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his mother being a porn star is somehow the least of his problems
who's his mom? origin
sex workers should be sterilyzed by law, men included

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>feel nothing most of the time
>bored no matter what
>don't enjoy doing anything
>talk to a girl
>mood suddenly improves +1)*100 times

Why am I like this
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There really is something magical about them.
talking to women is annoying and I always end up ghosting them, I wish I was gay tbqh
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Kek, get a load of this cuck over here.

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Any recommended reading material for before and movies to watch during the trip?
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Just do it man you can't really prepare for it.
Do it on a day where you feel good.
If you want, read Doors of Perception by Aldous Huxley. It's pretty short. He describes his experience of tripping on mescaline in great detail. I felt like it was really, really similar to an acid trip. I mean, reading it, sounded like an acid trip, even though he was on mescaline. Sorry, i'm really tired right now. Read Doors of Perception.
Every trip is different though so you can't really prepare yourself. I heard someone say once that good people have good trips and bad people have bad trips.
I've only ever had good trips on acid but I could see how it can kind of be freaky and bring out some negative mental effects or underlying mental problems if you have any
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Also, if you watch a movie while you're tripping, I highly recommend watching The Matrix.

What is your go-to method to bait people on 4chan?
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I don't do that, because I'm not an asshole.
canadian proxies
fantastic scene to be honest

might be the best blacked release this year

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>tfw 20 and can't grow anything more than fucking peach fuzz beard and mustache
>seeing 16 and 17yos with full grown beards
why do I have to be a failure in every single aspect of life?
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I feel with you anon. Im 23 and i only have that small thin goatee shitstain on my chin and a few hair under my nose which supposed to be mustache
>tfw hair only grows on my neck and tip of chin, extending up to my sideburns
Have to shave it constantly so I don't look like a retarded neckbeard. Not sure how I'll shave though once I start my nomadic life/trip. Might be hard to come by a razor, but I don't think many normalfags even know what a neckbeard is supposed to indicate stereotypically so it will probably be fine.

Same, I have a full blown neckbeard but I don't bother shaving because I never go outside.

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What is the worst board on 4chan?
For me it's a tight competition between >>>/pol/ and >>>/g/ but I will have to go with >>>/g/

They are not only consumerist morons, they're consumerist morons who think they actually know anything when the most they can do is make a "hello world" console program and repeat gentoo like carnivorous worms hollowed out what little was in their heads
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us real nurrds, amirite?
/r9k/ It's become shit over the last couple of years
Definitely /pol/
Spamming their shit on other boards and going into autistic strawman rages when you call them out
Because politicising everything and shaming people worked so well for the popularity of sjws. Fucking morons

How does this make you feel? What emotions does it provoke?
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I'm not entirely sure what feeling I even can begin to respond with

it's just so over saturated at this point where the reaction to most of this extreme shit is met with a shrug and an 'eh'
Why do they want to label themselves so much?
i used to draw weird stuff as a kid aswell. like dinosaurs with huge dicks.

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>"Thanks for taking me out for lunch today anon, mhhh this desert is so sweet, just like you anon!!"
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This made me happy. Thanks for the thread anon

yeah, that'll be the roofies you're tasting
She's talking down to you, don't fall for the trap. Turn this shit around and say "yeah whatever bitch you're paying" and she'll suck you off like the roastie she is.

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How's that youtube channel coming along mates?

Here's mine

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>having a youtube

Do you have any respect left for females?
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I honestly don't have respect for anyone anymore
same to be completely honest
>woman has standards
>man gets turbo butthurt because women wont have sex with him at the drop of a hat
Ah that's perfectly reasonable, there's nothing wrong with being a pathetic retard who only thinks with their dick.
>woman actually does have sex at the drop of a hat

male """""""""""""""logic""""""""""""""""

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>tfw your ventures in lucid dreaming have driven you clinically insane
>tfw you're performing reality checks every 10 minutes and constantly questioning everything around you
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>lucid dreaming
how do you do it?
seriously. a person should not have to clear tape the inside of ones own restroom just to have a restful poo if to verify that no one has come inside while he was doing his dooty (but will never know for fear of time travellers/teleportat0rz) That's just not right. Let the person poop in privacy for pete's sake!
i know that feel man,its so strange to have to regularly question whether you are in reality.

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>Used to be fat and got rejected by a girl I liked and really got along with
>a year later and I am /fit/ and happy with myself despite being still single
>girl gets viciously dumped by the chad she chose over me and now she wants to get with me
>Tell her via text "I think you were right when you said let's just be friends." and ignore her from there despite all her roastie friends calling me an asshole

Who else knows this feel?
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nice work, anon
this is why I lift
good job anon


/r9k/ is easily the most mentally ill board on 4chan, so there should be a thread where the mentally ill people here can talk about anything and everything related to mental illness
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Not really. Alit of deppresion and meme deppresion but I wouldn't say this place is ill. You feel for the robot meme. it's true most of us are nihilistic and preffer to be alone but I would say 90% of this board can save themselves if they stop being lazy. And no don't jus b urself. Get a job, move out and see where life takes you. Life sucks and you're not going to get a qt unconditionally living GF but you can still go out and fuck with normies. I've been here since like 2014.l and have stopped coming for the most part in the last few months. This place dosent change much. go do something mediocre and be independent
I'm INTP, does this count?
+ usual schizoid disorder
Just want to live until I have procreated and educated some of my own children.
The thing i look most forward to, is the downfall of civlization. These are the only important things in my life
I'm unironically about to snap.

I miss her so much.
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she doesn't give a fuck about you anymore
She does though.
Men up fag

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>finally get a bf
>he gets cum on EVERYTHING
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This thread gave me fucking cancer
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This post cured my cancer. Thanks OP
Post downie tits
(cum covered if possible)

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