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>work at Jimmy John's
>woman comes in
>"Can I use the bathroom"
>tell her it's for customers only so she can only use it if she buys something
>she starts throwing cookies and cups at me
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What color was she? If she was white, what color would you assume her children to be?
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>work at McDonald's
>first week on the job
>sitting at table by myself eating my free food before my shift starts
>suddenly see burger wrapper slide across the floor in front of me
>try really hard not to laugh
>notice angry old man sitting by himself in the corner holding a burger
>"w-would you like me to get that for you, sir?"
>glares at me
>"I don't give a fuck what you do."
>co-worker picks up the wrapper and looks at me
>asks "Do you really wanna work here?", clearly dead inside

I stopped showing up to work shortly after that because my manager was a bitch and they only let me work 1 day a week anyway.
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>be me
>some waitress is whining about a person who didn't leave a tip but left a note saying she did a good job
>I idly comment that she should be happy someone thought she was a perfect servant
>she tells me she's a server, not a servant
>I ask her what the difference is
>she tells me a servant does whatever they are told
>I see, I answer in a serious tone
>Can you bring me some ketchup?

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Another unmarried childless 30 something has joined the ranks of the Dead Roasties Society.

Gen-X and early millennials rode the cock carousel until their late 20's. Then they got off with a beta provider before cheating, divorcing, and beginning the cycle all over again.

But more of these women are refusing to settle. And more men are refusing to play the rigged game at all.

The end result is single men finding other ways to occupy their time and miserable used up spinsters getting trashed on cheap wine and dressing up their cats in baby clothes before killing themselves with their biological clock run outs.

This is the future you wanted ladies.
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Jesus christ that last paragraph op
Those little dogs are fucking everywhere these days, man. Frankly it's a bit scary.
Why do you feel the need to shill anti women threads on here? Go back to the redditpill or whatever reddit forum you came from.

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reply to this thread to delete pol /b/ros!!!

If we get 500 replies then mods will do it!
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>reply to this thread to delete pol /b/ros!!!
>If we get 500 replies then mods will do it!
This 2bh
You can take our land, our pride, and our freedom. You can say that traps arent gay, but we all know they are

You will NEVER get /pol/ deleted. You will never get rid of the one board that had made us immeasurably autistic.

You cant be a true robot if you dont browse /pol/
>>>38136160 (OP) (You)
>You can take our land, our pride, and our freedom. You can say that traps arent gay, but we all know they are
>You will NEVER get /pol/ deleted. You will never get rid of the one board that had made us immeasurably autistic.
>You cant be a true robot if you dont browse /pol/
Thanks for signing the petition anon. Make sure to leave feedback

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sweets are tasty edition
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Fist for best girl
oops that was a bit of a freudian slip
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I agree with this poster's statement, truly beautiful

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>virgin status
>no. of friends
>no. of female friends
>last social thing you did
>how it went
>like/hate job and why
>future plans
>political views

I'll go first

>Male (straight)
> 20 or 30 fairly good friend that I keep in touch with (close friends 3-10 that I hang out with all the time)
>a few female acquaintances but not really friends as I am autistic
>had best friend come over and play vidya and shoot the shit
>was nice and relaxing
>no job since I'm in school
>lifting/excercise, music, and fashion (besides Vidya and the ch0n)
>college then med school then doctor
>right wing libertarian
>make money and take revenge on bitches that hurt me
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>non-religious/agnostic maybe idk
>lel personality tests
>idk a few but recently moved to an area where I only have one friend (roommate)
>2 that I actually text regularly
>nothing recent, but doing something "social" tonight if you wanna call it that
>it might go good, might go bad
>STEM related shit
>dunno i start this week (hence the move)
>none really...sports, i run sometimes
>work this job for a bit while finishing masters degree then move somewhere else
>fuck politics but slightly conservative
>fuck this chick tonight

but anyways the story i'll add is i just moved into a new apartment in a new city and this chick invited me over to smoke and chill tonight. she's kinda chub but not awful looking. worst case scenario i get smoked up for free, best case scenario i get to fug a thicc bitch while high af
>has a firm handshake
>dont care
>0 (2 if u count online friends)
>play an online game with said online friends
>cant exactly go wrong
>waste time and eventually an hero
>none because politics is for normalfags

fuck you faggots

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Post your confessions in this thread, anon.
Trust me, you'll feel better.
I'll start.
>I used to be a kleptomaniac.
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I once let my dog lick my genitals
I slept with my friends younger sister
I unironically hate niggers and chinks
I play Katawa Shoujo. Doing so is possibly the biggest hit to my self esteem yet, but i'm just so damn lonely and I can't help myself.

