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>fart under the covers
>stick head in to get a whiff
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>cup hands around anus
>let out a big fart
>quickly move hands to face and take a nice whiff
Please. Stop. Just kill yourself
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pikachu snicker.jpg
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>fill up tub
>lay in it and pee
>bathe in peewater

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Eyes thread

Lets see some purple bags and dead ones
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welcome to my world of schizophrenia and insomnia
Origorino comment
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poopoo papa pee pee

kinda jealous of your color
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I thought I would start a thread about how orgasms feel.
Feel free to join in.
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I'm not the OP, but orgasms are great. They're like being petted and loved at the same time.
Like, an orgasm is when you thought that nobody would ever love you and then you found out that you were a stupid fucking idiot.
they feel like if you sneeze 8 times in a row but with your penis
and you accomplish the clearing of your lungs except with your balls

very overrated
no, no.
I don't understand how that can be with eggs

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Friendly reminder that Asian girls don't want beta white weebs. They have discovered the power of BBC. Sorry whitebois.
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please stop with this bait. it's old and tired.
No u.

Well, yeah.
That's like saying water is wet. Asian girls are hooking up with black guys and black guys are ignoring white chicks in favor of asian chicks.

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images you like
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i really really really like this image of broccoli
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pretty cool broccoli.
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classic ww1-era german propaganda.

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Mirepoix Risotto.jpg
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>ITT: Post your Hobbies
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>INB4 Someone calls my risotto watery.
Saucy is a better word.
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Porcini Risotto.jpg
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One of my earlier works
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Mushroom Risotto.

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>anons are assumed male by default
>men can post about male specific things and it will be treated normally
>women who post about female specific things or let it slip they are female will receive a barrage of both overly positive and negative attention that renders discussion impossible
>when a man says he is a man he will not be commanded to post dick except as a joke
>if a woman says she is a woman she will be harassed to post tits
This just isn't right. /r9k/ is a space for everyone to discuss their problems. One sex should not be treated differently than the other. Lets create gender equality on /r9k/!

Lets see those dicks boys.
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You seem like a very nice man anon.
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Eat shit you fucking slut
On the way senpai

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Do THICC Asians actually exist or are they just a meme? I've never actually seen one irl before.
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leave it up to ugly white neckbeards to find the weirdest fucking image on earth, lol.

you need help.
no there are no thicc asians anywhere in the world. not one.

I fucked a thicc Korean girl once. So they exist, but they're rare.

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What is /r9k/ opinion on harvest moon?
What is your favorite game of the series?
If you don't like it, why?

For me the best one is probably the SNES one, it was simple, comfy and interesting. I was thinking about buying the new one (story of seasons trio of town) But I don't have the money. HM is just one of those games where I can't help but think ''I want my life to be like this''
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Pretty good games. I'd say either Mineral Town or Wonderful life are my personal favorite. Played the absolute shit out of Stardew Valley when it came out last year. Super cozy game.
Friends of Mineral Town was probably my favourite, but it had some issues with it. Nothing huge, but there were definitely some odd spots in the game. At one point, the pastor started speaking German at me, in the English version. Just for a bit. Very confusing.
Magical Melody, Ann is best wife.

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>see two anon's arguing
>pretend to be one of them and say some retarded shit
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>do something so that you can't back out of being one of the "original two" faggots, even though you're the third IP in the thread
>shitposting god
>mfw win
>anons arguing at full force
>this tickles my neckbeard
You saw this thread on /tv/ get over 200 yous in an hour and now you want to get some too?

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smug wojak.png
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so are you dominant or submissive? not that any of us have experienced it either way, just in terms of fantasy
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Submissive. I want a controlling woman. It weird just be easier on me.
i used to be like that. dont label yourself like that, it ca really restrict a relationship
Somewhere in-between is awkward and uncertain

Why do normies watch this?
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like nigga just look outside lmao
Why do you fucking think, dork?
>people still watch the news
Nigga just use google. It'll tell you the weather anytime of the day. When boomers finally die out hopefully televized news will

>need money, but horrible at job and every work day I end up screwing something up
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eventually you will run out of things to screw up, then you'll be fine
You can be a provider for an old family member
Cam whoring is always an option

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>tfw the girl you liked throughout high school is now a single mother

It's a strange feel, lads. What happened to your high school crushes, robots? No, I won't date her now and be a turbocuck.
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she became a tumblr camwhore and I have a few gigs of porn of her

it's pretty nice
He sells real estate with his mom. A few years after graduating he messaged me on OKC wanting to fuck so I blocked him.
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You lucky cunt.

She became an overweight single mother. It's a shame, because she wasn't really a roastie, just a sweet girl who got caught up with a bunch of them.

She was always nice to me.

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>sister is crying again
Why does this shit always trigger my anxiety?
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give her the cummy cums it will make her feel better
>sister is crying again
>100% chance it's a non-issue and she's the reason why she's upset but she'll never have the self realization to recognize it
Just cuddle her and gently rub her holes to make her feel better.

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