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Sing a song edition

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whatcha gonna do anons
Where is your accent from, OP?

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/pol/ annoys the fuck out of me. they're overexcited about burgerland politics again. it's hard to believe any of them aren't underage
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Hey there, /r/cringeanarchy user
Pretty terrible and not funny.
>being this cringe
>thinking this comment is at all funny or clever
Time to get that autism diagnosis my dude

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Fuck this shit. They are obviously setting up Mcgregor as the villain. He's going to throw the fight to Mayweather. They'll all make 6 figures.
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how do i watch and where

i don't have sky or anything
theres a youtube stream up my nigga
tinfoil hat general?

Is there something wrong with me
>have qt gf
>get high get blowjob cum
>next week have sex
>go for like two hours cant cum
>blowjob still cant cum
>say fuck it and we get high
>two days ago
>bj cant cum
>handjob feels great
>cant cum
Is my dick broke. Please help i just wanna cum
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My boyfriend had this happen to him before. Wait a few weeks, my boyfriend did and he could cum again. If that doesn't work, see a doctor.
>>get high get blowjob cum
Close your eyes and try again


This song has an uncomfortable feel. God I love synthwave.
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>Com Truise

>not Mitch Murder.
Com Truise is the best synthwave artist though.
Says who?

Some Jewish music commentator?

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Say something nice about her!
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Not symmetrical enough. Someone post panzer waifus
She's brown and has long legs
Fuck off back to /v/

>Is x our guy?
>Who was in the wrong?
>What the fuck was his problem?
>et etc

Kill all yourselves

>"you see THIS anon? THIS is what it takes to please a woman..now get over here and lube it up before he deep dicks me you little bitch white boy"
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That's about my own size, though.
What's the deal with this bitch? Did r9k foolishly believe she wasn't a slut or something prior to the inevitable blacked shoots?
Sure, anon. Sounds very oregano

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You know how those female twitch streamers have a legion of white-knights and orbiters at their beck and call just because they're female in a male-dominated environment?


What if some reasonably attractive, straight guy, for whatever reason, got good at make-up or girly shit like that and made youtube videos or streamed it? I mean it would be in mainly female environment since it's shit their into right? Do you think they would get female beta orbiters from it? And I mean REALLY girly shit not unisex like singing because that's over-saturated.
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he wouId be called gay
Being a female adapting male traits isn't seen as bad in society. Look at all the "muh young independent woman" shit there is out there.

Men taking on feminine traits is treated poorly as it should be. Very few women want a feminine male.

To get to your point though, female orbiters do exist. They orbit chad. Someone so ridiculously masculine that they transcend 80% of the population.
Male orbiters exist because they lack female attention.

Female orbiters exist because they want the best.
By who? It doesn't matter because it's shit females watch, maybe they would think it's cute. He can act like a normal masculine guy while doing it, not like a flamboyant faggot. Do you think female twitch streamers or athletes are gay?

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>tfw mom is a hardcore leftist,hardcore feminist and a psychopath
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Tell her that you hate Jews and think women shouldn't vote and greentext what happens
Lock her in a room alone with a computer. Every webpage is blocked except for youtube videos by thunderf00t, Sargon of Akkad, and PragerU. She can only leave when she admits that women aren't in any way superior or more morally righteous to men :)
You got lucky anon. If you were much younger she would have probably forced you to transition.

>Close to orgasm
>hear footsteps
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>about to cum
>mom comes home
>Mother comes in
>Joins you
>hear footsteps
>door locked
>other door locked too
>live alone

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Should generals be banned from /r9k/? They only exist as a means of circlejerking.
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It's pretty nu-pol /tv inspired CAMWHORE bs. Ban it.
Yes, with the exception of roastie hate threads obviously
>Should generals be banned from /r9k/?
I don't see a problem with a general browsing/posting on /r9k/ as long as he's a robot or at least a failed normie.

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>finally about to lose virginity
>she sees my uncircumcised cock
>she says it's "creepy" and refuses to even approach it
>leaves without telling me while I'm in the washroom trying to hold back tears
She won't respond to my texts guys fuck fuck why wasn't I fucking circumcised FUCK
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Stop freaking out OP, she's clearly an emotionally juvenile twat and you're better off without her.
>Too scared to have sex because not only am I uncircumcised, but also have PHIMOSIS


>Tfw I was circumcised
>Tfw it left scarring pearly penis papules underneath my dicc

Life is a crapshoot

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This is a thot.
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frickin sweet lois
>She degrades herself like a dog
hot asf bruh

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sometimes i put saltwater in my nose because it reminds me of my childhoof
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this is an abstract feel and i understand it

but i don't put saltwater in my nose, i just remember the feeling and am reminded of cozy vacations with a loving family to protect me
Salty milk and chocolate coins
tfw holding 670k digibags

Holy shit why is DXM allowed?
I was so fucked I didn't even know I was tripping, it took until after it wore off for me to realize what had even happened
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STFU don't ruin it!
If you think you're going to get any (You)s without telling a story then you're still tripping
Im at 270mgs still dont see what all the rage is about its just like ketamine but less potent. DXM is tight, but how much do you need to do to actually trip

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