wave over my breakfast of egg and cheese sandwiches and cherry coke, so maybe it's extended release with more still to come. Cherry coke for breakfast because caffeine feels great when I'm on stims. Same with the cigs; I don't even smoke. Got a little tired right before breakfast but feel in no need of rest now.
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Quality night
Is aderall better than ameth though
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Enjoy your homelessness a year from now

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>Be mr, Virginfag
>Meet girl online
>Send her pics
>We start talking about really personal stuff, where we were born, are daily lives, etc.
>Sounds too good to be true, think I'm being catfished.
>Ask for picture with timestamp
> Expect no respons, Instead recieve picture of massive white landwhale.
>mfw I see the picture
>Being a virginfag I decide to fuck her to lose my virginity
>We make plans to fuck
>We are supposed to meet but I ghost her and decide that I should lose it to someone special, or atleast someone who is under 200 Pounds
>She goes full tard blowing up my phone
>I Ignore her texts and calls until she gives up and retreats to her grease filled cave

Did I make a good choice robros?
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Switch you with a roastie and the fat bitch with a fat robot
Yes, snatch up a skinny autismo not a big. They're out there I. Almost equal proportions and almost equally poor mental health, but one is slightly prettier.
The choice to not fuck her was very good, the choice to ghost her was not

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Is there anything that screams daddy issues more than a triforce/video game related tattoo on a girl?
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does this apply to men also?
If a man has a video game tattoo he's an eternal manchild.
Personally I'm against tattoos of any kind but why fucking VIDEO GAMES? Biggest redflag there is.
I have no idea how you relate a video game related tat to "daddy issues"...projecting perhaps ?

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take it and post your results
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I thought I might get a higher score, simply because I answered yes to a lot of the obvious autism indicators, due to the fact that I became an anxious, weird loner in my 20's. I used to be to have a lot of friends, girls and social fun. Not anymore.
28, right on the border of Autism.
In fact, this comment on r9k might throw me over the edge
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TFW can't even use the "I have autism" excuse

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neet apu.png
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>everybody is going back to school/uni
>i'm sitting here being a NEET
how do you get over the neet guilt? I like being neet but this shit gets to me every year
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everyday i dream of being a NEET with no responsibility. everyone is trying to trick you to be as miserable as they are.
>how do you get over the neet guilt?
You don't
It gets even worse once everyone you know starts working and you're stuck spinning your wheels
You'll feel bad whatever the fuck you do
I'm in uni and every time I sit and listen to bulls shits I wish I was home shitposting

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Who /southern here?

I love chicken fried steak
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>I love chicken fried steak
I'll bet you do you filthy nigger
mmm venison good stuff

>girl who works at a maid cafe is on Tinder
Chad's going to get a girl with cat ears and a maid outfit. It's not fair. Reeeeee
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looks like a man tbq (to be quite) honest
You'vs clearly never gone on Tinder
The girls I'll mever match with

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Anyone else have a good front profile but and absolutely hideous side profile? I go from a solid 8/10 to like a 3/10.
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also known as a fucking huge beak nose

>but i hear there's some big nose fetish or something
yea my alien head shape and long nose does that
Yeah my head is deeper (nose to back of head) than it is tall or wide. I unironically look like that meme with the black guy that has his face pushed forward out of his skull except not to that extent.

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>tfw sick
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take care anon and get better
Dumb sissy anime bois
>remember when I was failing out of college I was violently ill and couldn't sleep because of non stop coughing

what did god mean by this?

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