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Alright robots, it's that time again.
Tell me of the most degenerate thing you've ever done?
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Suck dick behind a dumpster

Dildo my ass while crossdressing. Shit was cash.
Barebacked a known slut (male) after a night of heavy drinking

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>fucked a hooker to lose virginity
>didn't know what to do so I kissed her while doing her
>few days later
>I have herpes

Fucking help me fellow anons
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We can't help you whore
>kissed a hooker
You deserve it retard
Hope you used a condom op

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Is he dear I say, /ourguy/?

>Yeager, who was born with facial deformities, confessed to the plot, which he attributed to a lifetime of bullying and being shunned by women.

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>that's deformed

Oh Jesus Christ, then what am I? Inhuman?
He is a hero, yes

Our society praises unrestrained sexuality and believes women NEED to fuck a hundred Chads whenever she feels like it.

But if you are an ugly guy, you deserve to die a virgin and are not entitled to sex.

I respect him for exposing societies hypocrisy

He looks good in the pictures cause he had plastic surgery. A lot of it. But he is still traumatized from prior bullying.

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did normies ruin Rick and morty?

it seems like all of a sudden, the herd hopped on it. I swear it used to be more of an underground show.

I'm not gonna stop watching it cause normies are, but still
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How did normies "ruin" a show for you? Do normies actually have an influence and effect the show's writing?

So if a show becomes popular and a lot of people (normies) like it, then it becomes shit? kek.

When it came in 2013, it was never underground. Lots of "normie" hipsters watch adult swim.
holy shit I knew a faggot like you would come in and try to "school" me. honestly fuck off. annoying as fuck. I clearly wrote "I'm not gonna stop watching it because normies are, but still" for a reason.

You know what the fuck I'm talking about but you're too hung up on seeming mature and shit. fuck off your high horse dude.
They're right about it never being underground though

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Come on, you know what to do!
Also, most normalfag from intuitives edition
>Descendant degenerate tier
>Type descriptions
Feels good that people finally started putting 16personalities as the beginners choice after my thread back in the time. Keep good job up boys
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INFJ RCOAI 5w4 (5/8 > 1 > 4) sx/sp reporting in.

For Anons just getting into this pit of autism, the Tumblr page is a bit incohesive. Either click on "Site Index", or just go to http://mbti-notes.tumblr.com/masterposts for better organisation of info.

Out of curiosity, do Anons wish they were another type?

I'm comfortable as an INFJ, but I'm vaguely aware that it's often shittier to be a feeler even with tertiary Ti, so given the choice I'd be INTJ.
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>tfw intj with nothing interesting to do

what do
Play singleplayer vidya. It allows you to temporarily escape this boring reality.

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Post who you wish you looked like
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inb4 traps
File: 1494780571059.png (516KB, 579x819px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I want to look EXACTLY like Shimakaze!
File: hk.jpg (589KB, 800x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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shinda shima

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"Champ, your mother and I think it's time for you to get a job. Get dressed. I'm driving you to several places today, and I won't take no for an answer."

"Why the glum face? It's simply a matter of showing up, speaking with the manager, looking him in the eye, and giving him a firm handshake."
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Geez, I have a job and this post has me all nervous and shit.
gotta swing by the kitchen and load my pockets up with spaghetti first
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"Son, you'll never get ahead in life until you take that first step. It's all a matter of speaking with the manager, looking him in the eye, addressing him as 'Sir," and giving him a firm handshake."

Lets keep the thread going

>Fembots, please describe your perfect boyfriend

>Race or nationality
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This is such an embarrassing thread.
Do the opposite for once. Robots post your ideal girlfriend. I want to read something different.
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Pic of my ideal girlfriend. Doesnt have to look like her but it has to be damn close

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Hug that sister
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Fuck off in an original way you tripfag blogger cunts.
You can not resist forever. You will hug her one day.

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