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ITT: Essential robotcore (games, books, movies, anime, music, whatever), no pleb shit allowed
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I saved this picture the other day but never saw a occasion to share it
there has to be some love for this movie around here. it's a masterpiece IMO.


it hits like a fucking train, you won't be the same after watching it.
man this is dying quick

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Me too little brother, me too. Theres literally nothing better. White, black and Asian women don't even compare, especially since Latinas are usually a mix of all three.
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Leave my property alone.
I am a chicano though.

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>mfw i find a new porn site that that is full of things i like and accessible

>mfw this is the highlight of my week
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>is it free?
Link me faggot
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if you are into 2d+girls
not my thing but good find anyway, yuribro

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bi-weekly reminder that I'm working on a r9k mixtape, I only have about 3 songs to go, but I REALLY need someone to make a dope mixtape cover for it. I know we have some artist here, do me this ONE (1) favor!

Latest track.

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Female here. I LOVE music. I just want a cute bf to listen with ;)
good luck finding an artist.

if you need any audio production or guitar/bass recordings, i'm up to chip in.
Yeah ok it's not the worst thing I've heard but know that you're directly contributing to what continues to make this place fucked and over

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>put out on the first date
get ghosted
>wait a bit longer
labeled as weird

Do girls even know what commitment is?
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>be a guybot
>at work when thots start talking about how they cant find a man or how they all wish men would get their shit together
>spend my smug coin because they will never find a man as good as me
when will thots ever learn
uh, dont you mean robot oni-senpai?
yeah, they need to learn
what are you talking about?
this is a guybot thread, leave if you aren't one

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join this discord and be as aids as you can friendly discord looking for new members
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invalid or expired man

Is h*ggus there? I won't join if so. Dude is a pedophile I heard.
expired my dude

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How the fuck do you even meet women? I made a tinder and got a few matches but they never respond to messages (and tinder girls are only for pump n' dump anyway). All of my friends are guys and their friends are almost exclusively guys. Girls in public or in class don't want to be approached because I'm not a Chad. I miss being in highschool when girls were dumb and their standards were low
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femanon here

normally I wouldn't talk to someone like you for obvious reasons but I just want you to know I would gladly take your money before you hang yourself
Ugh ur pic related hits my feels really hard. Did you play ico? I surprisingly don't know many people who did. Such a fucking beauty.
Yes, I played Ico. I loved it, and SotC as well. Still haven't played the Last Guardian

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Which tea do I drink?
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Trying to lose some weight, fatty? Hate to break it to you but you're gonna need more than tea, fat boy
You should drink. Tea. Earl grey. Hot.

stop being a faggot and drink earl grey

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>2 years completed uni student
>great gpa
>no one wants to hire me for min wage summer work because I have no job experience

should I just kill myself this summer? i dunno what to do. my parents are going ape shit
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Honestly, you have to know someone on the inside these days. No one just hires blind anymore. Though it couldn't hurt to make up a volunteer experience and have an uncle pretend he was the volunteer coordinator or something on the off-chance they actually verify.
>i dunno what to do. my parents are going ape shit

Out of sight, out of mind. Stay out of their way. Bring your laptop to the library so you can "job hunt without distractions". Clean up the house while they're at work to show you're not being a freeloader.

Also, apply at shitty high turnover places like Walgreens or something but don't tell them you're leaving after August.
real femanon here

you should just kys because no one wants to date a loser with no money or no dick and no personality.

just die

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Who is your favorite league of legends character?
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still nyandalee. i miss throwing 1200dmg spears in S2 or 3 or something and sometimes 1hit killing an enemy carry.
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i like zilean. add me on NA "no bread"

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have you gone without sleep?
What happened to you?
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65 hours is my record. Not a lot happened really, just felt like I was high for the last day, then I slept 12 hours and was back to normal
my best is 4 days almost, so something like 80-something hours. I didn't exactly keep track. all for grinding in FFXI years ago.
longest I've ever slept is 26 hours, that was a nice fucking sleep.
I usually sleep four hours a night. It's normal for me. I sleep an hour and a half. Then I'm awake four hours and then I sleep two or three mord hours. It's hell, really. But during the day time I don't feel much different.

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Come and share graduation stories
>Today is the day of my hs graduation. I'm on my way right now. This is the beginning of the end. No more lazy summer days. No more childhood simplicity. No more free time without the stresses of the adult life. Forwards to the hell of the normie world. Onwards to shit.
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Nah, it's all the same

Highschool continues after highschool, for the rest of your life. No matter if you're working or if you're headed to college, it really is all the same as high school, just with older people
This isn't real is it? Unless your parents really, really spoil you and you go to piss easy high school, those days have already been over for years.
Grow the fuck up you pathetic douchebag and quit being such a whiny, underage bitch

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Slut tells
>Constantly running into lots of male "friends" from her past where she leaves the history murky
>Overly friendly with people who work in the hospitality industry like bartenders/restaurant workers/club guys: getting free drinks and things comped
>Over familiar and friendly with local bands/DJs/etc
>Hoop earrings
>Can't account for any hobbies (she's an app whore) or Netflix/coffee "hobbies"
>Poor memory
>Curses excessively
>Not in contact with any friends from their past
>Doesn't have a cohesive friend group or seems to bounce from group to group. Usually means everyone got sick of her fucking their boyfriends or a sign of borderline personality which is a strong slut factor
>Indiscriminate fuck me eyes. You'll notice they give them to nearly everyone even remotely attractive that they talk with, even to other women. They are so used to doing it that it becomes their go to look
>Talks about men how men talk about women. Always saying stuff about "hot guys" or men's bodies
>Was "raped", especially if in college
>Has little to no relationship with her Father or bad mouths him
Anything I missed lads?
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Virgin tells
>he makes threads like these
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niggers tongue my OC
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I'll never swim with a girl that cute with big tiddies feels bad man. That pick makes my stomach feel weird.

Hey /r9k/ I got a joke for you!

What do you get when you cross an elephant with a rhino?

'ell if I know!

say it out loud if you don't get it
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Oh, I get it, that's really clever.
worth a chuckle op, good one

Good taste, OP.

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>Be me
>Apply for a job
>White guy gets job over me just because his skin color
I fucking hate white people
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And you know it's because he is white, how? I think they didn't hire you because your obviously a bitter asshole with a chip on his shoulder.
Employer here. If we have two identical applicants, but only one is white, we'll definitely hire him over the brown person.
Of course you would say that. If 2 people have the same qualifications and the white guy gets hired over the the black guy that's because of his skin color. The white manager wanted another white worker.

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