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I'm going to Little Ceasers right now, what should I get?
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you cannot buy sadness, it comes at you for free anon
get me some of those cheesy mozzarella sticks please
get everything on the menu except for pizza.

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I'm 5'5. Will I be a hkv forever? Am I dooomed?
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yes and yes the only way out is to kys yourself
Nah, man. I'm currently crushing on a guy an inch smaller than you! Shorties are my favorites.
Are us manlets literally Hobbit people? I want to have a leg up for a costume one day

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How do I make it look better?
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by putting it in my mouth, duh
Cut it

A-Anon that's dirty and I'm not happy enough with it yet

But it already is

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i'll try my best to respond to any post you make in this thread.
just share what you're feeling and maybe post some gondolas too.
come share your problems and feels with me, i'm alI ears.
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im lonely and all i want is some love and affection from somebody that cares
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i know it might not mean much to you since i'm just an anonymous person on the internet, but i care about you.
even if it's just for as long as this thread lasts, just know that someone cared about you for at least a little while.
i hope you find that love and affection somewhere soon friend.
thanks stranger. i care about you too

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Can you tell me if I'm right wing? Even though it's just a political alignment, it seems to have negative connotations now. I don't think women are oppressed. As a religious minority I do think racial and religious minorities are nearly as oppressed as they say they are. I liked Trump better than Hillary, but I wasn't a huge fan of either.
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You're probably just not an extremist. People are getting insanely polarized and demand that you agree with them on every single issue they've conveniently "bundled" together for you.

Would you have preferred that Bernie won? I supported Bernie and I still prefer Trump over Hillary.
take the political compass test bucko
You're probably a Nazi

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How do I hire and fuck an escort without humiliating myself in the process?
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Well you call them up, pay them, and then stick your dick in them and go on your way, because they won't remember you at all.
>not hiring the escort for the sole purpose of humilation
the more you pay, the more theyll cater to you. I hired $60 escorts before, they go out of their way to make the experience less than great. When you pay more theyll make sure your not embarrassed.

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I'm so bad at sex. I thought death grip and excessive porn watching was supposed to desensitize you. Yet I still cum super quickly.

Maybe I should try to get back on Paxil.
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Time to get good at eating them out I guess.
Not quite. I have only had sex with escorts. But I'm poor so it's pretty infrequent so I don't get to practice

Are you circumcised, op?

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business class.jpg
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Business class means you won't have any back problems at the end of a flight for sitting longer than 6 hours.
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>paying twice (or more) to get to the same spot at the same time
My back never hurts and I'd rather stay in a comfy bed at a 5 star hotel for 4 nights than pay $2000 to sleep for 10 hours.

You'd want business class if the flight was 10 hours or longer. You can't even force yourself to sleep unless you're good at sleeping while sitting upright. You can't sleep on your side. You can't can't sleep while laying back.

You know you need to quit 4chan anon, it's not healthy, you're never getting anything done!
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no fuck off normie REEEEEEEEEEEEE
I'm here forever though.
needs a fence labeled "mental illness" blocking the bottom path

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I haven't spoken to another human being in 8 months.

it's going to be a year and im starting to panic. I don't know if i can
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can you even talk
try talking to an object, that might help
How do you get food? This is interesting. Tell us about your situation.

have any of you become robots AFTER you'd had a girlfriend sometime in your life?

is it possible? and if it is, why can't you just recuperate?
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For some it's not so black and white. I've always been awkward but managed to get two girlfriends in highschool, somehow. They only lasted a week each though and now I'm 24 and a virgin.
>have any of you become robots AFTER you'd had a girlfriend sometime in your life?


>why can't you just recuperate?

"Why can't you just talk to people? Be urself bro!"
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I'm just curious really.

I mean, maybe it's because I want to have some hope, but I believe that actually having one would give me enough confidence to fix my life.
which is why I want to know what to expect, if things go south

I think I'm going to start crossdressing

i'm a girl trapped in a boi body

I always wanted to wear a blue wig
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originally post your boi pussy
>I always wanted to wear a blue wig
Please don't do this. Please stop making us look bad. Please don't post pictures of yourself online.

If you are going to be a tranny, PLEASE be a good, model person. Strive for modesty, productivity and success and give back to society, or everyone is going to see us as chris chan forever.
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>I always wanted to wear a blue wig

Y-Yeah me too

It looks really nice on that girl

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nvyudvp2ixhx (1).png
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>that kid who listened to music in class and never got caught
>that kid who never paid attention in class and still got all questions right
>that kid who came to school bragging about their pokemon team and impressed no one
>that downie who takes the entire class period to say one sentence
>that one kid who bit another kid, but didn't get in trouble because "muh autism"
>that chad who everyone like, but was an asshole to shy kids
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>that girl who became an hero

>that kid who drowned because he swam in a lake near school

>that kid who shot the p.e teacher

>that kid with an edgy anime phone background

>that nignog who would yell worldstar when people fought

>that kid who got caught jacking off in class

>that chad who got bullied cause he had a small pp
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>that kid who brought and drank a quart of milk at school everyday
>that nerdy kid who sat quietly in school pre 8th grade who all of a sudden became chad once 8th grade happened and all the girls liked him and started acting like an asshole

>that one impulsive kid in class who always got into trouble, bullied a bunch of people, was generally the wild class clown
>that kid who once 8th grade hit none of the girls in school gave him any attention
>he became depressed and suicidal
>his personality changed, lost most of his friends and he became a "philosopher"
>tfw I'm that guy

At least I'm a fun drunk.

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Hey robots. Third thread here
>first one was about how I volunteer with inner city kids and one girl, a rape victim, has been coming onto me
>second was about this other girl I'm trying to help that is an 18 y/o HS freshman who is so stupid and I can't get through to her
Well I just found out tonight the first girl killed herself. It sucks. I don't even know when the wake/funeral is or if she'll even have one (she lives in a foster home, her mom was killed by her dad and he's in prison).
I don't know what to do robots. She was so nice. I tried to help her and I thought she was doing well. Fuck. I can't stop crying.
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Sad to read this anon. This sucks.
Roastie BTFO

Thanks anon. I don't even know what to do now. I think I'm going to leave the program. I'm just too soft. I'm a former drug addict so I would teach about that, there's plenty more people like me in NA. I just don't care about living any more. I can't do it anymore. I'm crushed. I would relapse if I knew any of my old dealers. I'm thinking about taking up drinking again but I know it'll make everything worse, but I just want to forget about it.
Sorry if this comes off as a blog post. Things are just so fucked up right now. I can't take it.

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Anybody else remember the good old days before the SJW's took over?
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"SJW's" don't exist, this is just a boogeyman used by Gamergate and later alt right and other racist fascists.
The /pol/-tards are the ones that have taken over. In the Bush years the default position for young people was what is now known as SJW. When 4chan first came around everyone here held what would now be considered liberal views.
>"SJW's" don't exist
Have you visited a college campus in the last 5 years?
That argument may have worked 10 years ago, but you would have to be fucking delusional to believe it now

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