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Tell me why I should have hope for the future.
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You shouldn't. Your path in life is already decided by the time you turn twenty-one, and there's nothing you can do to change it.
I'm stuffed with Chinese food
hope rides alone, and you're probably alone

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Why don't you have an anorexic gf yet? They're so easy!
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post more of her, she has nice tits

I had an ex anorexic ex gf

she was batshit insane
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I'm a chubby chaser, I like them big

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Are we robots due to high amount of neanderthal DNA?
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But they were
>superior in other ways
Why would they make us autistic? That's nonsensical.
Good to see that Varg finally found out about "Just For Men"

They were supposedly less social(smaller group sizes) and efficient problem solvers

sounds a bit like autism

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In case you missed it, Buzzfeed just uploaded a video where they ''mock'' the typical 4chan user.


>mucho autismo
>very redpill bro

can't believe they wasted money and time making shit like this
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They need to make one of these with an actual ugly-looking guy for once and maybe I'll give a shit.
fuck off buzzfeed everyone here uses adblock you are not going to make any money off us
I really don't get why they made this. Could someone explain it to me? It's honestly really confusing.

I mean, it's not overtly funny or exaggerated. Not even mocking, in my opinion. It all reads as true to life. A little abbreviated, but true, at least for me.

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I think I love Kanga. I want her to hold me and comfort me and be my mommy and make me feel safe. She was always with me in the stories even when I was little, she'd know how to make me feel nice and little again.
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I don't know, but this post sort of made me feel.

It's just so... innocent.
you should try to be a big man and protect her instead
Thank you anon! I hope the feeling wasn't sad

But I'm too little for that. I'm not ready to grow up I don't think, I still want to stay a little boy

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Why did roasties like his tweet in such high numbers?
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Social Media was a mistake. A horrible mistake.
> a female accuses a man of something under no basis with no evidence or even any prior accusations
>thousands of other females support her
SUMMER 18 has to be about the MEN!!!
<3 ;-3

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>be neet
>plotting my rampage before my suicide
>my family hates me
>eating dinner with family
>they're insulting about my mental illness
>i tell them to stop because it's not funny
>sister tells me to shut up because I have no friends
>go to my room
I'm thinking about destroying my sisters phone or putting dye in her shampoo or something. Do you have any ideas?
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buy a chainsaw and stop talking to them.
You should try not being an edgy autist.
Describe your mental illness.

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>almost 27 trying to find gf
>all girls either have kids, ugly, fat, or clinically insane who are available
>attractive women look at you as a meal ticket so you can help her raise chad's kids
>online dating is shit, only girls willing to actually talk to you are fat
>try to find girl at workplace, all will act nice and sweet to you because they know they have to see you again and don't want things to be weird
>try to make an advance and get shut down
>missed out on teenage love
>went through college not able to find gf because too many Chads around and too busy sperging out every time a decent girl shows you attention
>have to resort to either fucking fatties on the side or simply just opting out

And I like how girls say "why don't you just find a gf, anon?"

FUCKING TOP KEK like that is ever gonna happen
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I've thought of finding an attractive looking fatty and just getting her to loose weight. Not sure id work, but it seems like my only option.
unless you're a chad you basically have three options; get a fat/ugly/frigid/mentally ill woman, a single mom or mgtow.
more like tfl but all that shit is pretty much the same

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blowing rings while listening to emotional russian rap
who comfy here?
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da we comfy my dude. Might have a few ticks buried in me though
>emotional russian rap
You have my attention. Got a link to share, friend?

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According to this thread >>37615719 to find a gf I must first get a hobby that will allow me to meet girls
But what hobbies do girls like?
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crochet & croquet exclusively
Hip Hop Dance classes
That's just shitty advice, btw, but you can join yoga classes and meet qt girls through there. Or wall climbing.

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I rise from the cry's of robots desperation, I am the monolith and bring your gaze towards me for I will grant your questions with answers
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Will she yes to the wedding invite?
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will i get a qt3.14 and lose weight?
Will I get the job I applied for yesterday?

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>he missed out on Bitcoin
>he missed out on Ethereum
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Whats a bitcoin or ethereum? they sound dumb.
should i buy bitcoin or ethereum? i have the money for both
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>he's an amateur currency speculator
>he asks /biz/ when to buy and sell

What's for dinner robots 06/10
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nothing for me
I'm gonna get Chinese food
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gonna make some nuggies

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>Had a bad urge to fap during Ramadan.
>Fapped since it's iftar time and would not break my fast but still haram.
>Feel like shit now that I've fapped.

How is Ramadan going bros?
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shoo shoo desert cult member
your kind is not welcome here
Hello newfriend, you seem to be lost. Please follow the link back home >>>/pol/ >>>/r/eddit
so thats why samir hungback with me when my roommates and their friends got food yesterday...
fuck fasting must blow i wouldnt be able to focus

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I hope you have a good day anonymouses
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How about you huh ?
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Nibba is 6pm u tink it day nah
It's very rainy today. At work and just saw a coyote trot through parking lot. Haven't seen a coyote in about a year.

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