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My mom is trying to set me up on a date with her friend's blind daughter. Is it worth it? What would dating a blind girl be like? What would I do with her?
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Take pics of her tits and ass.
who cares as long as she's a cutey, pick her up at her place, walk her to your car, lock arms when walking. What are you going to do on a date?
>blind chick
>clearly desperate for cock
>can't take her too many places because blind
>lots of netflix and chill nights
>easy to fug

Go for it. A long term relationship is probably not what you want, but she'll make a good cum dumpster until you get a better girl

Sweet thing I watch you
Burn so fast it scares me
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>watch gf burn
>try to save her
>she doesnt want help
>dont help her
>not my gf anymore

women, eh
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Allison I'm lost
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You say love and it sounds so sweet.

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>kids playfighting
>one reaches for his shirt, pulls it down
>girl clearly smiling and laughing
>he just lays on her at the end
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Is that melanin I see?
/pol/acks assume that every interaction with a girl is rape since they never had the experience of a girl consenting to do anything with them
Are you ignoring her obvious distress, his pushing and pinning her down and his kissing her neck as she struggles then?

Nice b8

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gay pride 2017.jpg
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>tfw went to gay pride parade
>tfw straight
I saw boobs for the first time in real life.
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christsake go to a strip club

Was she a qt though?
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My local stripclub has a no singles policy

Hi robots, need some advice.

I'm looking to buy one of that fleshlight toys because everybody seems to talk magic about them. I can't buy it online because parents so I'll go to a local sex shop. The think is i'm really scared to speak to a guy telling him I want a masturbator I don't even know what to say withouth being autistic what do?. And if u can recommend any special type and prices will be good too.
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if you go into shop
all the fleshlights are locked up behind glass
so you have to flag down the clerk
and tell him which sextoy exactly you want
and he will grab it for you and bring it to register
the best one to get is the ebony butthole with speed bumps
they're neat for the first few times but you get tired of having to warm it up pre fap, clean it afterwards, keeping it hidden from normies, powdering it with corn starch to prevent stickiness

desu the only time it feels good is when you orgasm and feels like it's literally sucking the cum out of you but other than that feels about like using your hand

and no it doesn't feel anything like a real vagina
Well, seems like a good deal for a good price, around 15 bucks would be cool just to try it, that will do it?

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Anyone else notice that this board is pretty much a bunch of faggots / trannies taking of advantage of how lonely and desperate a lot of robots are using them for validation?

Perhaps gay stuff should no longer be allowed, especially 3D.
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I agree with you 100%, but I dont think most robots give a single shit about being used same with the trannies I dont think they care about the fact that those validating them are in fact not in their right state of mind at all
/lgbt/ is also mostly traps. I don't understand why the traps here just go there. They're more accepting.
>he doesn't hide the trap threads
I mean, I agree with you, but it isn't hard to do anon.

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>and I never come back to this town again
>in my life
>I hope I lie
>and tell everyone you were a good wife
>and I hope you die
>I hope we both die
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>T E E N

>T I T A N S

>Lets go!
>I want to fuck a dog in the ass
>he wants to fuck a dog in the ass
>I wanna fuck a dog
>That's right kids.

>I tried to fuck your mom in the ass
>Tried to fuck your dad in the ass
>could only find the dog....and his ass
>I tried so hard
>and got so far
>But in the end
>It doesn't even matter

It literally plays on repeat in my head every time I fuck something up I particularly cared about, like my own mind is taunting me

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if a female/male version of yourself appeared would you fuck it?

Do you think she/he'd look good?
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Would it be sex or masturbation
Hmm, it would be terrible, actually.
A female version of me would probably be a 9/10 goddess. 5'10ish Strawberry blonde, skinny, full lips, very fair skin, green eyes, big butt and hips.

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I need a mobile robot lifestyle solution like pic related except more survivable if society starts to collapse. Any ideas?
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live in a van
a robot posted how he lived in his van a few months back
it's comfy

>Get a transit van
>Cover with thick steel
>get bullet proof glass to replace windscreen/windows
>Cut a hole in the bottom for fecal matter
>Make a little hole in the top and place a container above it so you can collect rainwater
>Purchase solar panels for electricity and make them retractable for easy transport

Here what this guy did.

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ITT your autistic tendancies
>constantly crack knuckles and if i don't do it for long enough i start getting anxious
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>squirt water up my nose
can't tell if it actually keeps my sinuses clean or if I'm acting like a retard
>talk to myself in the car like I was in the middle of a deep conversation about how intricately unique my personality is
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>always make sure my keyboard and mouse are in the exact spot that theyre meant to be on my desk, if that shits on an angle im gonna have a fucking fit

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never give in, never surrender.
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To clarify on the deja vu thing. It's not your responses. I was talking about everyone else's responses.
Can I get a break from racemixing for one fucking minute? I don't even know what this thread is about and it's somehow still a racemixing thread.
Sage as in downvote.
Truthfully this doesn't offer me much clarity, seeing as with past threads they do in fact differ. Beyond those who're there to just squander the thread, I guess. Besides that wouldn't happen seeing as you've to original here.
What a miss. That's not even the point of this thread? See what you will though.

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Holy fuck, you literally cannot get any more aminu than this.
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what am I looking at?
Does tekken have custom characters finally?
Yoshi mains unite, my man
Yoshimitsu retard..

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>fantasize about going to a mental hospital and making true friends that will make me feel warm and fill the empty inside of me
Wtf is my problem
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Sometimes i fantasize about that too.
Not sure, but thanks for the Debian meme
t. Debian user
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>tfw you dream that you attempt suicide and fail then get sent to a mental institution where you find a qt psycho gf but it's ok because you love eachother

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Is kek real? Or just a meme? How powerful is he?

>digits will confirm his/her/zher existence
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Dubs and kek not only exists, but is almighty.
*are almighty
and that's why you weren't given the quad 3s

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Why do girls pretend to relate to me?

"Oh yeah totally, I know what you mean, I get lonely too"
>*texts 5,000 people*

"I know what it's like to be a nerd."
>*Watched one episode of attack on titan 5 years ago*

"I play video games too!"
>*Plays League of Legends once*

Don't you fucking lie to me dammit. Don't pretend like you have any idea what it's like to be a miserable wretch of a creature like myself.

You can't even possibly comprehend the self hate and social isolation I've endured.

Your one week without 12 guys dangling off the end of your finger doesn't compare to 2 years of chastity and isolation you vapid cunt.
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There's a certain type of loneliness women can never understand, friend. It's not personal.
Some women DO come close to the loneliness that men feel, or at least they come close to the circumstances. It breaks them and they become bag ladies, staying up all night at the gas stations and crying at random times, and it happens damn near immediately.

Let that shit sink in
try r9k

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