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Hey /drunkbots/ hows it going?
what are you drinking, what are you doing, you having a good time?
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I've been meaning to get drunk for an hour but I'm too lazy to go to the kitchen.
I'm drinking some cheat malt liquor (4loko) playing some vidya games with friends over discord. having a bretty good time, I got class tomorrow but I don't mind showing up with a hang over
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I'm drinking myself to sleep so I don't have to spend my last waking moments thinking about how much I hate myself and my life. Pic related is my drink of choice.

>mfw whiskey is the best friend that I have in this world

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Only post in here if you're a 4/10 or below. Post stories and discuss being ugly, good looking normies not welcome.

>19 year old, fat, white, not autistic
>Should be rolling in pussy
>Instead small children look at me like I'm a 3 headed monster, and old people give me filthy looks even though I've never seen them before
>Literally look fucking awful no matter how well I dress or what haircut I have
>Had a chance to get a gf before puberty finished turning me into Quasimodo
>Ended up ruining and now I know I'll die alone and in extreme mental anguish
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*Meant to say that I'm not fat.
I'm not that ugly but I'm 5'7.
Kinda the same imo. In fact it's worse. People don't see me. I'm practically invisible, except I'm the guy who gets shit from everyone when they're pissed off. Kind of like a mental punching bag.
high 2/low 3 reporting in.

started getting treated noticeably like shit in grade school, parents and teachers and other kids cringing when they had to interact with me. Oh boy it's valentines day kids, you know wat that means, everyone ignore Anon!! and be a dick to him too!

hs get used to the friendless experience with no women

college , ok it'll be different, ha ahahahah

as an adult, the constant dirty looks from randoms although i started giving them dirty looks back fucking with them, and complaining about them, hey ya gonna fuck with me, life is life

Why am I this way?
>be me, at work. Shift ending
>me, one male coworker, and like 5 female coworkers
>male coworker, who is in like his 50s says "yeah so and so was asking me 'when the last time you were with a woman'"
>I say in my dryest, flattest voice "Yeah, we don't need to talk about the nineties"
>dead silence
>one female laugh to break the awkwardness
Like wtf I thought it was funny. Is there something wrong with me? I know I'm dry but I thought it was clever. I thought men are supposed to take jabs at each other for dominance
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women dont understand humor anon. even less understand deadpan humor. Not the best joke but it wasnt awful
This is why so many shows have laugh tracks
Women are too stupid to understand jokes unless they are told to laugh
Yeah they laugh at the stupidest, most inane shit all day and then when someone cracks an actual joke it's like....*cricket sounds*

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why are so many white boys turning into faggots and sissies?
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Literally nothing wrong with fucking sissy white bois.
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If you looked like this would you become a sissy faggot?
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who was the idiot that bumped this thread?
This is a disgusting picture. I'm disgusting by all traps, but this one in particular is literally 0% passing. Shaving his head is literally the ONLY thing it would take for this to be simply gay porn.

Since the obvious intention of posting gay threads here instead of /lgbt/ is to convert people, I've gotta ask why you thought this would have any chance of converting a straight male.

In other news, pic related is a BIO female cutie. Is the man in your image seriously comparable to her your mind?

Saged for good measure.

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Why do girls do this to their orbiters? It's so embarrassing
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>he is owed sex because it's his birthday

He should be happy to have her as a friend. Most attractive women would avoid him like the plague and he doesn't look wealthy, so I doubt he's being used.
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>she is owed protection because its her "right"

If women are the gatekeepers of sex then men are the gatekeepers of violence, why is a woman owed protection from harm? What exactly entitles her to a man's protection?

Sure men benefit from police as well but not to the degree that women do.

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>have to get signatures from nurses
>literally ask this nurse do you know what your name is
>she roasts me for about five minutes

I hate being autistic fuck this cruel world
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I got certified as an EMT, but never did anything with it because I hate talking to other people. Such is life. Do you like being an EMT, anon?
I honestly fucking hate it. Just doing it for medical school applications and to pay off my credit card debt
God fucking dammit, what a waste that cunt was. Had it all and just fucking threw it away like an asshole. I regret every boner I ever had for her.

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>be 27
>Been in solitude for 9 years (after hs)
>Force self to get into engineering, get job
>Watch Steins;Gate
>Excruciating loneliness
>tfw No Kurisu GF
>no friends irl to get support from
>try to explain my feelings to my friends at /g/, /sci/, /diy/ and /x/
>get insta rejected
>/c/ becomes my refuge
>but its too slow
>try /r9k/

Help me, I implore thee
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sup nugga
Time to end it all, it seems...
What a retard, plus /sci/ is not faggots like you. I think you like her because of her intelligence. But she's not real, all these cringy theories are not real as well.
You're full of cringe, man.

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Is the love that a girl feels for another girl more pure than the love between a girl and a boy?
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Yes. It is the purest love. Learn more at >>>/u/
get away from your yuri animoos they are fiction dreamt up by men, real women are incapable of love

Given how abusive lesbians are, I'd say no

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Would you rather be with a female cenobite from Hellraiser, or a sexy ass black woman? The black woman in question:

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Nicki Minaj Nicki Minaj please please please.

you sure?
They are the only correct answer.

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Why don't you robots just become Objectivists? It's time to stop blaming women and Chads for your own shortcomings. Follow a philosophy of self improvement, not tendies and NEETdom.
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>a sensible anon

What sorcery is this?
>Not Existentialism
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Because people who like this place aren't looking to better themselves. They're immature teens/young adults looking for a hugbox. Dont worry everyone, its societies fault you're unhappy.

What's the difference between boipucci and man ass?
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One is a real thing that exists; the other is a degenerate delusion.
FBPB, no further discussion required.

Left is really qt

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no mercy.png
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>be at self checkout
>whoops,looks like this steak is bananas too
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>buying groceries
>not being a NEET and having your parents buy food for you
KEK, What a shitty life u live
Too scared to try this
Am I a brainlet because I don't get what this means

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low life.jpg
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>1 pack of beef ramen - 380 kcal
>2 adderall 20mg - 0 kcal
>1 Jack Link "Beef" jerky strip - 240 kcal
>4 Miller high life 32 oz beers - 1173 kcal
Total: 1793 kcal
Looks like I still have a healthy diet lads
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I've literally just been drinking water for the last two days. I'm too depressed to eat.
>r9k robot
>eating and drinking

>1 cheese pizza - 1120 kcal
>1 Bag of Funyuns - 340 kcal
>1 can of Mtn. Dew Kickstart - 80 kcal
>11 chicken nuggets - 440
Total: 1980 kcal

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images (81).jpg
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How do I take the casinos for millions?
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hey kid, the house always wins.
Get lucky and then leave with your winnings
File: mr house shiggy.jpg (51KB, 588x601px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
mr house shiggy.jpg
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>expecting to win millions
Don't you know the house always wins? Part II

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Let's see how many of you are true robots
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There you go. Not sure what you expected here.
getting a single one disqualifies you by the way
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Opinions, anyone?

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