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I just sent this to my university's psychologist (whim I've seen only once).

Did I dun goof'd?
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Well, you're seeking help.
I don't know what else to say.
At least you're sending it to someone who can actually help you with your problems.
Just don't actually expect any help

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How to lie about having had sex if necessary? I'm 27 and most people just assume I have.
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yeh i put my pp vagina sophomore year haha so experience mm :DD
What exactly do you want to lie about? Do you know what don't you know?
Simply avoiding spaghetti moments when sex is brought up

We will make it boys we will make it
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Does she talk about how she pegged him and laughed at how pathetic he was?
I think she means that it was such an incredibly charitable act. It's like going on a mission and building homes for the poor in Central America.
I can see it in my mind dude
>I was so empowered by how emasculated and feeble he appeared!
>It was like I was conquering the patriarchy by being a big slut, you know, the thing I've made it my life's mission to do.

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Should I start abusing alcohol to solve my problems
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Alcohol is both the solution and cause of all of life's problems.
na man, it might make pulling the trigger easier but if you don't want to go that route, you'll only wind up in a worse spot later down the road. If you appreciate your physical health at all, it's gonna turn you into a fatshit

As long as you don't become an alcoholic, it works.

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ITT:Bad feels thread

>never knew mother
>she left before I was born
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>she left before I was born
>my mom
>before I was born
I know this feel anon, mine left while I was in my first Trimester

>never knew the warmth of a mother's love
maybe he's a failed abortion

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>Wake up after praying to become a girl
>See this
wat do?
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Wonder how the fuck I got into a clothing store while sleeping and spill my spaghetti because a girl is taking pictures of me
kill self
one less roastie on the loose
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YOU are the girl anonymouse!

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So it finally happened she removed me i wish i was fucking dead how could i fuck up this bad? I never ment anything by what i said... whatever i guess im just s constant fuck up
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thanks for telling me.
Been there. What did you say to her?
>I guess I'm just a fuck up

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These are the people out there telling you to just TRY HARDER.
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get the fuck off my boarddd you fat nigger
Why do people watch this vapid, meaningless drivel?

Tris is tre most obnoxiously self obsessed shit ever
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>2 million views
Yep apparently they do.

Remember anon, it's never okay to hit a girl even if she hits you first. :^)

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Guys how do I learn Japanese moonrunes what's the best way to start
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Give up because there is no practical application
No I need to read the mangos
kill yourself and reincarnate as a japanese schoolgirl

What is it like to have a 3 month summer break as a schoolkid in america?

How does it feel to be let off school and know you have 3 months of nice summer days with unlimited free time and the fridge always stocked with food?

If I was given that right now I would probably shit my pants with excitement.
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Man, where the fuck you live ? Im sure its not Africa because you're using internet. Are you some study slave corean/southeast Asian ?
Living in America is great in general.
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He's right, suburban America is great. I had to grow up in depressive urban jungles of Russia and it was either spending time in a company of violent assholes, doing drugs and other weird shit or locking myself on the internet and video games

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>join a discord
>everyone is friendly to me
>join voicechat
>a bunch of guys tell me to kill myself as soon as they hear im a girl
why can't I just get the same amount of respect as you guys? I didn't even chose to be a girl
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They are probably betafags with no social skills. What was the discord?
I'd be friendly to you OP

Only in hopes that you could be my gf though
Because of the inherent asymmetry in gender relations. Your femininity commands attention in a way that masculinity simply cannot, making resentment all but inevitable.

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Which one do you decide to choose in this situation?
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top half human, that's the half that matters
the fish tail one cant run away so obviously that one
top atleast you can talk to her and get bjs, bottom has a fish brain so you'd just be fucking a corpse

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>be comfortable off goodboy NEET
>live with mom and little sister
>suddenly my junkie brother decides to move back in for some reason
>cant stand the guy
>the time he hasnt lived with us has been the best times of my life
>smells like sour sweat and weed constantly
>he's 27 and cant even do his own laundry or make food
>he already mived his computer into my little sisters room
>little sister has to move to moms room now
>this useless idiot is gonna sit up all night and skype with his junkie friends and play dota2
>probably not gonna pay rent or contribute to the household at all since hes a selfish rat
>mom is okay with this

how do I get him out?
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Throw some rat poison in his food
and get thrown in peison and have my butthole torn by niggers
Nah m8
dude what the fuck are you me? this happened to me months ago. brother is even the same age. only difference is he doesn't play dota and I live with both my parents. holy shit

Would you date a cute, loyal, 10/10 girl with great personality knowing she is a coalburner?
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No. I've seen too much shit to believe that race mixers are anything but edgy retards.
Why would I cuck myself.
Yes, I'm black so she'd be burning coal regardless.

I just sucked a dick. It wasn't all that great, to be honest. It wasn't terrible, just don't think I'll do it again.
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>he doesent like sucking dick
what are you, a faggot
its 5 AM go to sleep
yeah it gets boring surprisingly quickly

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